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Sid Vicious - My Way Vinyl
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Punk Rock’s Patron Saint SID VICIOUS Gets Venerated On Recordings Featuring The Damned’s Rat Scabies and More!

Nobody embodied the spirit, ethos and attitude of punk rock better than Sid Vicious. As the bass guitarist for Sex Pistols’ from 1977 until the band’s dissolution a year later and a solo career that found him annihilating stages on both sides of the pond, Vicious transformed audience expectations of what a rock musician was […]

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Cleopatra Records To Release ‘Room 37: The Mysterious Death Of Johnny Thunders’ On May 24th!

Check out the trailer and poster art for ‘Room 37: The Mysterious Death Of Johnny Thunders.’ The film is inspired by true life events surrounding the mysterious death of the legendary guitarist Johnny Thunders. Johnny Thunders arrives to New Orleans to begin a new chapter of his life by following a new musical sound, and staying clean […]

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The New York Dolls’ Classic ’70 LPs Back On Limited-Edition Colored Vinyl On May 5th!

It’s been more than four decades since the New York Dolls first outraged mainstream critics and struck terror into the hearts of public guardians of taste and morality.  In that time, he once-controversial quintet has been recognized as a seminal musical force and a key influence on the punk movement that came into being shortly […]