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Mac Sabbath - 'Drive Thru Metal' book
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MAC SABBATH Returns With ‘Drive Thru Metal’ Innovative Hybrid Pop-Up Book Illustrated By Gris Grimly!

MAC SABBATH has revealed details on their first book, Drive Thru Metal, but don’t expect a stereotypical biography from the fast food-themed parody kings. There’s plenty of “juice” inside, albeit in the form of burgers cooking in the kitchen as the four members of MAC SABBATH take fans on a journey through a dystopian fast-food […]

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Mac Sabbath To Embark On “Clown Power Tour” 2016

The kings of “extra cheesy” metal covers, MAC SABBATH, are back this September to slay you with their fast food-themed renditions of Black Sabbath anthems. Dubbed the “Clown Power Tour” 2016, MAC SABBATH will be joined by equally mesmerizing one-man, painted Elvis Presley project, Clownvis Presley, originally discovered on Season 5 of America’s Got Talent. […]