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DEVIL’S DUE: The Terrifying Devil Baby Attack Video Goes Viral!

Don’t miss the latest YouTube sensation – in honor of DEVIL’S DUE opening in theaters everywhere this Friday. Thanks to the hidden cameras, you can watch the animatronic child terrify New Yorkers as it embarks in a rampage in a remote controlled stroller. Check out the video below! In addition, DEVIL’S DUE has partnered with VICE to present an exclusive two part series on […]

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Viral Video: Courtney Love Cuts Promo For NJOY Kings Web Series

Singer-songwriter, actress, and style icon, Courtney Love stars in the first webisode of  NJOY New Media’s NJOY Kings web series. Courtney’s letting every non-smoker know to just  “effing relax”. This playful parody webisode is inspired by a real-life experience of Courtney’s, ultimately showing that smokers now have a choice to take a “puff” indoors. NJOY ecigs, the most […]

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Epic Rap Battles of History: Halo’s Master Chief vs 300’s Leonidas

The epically popular Youtube series Epic Rap Battles of History is back with a brand new episode to continue Season 2. This time, Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD play the parts of Halo’s Master Chief and 300’s Leonidas, battling it out for rap supremacy. The video, which debuted yesterday, is already well on its way to 250,000 views. Master Chief […]

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Kimbo Slice, Dokken Featured In New Ads For Norton Internet Security 2010

Norton Internet Security isn’t something that normally springs to mind when you think of comedy gold, but times are changing! 80s rockers Dokken and MMA sensation Kimbo Slice are featured in a new series of commercials for Norton Internet Security 2010, the latest virus, spyware and Internet protection software from Symantec. Watch the clips below […]