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Corey Feldman Issues Open Letter To “Friends In Hollywood & Beyond” Detailing Aspects of His TRUTH Campaign

Corey Feldman Issues Open Letter To “Friends In Hollywood & Beyond” Detailing Aspects of His TRUTH Campaign

Actor/musician/activist Corey Feldman recently announced the launch of Corey Feldman’s TRUTH campaign. The movement starts with a crowdfunding campaign to bring a movie based on his life to the silver screen. The film seeks to expose the pedophilia he believes has run rampant in Hollywood for decades.

This morning, Feldman issued an open letter to his fans early this morning to detail the different aspects of the crowdfunding campaign. In the letter, Feldman appeals to his fans and new followers to donate to the campaign, as well as help spread the word on the movement. Most importantly, Feldman offers a detailed look at areas where the $10 million dollar budget raised by the campaign would be allocated. Since the launch of the ambitious campaign two weeks ago, Feldman has made several high-profile appearances, such as ‘The Dr. Oz Show,’ and ‘Today,’  and has already revealed the names of two alleged Hollywood pedophiles.

The TRUTH Campaign has already raised over $200,000 and continues to gain steam and well-deserved media attention. Check Corey Feldman’s full statement below:


HI #EVERYBODY, I would like to start off by saying THANK U to each and every 1 of U who has taken the time 2 TWEET, RT, post, share, or tell any1, about this very important cause. I’d also LOVE 2 say THANK U to all the loving souls who have visited my #TRUTH campaign: If https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/corey-feldman-s-truth-campaign#/


However there is a bigger picture. As of 2day, I have gained 75,000 new Twitter followers in the past 2 weeks. In total I now have over 135,000 followers. Before I 1st announced this campaign, the numbers of followers had already been rising in great volume.

It seems as soon as the news broke of the Weinstein scandal, people immediately started turning to me for answers. I was both perplexed and dumbfounded by the sudden interest into a story I had been telling for decades. But suddenly and to my surprise, my story began to resonate and began building traction.

Suddenly people remembered what I had been saying for all those years, and it just started making sense. So within the 1st week of the scandal and by the time I made the 1st statement on it, the followers had already grown by 10k in 1 day. I am very Grateful for that!

I’m also forever grateful to the likes of Ashley Judd, Alyssa Milano, and the countless other women who came forward not just with stories about Weinstein, but to all of the strong women who came forward around the globe inspired by the #MeToo movement. It is because of your courage, my story has found new hope. This is a courage I pray will spread to the countless adults who were abused as children, and to the children who may have just recently suffered an abuse.

That said, I also made a battle cry 2 weeks ago sounding the alarms that the war had started, by creating and announcing a well thought plan, to both get the whole truth out, while figuring out a way to protect myself.

I was immediately blessed, with fire in the action of thousands of followers stepping up and donating to our cause straight away. However the next day things slowed down a bit, presumably out of fear perpetuated by false claims that I “would never give names” and “this is just a long con”. Well I immediately took action. I jumped right in and refuted those claims, by going on both The Today show & the Dr Oz show and publicly admitting the names of 2 abusers. I wanted everyone to know, this wasn’t a game, & I’m not playing.

However let’s step back & break it down & talk about the “long con” concept for a moment.

So let’s start with the question “why make a film?” Here’s why….I’m a film maker, that is my art, my talent, my strength, & my profession. I want to truly show people what a child experiences when living with abuse from the perspective only someone who has lived with that abuse can make. It is a very important commentary and a brave piece of film making, as there is no one else who can truly capture the essence, of what the experience, of an abused child, who is famous, goes through, in the way that I can.

And as this story must be told once and for all, & as I am the only one who can tell it, I must reveal these very painful memories by reliving them through this process. As a victim, nobody has the right to tell a victim the right way to address these feelings. Nobody can tell me how to heal. I must do this the best way I know how, and this is my choice.

I also want people who have been burdened with going through life as an abuse victim/survivor that U are not alone. For the 1st time U will recognize that there are many other people who feel exactly the same as U.

Therefore, I have initialized a crowd funding campaign with the support of my family, and with my wife leading the campaign. Let me be very clear about this. A film maker creating a platform for source revenue via asking for support and finance from fans and followers to make a film is not a new concept, & in my business it is certainly not out of the ordinary.

In fact it’s now standard practice amongst most independent film makers to use crowd funding platforms as the main source to get the funding to make their projects. Furthermore even studio level films ask the public for additional funds to complete certain aspects.

When I myself in the past have questioned whether it was ethical for a big production house or small studio to ask the public for finance, I was given a very simple answer by a well known producer. He said “the studios are now using this tool to get the public more involved with projects from the ground up, it gives them a deeper sense of involvement.”

So with that knowledge I then began looking at asks. It turns out that there are film makers and TV producers and even well known multi millionaire recording artists and celebrities that have asked for anywhere from $250k all the way up to 30Mil from public crowd funding of their various projects.

But somehow when Corey Feldman uses the very same tool with asparations to make a film it’s a con?

Furthermore people have balked at the number saying “it’s greedy”, or “he doesn’t need that much to make the film”. Let me be very clear about this. If 10Mil was the complete budget for the film and only the film, at a studio level it still would be relegated (more than likely) to a straight to DVD movie.

An example, The Lost Boys sequel “The Thirst” was shot with a budget around 7 or 8 Mil. That was a WB film, but made for straight to DVD.

The film I’m intending to make, will be made with a smaller budget, and will achieve a theatrical release. The way I can achieve it is by forewalling the theatres (renting them out).

Even if I get the 10 Mil, it couldn’t possibly all go towards the budget of the film. But unless U have spent your life as a film maker U don’t understand the costs or how the $ is dispersed. So let me break it down….

If I used all 10Mil to make the film, it would never go anywhere and likely never be seen. So that’s not an option. As I have previously stated I am planning on producing, & self distributing the film. Which entails, pre production costs, production, & post production.

Then when U get into the films release, we are talking about a marketing campaign (in the studio system they want 3 times the total budget just for this part) which would include TV and Radio ads, Billboards, & a cohesive marketing strategy with a publicity team, booking all the talk shows and personal appearances, screenings, etc.

Then U have the actual cost of P & A. For the general public who doesn’t study film costs, this means prints and advertising. There is a hefty price tag that comes along with renting out theater houses, and getting prints of the film made to send to each of those theaters, not to mention the cost of actually transporting those film reels or digital cards depending on the technology of the theater across the country, and with much higher rates for international releases.

Now let’s put the film aside, & talk about the subject matter, & what I’m up against…..

A legal team to defend cases of slander, defamation, and the like that will indefinitely arise from the direct allegations raised within the films context will likely ask for a retainer upwards of $100,000 and that’s just to open the case. Then the amounts will continue to skyrocket as the well lined pockets of my enemies, will stop at nothing, including hiring spies, publicists, lawyers, and God knows what else to smear my name, shatter my reputation and with any success leave my image as battered and broken as an unstable man who seeks to damage the pristine images of these wealthy and powerful men for personal gain.

I’m not afraid of their lies, because the #Truth always wins in the end. But without my own team, of lawyers, marketing specialists, publicists, and the like, they would extinguish my fire quite quickly as they have done to so many entertainers before me.

The more $ U have to work with, the more damage U can do to someone’s public profile. They are very well aware this fact. Additionally, big $ lawyers also have a special way to drag out court proceedings in a way that U are forced to keep your attorneys working around the clock to defend silly allegations, or even just to buy themselves more time to put their defense together.

The whole system is set up in this way for a reason. Because it keeps people from seeking justice. It keeps the little guys like me, from having the ability to STAND, & fight the good fight. It’s much easier and more cost effective to either dismiss it entirely or settle out of court. Neither of those will bring the justice we all desire.

Then finally we can discuss the security element. When I say I need protection, I’m not being paranoid, or acting delusional. In fact my concerns are quite valid. Point in case…. After all after all the stories I’ve heard, including the recent release of information that Weinstein hired private spies to prevent this information from becoming public, there has never been a report that he actually threatened many of his accusers with murder.

Well let me be very clear. The man at the end of this bread crumb trail, the coveted name A lister everybody wants to know about has, & does continue to threaten his victims with death. It’s actually his go to statement. Anyone that knows who I am talking about can find multiple court records in which defendants have claimed that they feared for their safety after confronting him. Point blank, he threatens people’s lives and has a history of violent behavior.

I don’t only fear for myself, I have lived half the life I long for, but if I die on this mission, than that is Gods plan for me, but my son does not deserve this injustice. He should not have to live in fear. He should not feel threatened. But his safety is first. So I must keep him protected. So please keep in mind, even if my life isn’t worth a donation, an innocent child and an innocent woman are also in jeapordy here. Surely they deserve mercy as this isn’t their fight.

To hire security, it costs an average of $7,500 per guy per week, for armed 24 hr security. I’m pretty sure it is illegal to make someone work 24 hrs with no break, and they also cannot work 7 days with no day off. Which means I need a team of security guards to keep myself and my family safe.

So if U do your own math, and start doing the actual numbers, it is quite easy to see I could never spend 10 Mil on just a movie. The idea would be to spend 6 Mil on the films various production phases, with 2 Mil set aside for marketing and distribution, and 2 Mil set aside for security detail spanning a 2 yr period, and a team of Lawyers to protect me at least until the film is released and can start making a profit. At which point the profit can be used to keep it in the theaters, and keep it from being banned and barred due to legalities.

If the film should do well, and make a large profit, much of the profits will be donated by me, to child rape centers, and abuse shelters. This has long been my dream. Since I was a child I dreamt of creating a safe house for children, maybe the success of this could help that dream become a reality as well.

Can I make it cheaper? Sure. And if I am forced to of course I will. But as an artist, and a visionary who has spent every day of his life in and around film sets and production meetings, I am well aware of the sacrifices I would need to make in the quality of the product I am delivering. Of course I want to make an Amazing film. With great actors, stunning cinematography, compelling musical score, and a visually engaging theater going experience.

But more importantly this film will finally give the abused masses a voice. This film will educate people in a way no other film can. And by donating $1 or more U are showing the world which side U stand on. It doesn’t take much, to set an example. Let them know U stand with me and will no longer tolerate an industry that turns its back on the children they help raise. U will Pay $20 at the box office, to see a film made by pedos, but won’t contribute $10 to make a film exposing them? Think about that….

This is specifically why I am reaching out to fellow film makers, and Hollywood at large. Because I am quite certain there are other good people, honest men & women who are in my industry, that would care deeply about this issue and want to make a difference. This is why I’m hoping that Producers, Directors, Writers, and film Stars, should be taking action, and lending their talents, services, and financial backing, so we can proudly stand as 1 and show the world that Hollywood isn’t all bad. Stand with me and show that many of us care. Many of us have big hearts. And many of us will stand together to make a difference.

This brings me back to my original point. When I 1st announced this plan, the biggest objection was seemingly the idea that this was some sort of black mail. Detractors started saying I was demanding a pay off for doing the right thing. I was also told by countless supporters that if I were 2 start naming names & show everyone I was serious and this wasn’t about the $, it was in fact about justice, that I would have their support.

Well we are almost 2 weeks into this campaign. I have publicly outed 2 of the 6 names, with many leads already perculating on #3. That means I have already given up half of the info to the public. I have also again given 100% of the info to the police and an official investigation has been opened. I have left myself wide open to ridicule, which several folks in both MSM & SM have taken advantage of.

Well in my estimation, we are establishing a trust. And that trust works both ways. U told me, if I proved I was sincere and this wasn’t a $ grab, that U would back my campaign and make a donation. Well I have gone above and beyond what any1 expected (including myself) at such an early stage of this campaign.

But when I look at 136,000 followers, & see only 4,300 donors, I am starting to feel that my support is not substantial. That this trust is only working 1 way. I’m risking my life here. I’m out on a limb. I have everything to lose, & yet all I’m asking, is for each and every follower to simply donate $1!

But at the end of the day, I truly, deeply, need your support to see this thing through. In the end, I will make work whatever I end up with, as I won’t have a choice by that point. But right now, the choice is yours. Where do U stand?

I’m not asking the average person for a million. Im asking Hollywood to spend the big $ on helping me create this project. But I know this business, & until they see 10’s of thousands of supporters, they won’t even recognize this is happening. However if each of U stood with me now, I truly believe we can change the world! We can start the wheels turning, to initialize a revolution within the film industry, to where everyone will start holding 1 another accountable for their actions.

Please realize this isn’t reality TV, this isn’t a video game, I’m a real live person, and my real life is in danger, & U all have the power 2 save my life. I’m not demanding $1,000 or even $100, or even $10 from any of U except love and support!

For all the 4,300 who have already donated, I’m not asking for anything more. I appreciate and LOVE each and every 1 of U already. Nothing 2 prove!

But each of U donating $1 can help my family stay safe, at least long enough to get the #TRUTH out in the open, where it belongs! But more importantly, when U donate U make a statement that U stand on the side of all that is good and pure and just.

Strength comes in numbers. Remember, this isn’t a war against Hollywood. This is a war against corruption of the highest order because of a few bad people who must be rooted out of the industry. This is the war of Good and Evil! I implore U to stand with me.

Please donate today!

God Bless us all!

#CoreysTRUTHcampaign #ISTANDWITHCOREY #PRESERVEINNOCENCEhttps://www.indiegogo.com/projects/corey-feldman-s-truth-campaign#/

Follow the continuing adventures of Corey Feldman on his official social media outlets — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Corey Feldman Launches TRUTH Campaign To Shine A Light On Pedophilia In Hollywood

Corey Feldman Launches TRUTH Campaign To Shine A Light On Pedophilia In Hollywood

Pop culture icon Corey Feldman has released heartfelt video message to announce the launch of Corey Feldman’s TRUTH campaign. The movement starts with a crowdfunding campaign to bring a movie based on his life to the silver screen. The film seeks to expose the pedophilia he believes has run rampant in Hollywood for decades.

In recent years, Feldman stated that both he and his long-time acting partner Corey Haim suffered sexual abuse by older men in the entertainment industry. While his experiences have fallen mostly upon deaf ears in the past decade, his voice is now being acknowledged by mainstream media outlets in the wake Harvey Weinstein scandal. In his video, Feldman makes a plea to other child stars to come forward, tell their stories and ultimately break the “dam of silence.”

The Indiegogo fundraising campaign is currently eyeing a $10 million goal will allow Feldman to write, direct, and distribute a major motion picture, as well as covering security and legal costs to protect his family. Learn more about the TRUTH Campaign via the official Indiegogo page and check out Feldman’s video announcement below.

Follow the continuing adventures of Corey Feldman on his official social media outlets — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Corey Feldman Doubles Fall Tour Dates And Gives Back To Hurricane Victims

Corey Feldman Doubles Fall Tour Dates And Gives Back To Hurricane Victims

Due to selling out venues across the country, legendary showman and pop culture icon Corey Feldman has extended his Heavenly US Angelic Tour schedule by doubling the dates previously announced for the fall. Feldman and his angelic band have entertained audiences with their theatrical and fun performances featuring lasers, lights, costumes, and signature talented all female band of Angels, with a few changes in the lineup as Corey is always trying to give new talent the chance to entertain audiences. Feldman stated, “this company was designed to give as many young female artists a chance to showcase their talents as possible, so I will keep changing the faces a bit.”

In addition to doubling the dates, Corey will be doubling the fun and giving his fans the experience they’ve come to expect with hit songs from his catalogue and iconic movies. This time, Corey will also be giving back. Corey and the Angels will be returning to Houston for the second time this year, doing a very special fundraiser for the Hurricane Relief fund. Feldman will also be contributing a portion of his ticket sales to the cause.

The tour will also include a special Halloween performance in St Charles Illinois, and the band will be visiting some new areas they are yet to visit such as Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Flint Michigan. Feldman specifically chose several controversial areas with the intention of bringing their message of love and light to those who need it most right now.

At the completion of this run, Corey and his Angels will have performed this critically acclaimed show 80 times this year.


10.13.17 – FRESNO, CA – FULTON 55

10.14.17 – RENO, NV – FACES NV



10.19.17 – DALLAS, TX – CLUB DADA




10.24.17 – HAZARD, KY – THE FORUM








11.05.17 – DES MOINES, IA – WOOLY’S



Shows may still be added so please check back in the coming weeks! For information on tickets and VIP Meet and Greets, you can visit the official website: Angelic2theCore.com or www.CoreyFeldman.net

You can also follow Corey and the Angels on Twitter @corey_Feldman and @Coreysangels

Instagram @Cdogg22 @coreysangels

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Corey Feldman & The Angels Extend Critically Acclaimed Tour

Corey Feldman & The Angels Extend Critically Acclaimed Tour

Due to popular demand and the overwhelming success of Corey’s Heavenly Summer Tour: Angelic 2 The U.S., a 2nd leg has been added! If you missed the show that has been selling out worldwide, Feldfans will have another chance with Coreys Heavenly Fall Tour: Angelic 2 The U.S. Pt 2.

Audiences can continue to expect video projections, lasers, bubbles, spectacular lighting, costumes, special celebrity guests and even more surprises.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the show that’s been called a “mesmerizing,” “action packed,” “fast paced,” concert experience and hear Corey sing your favorite songs from Angelic 2 the Core and his most iconic films.

Tour Dates Thus Far:

10.13.17 – FRESNO, CA – FULTON 55



10.19.17 – DALLAS, TX – ***CLUB DADA***






11.01.17 – DES MOINES, IA – WOOLY’S

More dates will be added so be sure to keep checking Angelic2theCore.com for updates and tickets.

For the latest information on tour dates on ‘Corey’s Heavenly Tour: Angelic 2 The U.S.’ and beyond, visit Angelic2theCore.com or www.CoreyFeldman.net. Follow the continuing adventures of Corey and the Angels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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The Importance of Following Your Dreams: Corey Feldman’s Angelic To The U.S. Tour

The Importance of Following Your Dreams: Corey Feldman’s Angelic To The U.S. Tour

“They’re trying to beat you down, they want you on the ground.” Truer words have never been spoken, especially when discussing 80’s/90’s star Corey Feldman. I only refer to him that way as that’s the way most of you know of him. In my mind, he’s “Current Genius, Corey Feldman”. Let me start this off by stating that the words spoken in this review are my genuine feelings towards the shows mentioned and Feldman himself. I’m not being sarcastic and I’m not here to make jokes, unless otherwise noted.

In recent years Corey made his switch from acting to music; in fact, he released his fifth album, Angelic 2 the Core, just last year. On September 16th, Feldman found himself back in headlines after giving an interesting performance on ‘The Today Show.’ There were people lambasting him all over the internet, in a way I honestly didn’t understand. When watching the performance myself I saw it as no different than something Kanye West, or even Justin Timberlake would do. The album itself sounds just like that; an admittedly unpolished pop record. It’s chock full of catchy lyrics and head bobbing beats. The only complaint I have about the record is that the music is a bit overbearing making the lyrics rather difficult to hear. I just didn’t understand the hate he was receiving, and still currently receiving. Listen, I’m all in on the Felddogg train. The guy does what he wants to do and gives his heart and soul into everything he accomplishes.

With all of that being said, you know that as soon as Corey announced his Angelic 2 The Heavenly US Summer Tour us at IconVsIcon were all over it! The only problem was figuring out which date to go to. Do we make a weekend trip of it and head out of town? Do we stay in town and catch the local show in the middle of a week? What does anyone do in a situation like this? We did both! That’s right, we got a chance to not only enjoy catch Corey and his Angels in Reading, PA but we also caught the tour right around the corner in Baltimore, MD. It was 100% worth it! Here are my thoughts.

Let’s kick off our journey in REVERB in Reading, PA. While the venue was not sold out, it was fantastic to see so many people show up to support Corey. To set the perfect mood, the opening band warmed up the audience by playing 80’s hit after hit. It was 9:45 and the Feldogg was about to come on. To our surprise we were joined by Poeina, the costume designer for Feldman and his angels. She stated that they were taking a little bit longer getting ready so she was here to play a few songs. Understandably we were a bit annoyed but she shut us up real quick. This girl has pipes! I will not be surprised when she’s popping up on the radio shutting it down! That’s when I realized that Corey doesn’t surround himself with people — he surrounds himself with true artists. Every single person involved with this show, regardless of the facet, is an incredible artist.

It wasn’t until about 10:30 when the main attraction made its way to the stage. Surrounded by his “Angels”, Feldman commanded the audience like no other. It didn’t matter that the crowd was smaller than the sold out show he had played the night before, he gave it everything he had. The show began with a few tracks off the new album, killer tracks! We were then informed that throughout the night each Angel would be showcased, and dammit did they shock the crowd. These women were incredible. Each of them brought their own talent to the show and sent chills down our spines. You had women from all walks of life here to put on a fabulous show.

As the night went on Corey performed hits from his film career and even an incredible cover of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”. Corey informed the crowd that his birthday the following day, which immediately led to us leading the crowd in heartfelt rendition of “Happy Birthday”. This show was incredible! The show ended with the Angels covering Alanis Morissette’s “Uninvited”. My only complaint was that it ended prematurely on an odd note. Feldman checked the time and quickly exited the stage. No encore. While the ending was abrupt, it didn’t ruin the short but incredible journey we had just been on. It’s also important to note that easily 85% of the crowd on this particular night took advantage of the meet and great opportunity following the performance. With an awesome night of music in the books, there was no doubt that we would be catching the show again that Wednesday in Baltimore.

Honestly, Baltimore was a whole other ballgame. The venue was packed compared to the last show and Feldogg pulled out all the stops. I chalk up the weird ending of the last show to a late start because there were at least 4-5 songs added to the set this time around. Songs added to the Baltimore set were “Cry Little Sister”, a medley from “Rock N Roll High School Forever”, and the smash hit, “Go 4 It”! It’s important to note that Rams Head Live in Baltimore is a state of the art venue, which allowed Feldman to unleash his full vision for the show by adding a video package which spans his entire career and an epic arena quality laser light show to the mix. While the Reading show may have been the more intimate of the two, the Baltimore show this was definitely far more rambunctious. Fans even got a chance to see Feldman bust a move on his hover board (which he made look remarkably easy). The sound at Rams Head was also amazing and brought an added punch to Feldman’s passionate performance and the already stellar solos by The Angels. Not one person in our group was disappointed in making these treks to catch both shows because each night were completely different and satisfying entities. It was extremely cool to hear the buzz of excitement from the fans recounting their favorite moments from the show as the exited the venue. Corey and The Angels are definitely blowing minds and converting naysayers with ever show the play. The momentum Corey and The Angels are building is undeniable and nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Long story short, if you have a chance to see this show live then go! Do not let others deter you. They’re out there to stop people from having a good time. That’s what this show is all about, having a good time! You’re gonna hear songs from your favorite films and a few incredible tracks from incredible artists. I have to take this time to say that I’m super proud of Corey Feldman for continuing on his journey and doing things his way. He truly lives the message he preaches. I guess I’ll end this the only way I know how. “You gotta reach for the sky. Ain’t no problems to hide. Go for it!”

For the latest information on tour dates on ‘Corey’s Heavenly Tour: Angelic 2 The U.S.’ and beyond, visit Angelic2theCore.com or www.CoreyFeldman.net. Follow the continuing adventures of Corey and the Angels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About The Writer: 
Dylan Lyles – Staff Writer
The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles is an obsessive fan of cinema, pro wrestling, horror, vinyl, and comic books. Bursting from the womb in 1992, Dylan’s surrounded himself with all things geek culture. Earliest memories include Wrestlemania 11, ‘The Death of Superman,’ and Jason popping out of the water. You may see him sharing his opinion on just about everything on the internet or maybe even working the MonsterMania Con on the east coast. You love him and he loves you!
Twitter: @thedylanlyles

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DARE TO DREAM: Corey Feldman On His Epic Musical Journey and Bright Future!

DARE TO DREAM: Corey Feldman On His Epic Musical Journey and Bright Future!

Corey Feldman has never been a man to back down from a challenge. No matter if it’s brining his ambitious double album, ‘Angelic 2 The Core,’ to life, his now legendary musical appearances on ‘The Today Show’ or embarking on an ambitious nationwide summer tour, Feldman remains focused on bringing his music to the masses. While his ambitious endeavors are typically met with more than their fair share of skepticism, this multi-faceted artist continues to forge ahead, defy the odds and send the haters packing. Corey’s Heavenly Tour: Angelic 2 The U.S. continues the tradition of showcasing his all Angel Band, comprised of beautiful and talented young female artists, who have been handpicked by Feldman to realize his creative vision. The gifted girl squad is led by the masterful musical direction of Margot Lane, a seasoned professional of the music industry, and rounded out by Feldman’s wife Courtney Anne, a multi-instrumentalist who also sings, DJs and plays piano. Bringing a tour to life is no easy task, yet Feldman continues to stay laser-focused and more driven with every day. The results of his hard work and dedication are undeniable. With each passing moment, the buzz that is “Feldmania” becomes more infectious as Corey Feldman and The Angels continue to sell out venues and perform nightly to packed houses. Knowing that they pour their hearts and souls into each performance, fans from around the nation continue to flock to the ever-evolving shows for a rare chance to see a bonafide pop culture icon perform a intense retrospective of songs spanning his career. Jason Price of Icon Vs. Icon recently caught up with Corey Feldman as he makes his way across America to discuss the challenges he has faced along the way, the evolution of his live show, and what he has in store for us musically in the months and years to come.

I’ve been asking this question more often these days to people whom music has played a major role in their life. What does rock ‘n’ roll mean to you?

You know, it’s about something that moves the soul. If you can make music that moves you or moves other people in a way that is inspirational, motivational, or takes their minds away from negative thoughts, then that’s rock ‘n’ roll. It can also be an outlet to release your negative energy. It’s similar to the way some people might punch a punching bag or stick their head into a pillow and scream if things get to intense! Some people go for a walk. Some people go for a run. Some people just have to take a drive and get away for awhile. However, some people have rock ‘n’ roll as that outlet and it allows them to express that pent up energy and angst. Through music they can let that energy out in a positive, healthy way! It’s better than bottling it up because sometimes life gets too real and you need an outlet!

The past year has been very rock ‘n’ roll for you! You’ve released an album, turned the heads of music critics and fans in a very positive way and launched a very ambitious tour. What can you tell us about the impact the past year has had on you creatively?

Well, it’s been amazing! So far, so good! It’s kind of mind-blowing, being out here on tour. Every city we go to we have played to a packed house and people are loving it! The reviews have been incredible and everyone who leaves our show says they had a good time. Obviously, there are going to be the people who go there because they want to hate or are hoping to see a train wreck. They’re hoping it’s going to be a nightmare or a disaster or whatever. Then they get there and realize it’s a group of awesomely talented musicians and I don’t suck and my voice doesn’t suck! We’re up there doing our thing and then they don’t have anything to say, so they just leave. [laughs] It’s like a bunch of bullies showing up to a picnic but everyone at the picnic is having an amazing time but they think they are going to come in and convince everyone to stop having an amazing time. Then they realize they are far outnumbered and the positive outweighs the negative. What are they going to do? Sit there with their thumbs up their butt swearing? Okay, great. You’re gonna have a great time with your thumbs up your butt, swearing under your breath! The only people that are going to notice the difference are you and your butt! [laughs] Everyone else in the room is going to have a great time doing what they’re doing! That’s basically the way I see it!

You started out with a mini-tour earlier this year and have now hit the road for the summer. How has the show evolved and what can people expect from Corey Feldman and The Angels ‘Angelic 2 The U.S. Summer Tour’?

Evolved is the key word when it comes to the tour. It’s definitely evolved quite a lot. We’ve really taken it to another level from a production aspect. I enjoyed the show we were doing before but it was a little bit disjointed. I decided along the way is that what makes this show fun is that it’s a time capsule. I think what inspired that was the initial promo video that we put out that shows different highlights and moments from throughout my career. That became the blueprint for everything else that we wanted to do. When we saw the reaction to the video from the fans, it was almost as if they were getting a shock treatment of reality like “Wow! I remember that! Oh yeah, he did that! Wow, he was there! He was part of that video, on that song and part of that album… I didn’t realize he has been so heavily connected in the music scene for as long as he has!” I think that was a re-awakening for so many people and gave them a chance to go back to their childhoods and see how long I have really been doing this! I think a lot of people think I popped up out of nowhere on ‘The Today Show’ and started singing out of nowhere and doing music! I’ve been doing this for decades and it’s been ingrained in pop culture for so long, it’s easy to forget a lot of the things I have done. I’m guilty of that as well. I mean, there are plenty of bands out there where I will remember one song from them. Someone will say, “Oh, do you want to go see their concert?” To which I say, “What else have they done? I only know one song.” Then you go to the concert and you know ten songs! It’s like, “Oh, I forgot they did this! Oh, right!”

Once I realized the audience was having that rebirth, if you will, around the pop culture of the music and the things I was involved in, that’s when I felt like we should craft a vehicle for them to take them through this journey. That’s what Angelic 2 The Tour has become, it’s divided into chapters. We still open it with the kind of video teaser video but then we dive right into the new album and then we start going back in time! It’s almost reversed chronologically as we start off with the new stuff but then we go backwards. We switch it up a little each night, of course, but generally we go right back to my very first film soundtrack, which was ‘Dream A Little Dream.’ That was really the first time I put music out to the world on vinyl and it was also my first film soundtrack. That was in 1989. We start there and then we go almost chronologically through all the different chapters of my life, whether it’s different film soundtracks I have been a part of, even if it wasn’t necessarily my own work, and we have tributes to some of my friends. We were doing a bit of that before, but we have now extended those tributes. One chapter that we have added and I know people will be excited about is the ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll High School Forever’ chapter. It’s a big part of the show now and is very cool!

I don’t know if you were able to check out of live stream last week but we previewed it there! That one was a surprise! We’ve done 3 live streams. We did one for the second or third show of the tour. It was a completely sold out show, so we said, “It’s a completely sold out show! Let’s do a live stream!” We did it and it went well but it was just for one song. Then, a few days later, we had played 3 sold out shows in a row. I said, “Let’s do another live stream!” So, we did another song! Then, we got to a venue called Sunshine Studios where we had the opportunity to do a live stream with a 4 camera shoot! Once I know they could do that, a 4 camera shoot, I felt it would be a great way for people to get a little taste of the show! I also like the fact that we didn’t do any advertising or promo to build up to it. We didn’t want a ton of people to see it because we want people to come out and see the live show but I figured we could just let enough people where a buzz could start and people could start spreading the word! That was the idea behind!

Any chance we might see a few more of the live streams popping up unexpectedly as you travel the land?

You never know! It’s a possibility!

You’ve assembled a very talented group of Angels for the tour. What have you brought out in each other creatively and what has it been like touring alongside them?

It’s a learning experience on all sides! The great thing is that everyone here is a serious professional and everybody wants nothing but a positive outcome. They all want to do the best that they can because they know this is a great opportunity for them. In most cases, this is the first tour for many of them. Then you have someone like Angel Margot, who is our musical director, who has been doing this for awhile and is very experienced! This is not her first rodeo! [laughs] However, like I said, for most of the other girls this is their first major U.S. tour. It’s a learning experience, but at the same time they are all perfectionists and want to be the best that they can be! Last night, our bus broke down and we got stuck at a gas station in the middle of Colorado. We happened to have the live DVD of our performance at Sunshine Studios, so we all sat in the bus last night and watched it. It was very educational and informative because as good as we may think we are or as evenly as the show seems to be flowing, we always notice our own mistakes or problems. We say, “Ok, I’ve got to make a note of that…” or “Oh, I messed up there.” When you are all able to sit down and watch it together, you can really dissect it and find your troubled areas.

Again, because we don’t do the same show every night, we are still very reliant on the venues. Unfortunately, we aren’t playing amphitheaters, stadiums or arenas, so we don’t have a giant crew. We have people who are wearing multiple hats like production manager/tour manager/costume designer, etc. Multiple people are wearing multiple hats! What that means is that we are a bit at the mercy of the venue that we go. We are always hoping that they have the technology that we need and the wherewithal within their staff to be able to help us create the show that we need to create, usually with very little time to set things up. Because we are doing 5 or 6 shows a week, we are on the road a lot and get to the venue just in time for load-in and sound check. That gives us 2 hours to set everything up and then they open the doors. For us to put up our lasers, bubbles, smoke, screens, projectors is quite a challenge. We have all these major things that we need to get set up. Plus we have to do the stage plot, make sure all the musicians instruments are in tune and do a sound check and line check, so it’s a lot of work to get done in the very small amount of time and before you know what the show is on!

The point is that doing what we are doing is like boot camp for musicians! We are literally grinding it out! What I can tell you, is I spent 5 years literally scoping the entire United States and beyond, to find the most competent and talented group of female musicians that were all attractive, and who were all dedicated to their careers. It took five long years to find the perfect group! You’ve seen different incarnations of it over the past five years from the performances at Bonnaroo, to the performances on ‘The Today Show’, to where we are today! It has evolved and I can say for sure, 100%, that right now we have the best group of Angel musicians that I have ever had the pleasure of working with! These girls are amazingly talented! If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the solo from Angel Jiménez yet, but she does “Eruption” by Eddie Van Halen! Find me another 21 year old female guitarist who can play that song note for note, spot on, and I will lick your bootstraps! [laughs] It doesn’t exist! We found the only one! I’m proud to say that we have that level of amazing musicianship with this group. I’m also proud of my wife, Courtney, who when we started this adventure was a Playboy model. She went from being a Playboy model, which are a dime a dozen, to a woman who focused and honed her craft as a DJ by studying at the Ministry of Sound in London, and then went on to further develop her skills as a pianist. She has also trained her voice, has become an incredible singer, and is singing lead throughout the show! That’s huge stuff! She has really developed as an artist and has come a long way from where she started! For me, the best part of the show outside of the highlights I which I enjoy, is watching the girls do their individual moments. It’s spellbinding to see these young girls with so much talent perform! Our drummer, Marisa Torres, who is incredibly talented as a drummer. She is 20 years old and she is out there playing a 2-hour set! At the end of her 2-hour set, we give her her solo where she breaks it down and sings Alanis Morissette while playing drums! It’s amazing, and she sounds just like Alanis Morissette! Find me another touring band that has that kind of talent! It’s doesn’t exist! We’re no joke! We’re bringing the real deal to the table every single time! These girls are hardcore, true, dedicated musicians and it’s mind-blowing. I’m am honestly blessed to be working with such an amazingly talented group of girls! Yeah, there are mistakes and we’re not perfect. Nobody is perfect but I think we are getting better and better with each show. I really believe that by the end of this leg of the tour, we will be out there and be able to step to any massive act that has been touring the country for decades!

You are clearly in a great creative space right now. Where do you see yourself headed musically in the future?

We don’t plan on this tour ending anytime soon! In fact, we are already looking at another leg in October in the United States. We’re also looking at Canada and international dates as well. The big picture scope of all this is having it become my first world tour. The plan is to launch Corey’s Heavenly World Tour beyond Corey’s Heavenly U.S. Tour. The idea would be to play the UK, Canada, Asia, Australia and more. We literally want to take this tour all over the world, which will keep me quite tied up for another year to year and a half, just touring this album. With that said, I like to keep multiple things going at the same time and I’m not one that likes to lie low, as we all know! [laughs] On the music front, I have just started planning the 25th anniversary re-release of my my first album, ‘Love Left.’ I’ve actually been working with Don Dokken, who has recently become a friend of mine. He is helping me pull up my old 2” tapes that we used back in the day when we used to record on tape machines. He’s just recently gone through this process with his own albums, so he has been holding my hand a bit and leading me through the process of baking the old tapes and trying to get the music back off of them to get it in a state where we can remix and remaster the old material. That will also allow me to pull up some material that was never released to the rest of the world. I’ve got all of these old recordings on this 2” tape. The idea is to release some original songs that have never been released, like the original version of ‘Rock Us Danny’ from ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Forever’. That song went through many incarnations before it eventually ended up in the film. Even the version that ended up in the film is something I don’t have a copy of. What I do have is early versions of that song, along with others, that have never been released.

Basically, we want to put together my first ever boxed set, which would be a 2 or 3 CD/DVD set with live concert footage, behind-the-scenes making of type stuff, unreleased tracks, previously released tracks that have been re-recorded using today’s standards. So, we are going to reproduce some of the tracks, go back in and recut some of the tracks from the early days and more. It’s a very big project! My plan is to do this congruently with the tour. We would tour for awhile, I would take a month off, go back into the studio to work on that and then go back on the road. The goal is to, by the end of next summer or early fall, to be able to release that album and a re-mastered re-release on the anniversary of it’s original re-release.

Beyond that, we will be starting work on the new Truth Movement album as well! One of the main writers for Truth Movement is Jon Carin, who is very busy with his Pink Floyd duties! He has spent the last 30 years going back and forth between David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Pink Floyd. Him and I are still very good friends. As a matter of fact, I just saw Jon and the gang for their most recent “Us and Them” tour, which is incredible by the way! I was speaking with him and the plan is, once he is finished with his tour and I’m done with mine, we are going to go back in the studio and start working on new material for the new Truth Movement album. That will be a few years down the road before you see or hear anything from that but at least it’s in the works!

Beyond all of that, there is still my film side! I have a TV movie of the week about The Two Corey’s which I helped produce and write. That will be coming to Lifetime in September of 2017. I also have a film on the way where I play a tranny vampire [titled ‘Corbin Nash’]. It’s a film noir vampire movie and I believe that is coming out in October around Halloween. My plate is very full, as usual! [laughs]

You are getting to do something many people will never do in traveling our country. Along the way you are meeting the people and seeing everything without a filter. What’s your take on the American Dream in 2017?

That’s an interesting question. I think it’s still alive and well. However, it’s not just about The American Dream. I feel the concept of The American Dream has become very corrupt. I think it is all about the universal dream of making something of yourself, achieving your goals and leaving yourself open to opportunities, whenever they may arise. With the America that we are living in right now, the American Dream has been corrupted. I think there is a universal dream were we all want some type of center and to know everything is going to be okay. We just want the world to get along and we want the politicians of the world to stop taking advantage of us every time we turn our backs. It feels like every time we look away just for a moment someone is trying to take care health care away or changing the laws in a way that is not beneficial to the people. That’s not a good feeling!

It starts with staying true to yourself. You have to be selfless and give to others. If we all focus on that a little bit more, I think it will help us achieve all of our dreams. We all should be working toward living a peaceful life where we can all be engaged and enjoy each other. The way things are going right now, a lot of people are living in fear. That’s why think it’s so important to spread a positive message. You know, everybody told me I couldn’t do what I’m doing right now. The whole world came against me and said, “This is not possible!” The whole world was mocking me, yet somehow we’ve made it possible! It’s not The American Dream so much as it is about self-awareness, self-realization, and self-fulfilling prophecy. If you want something bad enough, you can make it happen! That’s the overall message that we are here to show! Look, it’s never too late to give yourself a second chance. It’s never too late to chase your dreams. It’s never too late to go for whatever it is you want to do. I think what we are doing here can be inspiring to everybody. Everybody thought I was going to be a punching bag, but I came back and now people are taking it very seriously. We are selling out shows night after night and are reaching the biggest audiences we have ever reached! People are having the greatest time and sharing the experience with their friends, which is wonderful! It’s all about self-fulfilling prophecies and giving people the opportunity to pursue their dreams!

Well said, Corey! It is definitely awesome to see the tide turning in your favor and see you inspire so many people with your work!

Right on, man! We look forward to seeing you at one of the shows very soon! Thanks for your time today, Jason! I appreciate it!

For the latest information on tour dates on ‘Corey’s Heavenly Tour: Angelic 2 The U.S.’ and beyond, visit Angelic2theCore.com or www.CoreyFeldman.net. Follow the continuing adventures of Corey and the Angels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Corey Feldman And Friends To Rise Against Bullying With Special Live Event Benefiting ACT Today!

Corey Feldman And Friends To Rise Against Bullying With Special Live Event Benefiting ACT Today!

ACT Today! (Autism Care and Treatment Today!), a national non-profit organization whose mission is to provide access to care and treatment to children with autism, will be the beneficiary of a special worldwide Facebook Live event, “Corey Feldman’s Autism Angels,” on Wednesday, May 24th from 12 PM to 4 PM PST. Feldman, who received both backlash and support following his viral performance on The Today Show, is taking a stand against bullying and actively teaching kids that it’s okay to be different.

This modern-day telethon will be co-hosted by Corey’s wife aka “Angel Courtney, who also is a key member to his touring band “The Angels,” and will appear alongside other members of his nationally touring band, for a rare live performance during the show. The unique event will also feature appearances and live performances from  actor/comedian Jamie Kennedy (Scream, Malibu’s Most Wanted), Dave Navarro (Janes Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers), Sean Astin ( The Goonies, Lord of the Rings), Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees, Men of The Strip) Comedian Steve Byrne (Tell the Damn Joke on Showtime), Debbie Gibson, Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), Lita Ford (The Runaways), Actress/Supermodel Angie Everhart, David Lipper (Frequency, Full House), Keith Coogan (Fox and the Hound, Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead,), Gregg Cipes (Teen Titans, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series), David Faustino (Married with Children), Jamison Newlander (The Lost Boys, The Blob) and more!

In addition to celebrity friends and supporters, Corey will be speaking with individuals on the autism spectrum, including cast members of “The Miracle Project”, on the topic of bullying in autism and feature their anti-bullying musical, “The Intimidation Game”.

“It is estimated that raising a child with autism costs $3.2 million, and my goal is to help lighten the load for these families,” said Feldman.

 For more information about ACT Today!, visit: www.act-today.org.

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Corey Feldman Extends Dates For Highly Anticipated U.S. Summer Tour

Corey Feldman Extends Dates For Highly Anticipated U.S. Summer Tour

Pop culture icon Corey Feldman will truly “Go 4 It” this summer as he has just announced that he is doubling the amount of tour dates, and the capacity of the venues they are booking, with his all new summer tour inspirationally titled “Corey’s Heavenly Tour: Angelic 2 The U.S.” The reason for the extension and bigger rooms is based on the overwhelming success of his current mini tour.

The new tour will still feature a selection of greatest hits from both his previous solo albums, & his original music from his hit films, & also a few hit songs from his film soundtracks that were written and performed by other artists as well.

The tour which was first announced last week as a 18 stop tour has just bolted up to an impressive 34 city tour. And he’s not done just yet apparently. According to Corey there may yet be a few more additions in the coming weeks.

As it stands this will already be the biggest tour of Feldman’s long career in music, as he has only done a maximum of 35 stops on previous tours. Combined with the “mini” tour, he is already at 42 dates announced, including 2 “secret shows”.

There is also mounting speculation that the Goonies star is planning to eventually take this tour international and visit several countries, marking the first time Feldman has ever performed his music in front of live audiences outside of The U.S.

The new tour will continue the tradition of showcasing his all Angel Band, comprised of Beautiful and Talented young female artists and musicians, led by the masterful musical direction of Margot Lane, and accompanied by his very own wife Courtney Anne, who also happens to be a DJ, performing as DJAC in the show.
Courtney like the rest of the band is a multi instrumentalist who also sings, and plays piano.

Apparently there will be even more tour dates announced on this leg. But for now, please find a list of all the current stops on the “Heavenly U.S. tour”, and you can keep up with all the changes and new information by visiting Feldman’s websites:


Please see the detailed list of dates below:

VIP passes for Meet & Greets available at most Shows:

BA: Artists Worldwide

Date: April 13, 2017
Venue: The Rose
Location: Pasadena, CA
Website: http://roseconcerts.com/events/corey-feldman-the-angels/

Date: April 23, 2017
Venue: The Canyon Club
Location: Agoura Hills, CA
Website: http://www.canyonclub.net/events/corey-feldman/

Date:  May 13, 2017
Venue: “Total 80’s Festival”
Location:  Huntington Beach, CA
Website: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/mobile/index/1389975

Date: May 26, 2017
Venue: Alamo Comic-Con After Party At The Korova
Location: San Antonio TX
Website: http://www.thekorova.com/event/1428600-corey-feldman-angels-san-antonio/

Date: June 09, 2017
Venue: Hard Rock Hotel And Casino
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Website: https://www.hardrockhotel.com/las-vegas-events/entertainment/corey-feldman-the-angels-vinyl-doors-8-00-p-m-ages-6/2549?mobile=0

Date: June 15, 2017  **** NEW**
Venue: The Conerstone
Location: Berkeley, CA

Date: June 16, 2017  *** NEW***
Venue: The Catalyst Club
Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Date: June 17, 2017   **** NEW**
Venue: The Mystic Theatre
Location: Petaluma, CA

Date: June 18, 2017
Venue: Dantes
Location: Portland, OR

Website: http://danteslive.com/event/7350455/corey-feldman-s-heavenly-tour-angelic-2-the-tour/

Date: June 20, 2017
Venue: Wild Buffalo House of Music
Location: Bellingham, WA
Website: https://wildbuffalo.net/event/corey-feldman-angels/

Date: June 21, 2017
Venue: Studio Seven
Location: Seattle, WA
Website: https://www.etix.com/ticket/p/8321992/corey-feldmen-his-angels-vip-tciket-seattle-studio-seven

Date: June 23, 2017  **** NEW**
Venue: Buffalo Rose
Location: Golden, CO

Date: June 26, 2017  **** NEW**
Venue: Sunshine Studios Live
Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Date: June 29, 2017
Venue: Arcada Theatre
Location: St. Charles, IL

Website: http://www.arcadalive.com/event/corey-feldman-the-angels/

Date: June 30, 2017   *** NEW**
Venue: Spicoli’s
Location: Waterloo, IA

Date:  July 02, 2017    **** NEW**
Venue: Frankies
Location: ToledoOH
Website: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/1465863

Date: July 07, 2017
Venue: Record Bar
Location: 1520 Grand Blvd,
Kansas City, MO 64108
Website: http://www.therecordbar.com/search/?q=corey+feldman

Date: July 08, 2017  **** NEW**
Venue: The Vogue
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Website: http://www.thevogue.com/event/1462511-corey-feldman-angelic-2-tour-indianapolis/

Date: July 09, 2017  **** NEW**
Venue: A&R Music Bar
Location: Columbus, OH
Website: http://www.promowestlive.com/events/2242

Date: July 12, 2017    **** NEW**
Venue: The Whiskey Barrel
Location: Haverhill, MA

Date: July 14, 2017
Venue: Hard Rock Café
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Date: July 15, 2017  *** NEW***
Venue: Reverb Room
Location: Reading, PA
Website: http://reverbconcerts.com/event/corey-feldman-angelic-2-summer-tour

Date: July 16, 2017
Venue: Highline Ballroom BIRTHDAY SHOW!
Location: New York, NY 10011
Website: http://highlineballroom.com/show/2017/07/16/corey-feldman/

Date: July 18, 2017
Venue: The NorVa
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Website: http://www.thenorva.com/events/detail/334557

Date:  July 19, 2017  *** NEW***
Venue: Rams Head Live
Location: Baltimore, MD
Website: http://www.ramsheadlive.com/events/detail/334578

Date: July 20, 2017  ***NEW***
Venue: Hooligans Music Hall
Location: Jacksonville, NC 28540

Date: July 21, 2017
Venue: Grey Eagle Music Hall
Location: Asheville, NC 28801

Website: http://www.thegreyeagle.com/event/1464474-corey-feldman-angels-asheville/


Date: July 22, 2017
Venue: Trixie’s Entertainment Complex
Location: Louisville, KY
Website: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=7336825&REFERRAL_ID=tmfeed&crosssite=TM_US:2355817:339043

Date: July 23, 2017  **NEW**
Venue: The Masquerade – ( Heaven)
Location: Atlanta, GA

Date: July 26, 2017
Venue: The High Dive
Location: Gainesville, FL

Date: July 27, 2017
Venue: Club LA
Location: Destin, FL

Website: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=7340955&REFERRAL_ID=tmfeed&crosssite=TM_US:2151057:336305

Date: July 28, 2017  **NEW**
Venue: Southport Hall
Location: Jefferson, LA

Date: July 29, 2017
Venue: White Oak Music Hall
Location: Houston, TX 77009

Date: August 10, 2017
Venue: Whisky A Go Go
Location: West Hollywood, CA

Website: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?eventId=7336815&pl=ment&dispatch=loadSelectionData

Date: August 11, 2017
Venue: Whisky A Go Go
Location: West Hollywood, CA 90069

Website: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?eventId=7336875&pl=ment&dispatch=loadSelectionData

Date: October 21, 2017  ***NEW***
Venue: Main St. Garden Park
Location: Dallas, TX

For information on tickets and VIP meet and Greets, you can visit the official website: Angelic2theCore.com or www.CoreyFeldman.net

Follow the continuing adventures of Corey and the Angels on Twitter @corey_Feldman and @Coreysangels
Instagram @Cdogg22 @coreysangels

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Corey Feldman To Bring ‘Angelic 2 The Core’ To The Masses With U.S. Summer Tour!

Corey Feldman To Bring ‘Angelic 2 The Core’ To The Masses With U.S. Summer Tour!

Pop culture icon and multi-faceted performer Corey Feldman has announced a U.S. summer tour in support of his recently released album, “Angelic 2 The Core.” The announcement comes on the heels of his successful 10 city tour, titled “Angelic 2 The Mini Tour,” which took him and his band to select cities around the nation. The new tour will launch in June and run the course of the summer. Corey has hinted at close to 60 dates in total, covering both coasts, and the mid-west.

The new tour, titled “Corey’s Heavenly Tour: Angelic 2 The U.S.,” suggests there may be an international leg to come. Feldman says that this will be his biggest tour ever and will be releasing many more dates in the upcoming weeks. Prior to this, Corey has completed five tours, three of which were with his band “Truth Movement,” while the other two were solo.

His current tour, which is appropriately titled “Angelic 2 The Mini Tour” features “The Angels,” a group of beautiful and talented female musicians (including his new bride Courtney). This concept stems from his brand Corey’s Angels, which he created to give young struggling female artists a chance to showcase their talents to the world. He does this via his Record Label CiFi Records and his Production Company Corey’s Angels Productions.

On their current tour, Corey and The Angels have been selling out venues across the country. Feldman’s fans have been jumping at the rare chance to see Corey perform all of the songs they have heard him sing in movies and on CDs for years. The set list will be similar to that of the mini tour, covering selections from his recent CD, while also performing many selections from his catalogue and several hit songs from his film career. This includes the title tracks from the #1 film soundtracks of Stand By Me, Lost Boys, and even The Goonies.

Feldman is promising an extended performance time and even more theatrics and production value to what many fans have already called a mesmerizing, action packed, fast paced, concert experience. The show includes video projections, lasers, light up costumes, and even bubbles.

What makes this tour the most special for Corey, is the fact that this will be his first solo tour playing mostly theaters and large music halls in major cities. Feldman has only done club tours as a solo artist to this point.

6/9 – Las Vegas, NV – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
6/18 – Portland, Oregon – Dantes
6/20 -Bellingham, WA – Wild Buffalo House of Music
6/21 – Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
6/29- St. Charles, IL – Arcada Theatre
6/30 -Waterloo, IA – Spicoli’s
7/7 – Kansas City, MO – Record Bar
7/8 – Indianapolis, IN – The Vouge
7/14- Pittsburgh, PA – Hard Rock Café
7/15 – Reading, PA – Reverb Room
7/16 – New York, NY – Highline Ballroom *Birthday Show*
7/18 – Norfolk, VA – The Norva
7/20 – Jacksonville, NC – Hooligan’s Music Hall
7/21 – Ashville, NC – Grey Eagle Music Hall
7/22 – Louisville, KY – Trixies Entertainment Complex
7/26 – Gainesville, FL – The High Drum
7/27 – Destin, FL – Club LA
7/28 – New Orleans, LA – Southport Music Hall
7/29 – Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall
8/10 – Hollywood, CA – The Whisky
8/11 – Hollywood, CA – The Whisky

For information on tickets and VIP meet and Greets, you can visit the official website: Angelic2theCore.com or www.CoreyFeldman.net

Follow the continuing adventures of Corey and the Angels on Twitter @corey_Feldman and @Coreysangels
Instagram @Cdogg22 @coreysangels

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Corey Feldman Is Bringing His Music To The People — Pop Icon Announces First Solo Tour In 14 Years!

Corey Feldman Is Bringing His Music To The People — Pop Icon Announces First Solo Tour In 14 Years!

From the release of his solo album, ‘Angelic 2 The Core,’ to his now legendary musical appearances on ‘The Today Show’ to tying the knot with long-time girlfriend Courtney Anne, Corey Feldman had tremendously busy year in 2016. In 2017, he looks to continue the trend with the announcement that he will be bringing his music to the people!

Corey Feldman has announced the launch of a very ambitious tour in separate legs starting 1 city at a time right here in the USA. The first set of shows will be considered a warm up mini run of 10 shows, in select cities, and in intimate venues this spring. The plan is to continue in the summer, with a wider reaching tour with bigger venues and even some festival shows. The plan is to eventually take this tour abroad, to multiple countries, in multiple regions around the world.

This will mark the 5th time the Iconic performer has toured the United States both as a solo artist, and also with his band Truth Movement. Although Corey performed all over the US multiple times with his band over the past decade, This will be his 1st “Solo” tour in 14 years! Returning to the stage as a solo artist with the worlds most Beautiful and Angelic backing band ever created. Featuring 1 of EDMs up & coming premier DJs DJAC aka Angel Courtney Anne who also happens to be Corey’s new wife. This tour will also be A career spanning performance of all of his greatest solo classics, top film soundtrack songs, a few surprises, and of course all of the well known hits off of his newest CD (Angelic 2 The Core).

Corey will be performing rare songs from all of his solo albums and classic originals from his film soundtrack catalogue, and covers of some of the hits from his own films, including songs off iconic motion picture film soundtracks such as ‘Dream a Little Dream,’ ‘Lost Boys,’ ‘The Goonies’ and more. Featuring the worlds 1st All Female Angelic Band!

Corey is also preparing some surprises during these performances and vows to never play the same set twice. Which should be easy with 3 solo albums, and 10 film soundtracks worth of material including his new double album which alone has 22 songs on it.

This high energy performance is packed with classic songs from 5 decades, and some of the biggest Billboard and Chart topping hits in pop culture over the past year. Don’t miss your chance 2 witness a part of History, and become part of the experience. VIP Golden Circle Meet & Greet Experiences are available.

For more tour info and updates please go to www.Angelic2TheCore.com or Coreys personal site www.CoreyFeldman.net. You can also follow Corey on Twitter @corey_feldman and instagram @Cdogg22 and Facebook @ facebook.com/coreyfeldman2

(Schedule as of 1-2-2017, More shows to be announced.)





MARCH 24, 2017 – TBA





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