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Pop Culture Icon Corey Feldman To Release Highly Anticipated Double Album, “Angelic 2 The Core,” On June 22nd!


On Wednesday, June 22nd Corey Feldman will release his album Angelic 2 The Core, which has been a decade in the making. The completely eco-friendly and biodegradable DOUBLE CD SET will be available on both physical, & digital platforms, including Amazon, CD Baby and some retail locations, which will soon be posted on Corey’s forthcoming interactive website WWW.ANGELIC2THECORE.COM, which is being built specifically for the album’s release and will be up soon. Angelic 2 The Core contains many Top 40 chart toppers on digital and independent radio, but with 22 songs, there’s plenty of brand new material! The above photo is an exclusive first look at the steaming hot album cover. The inside features a three page pull out of Corey, plus a sixteen page color booklet with all the lyrics, and exclusive behind the scenes pictures from the recording process at Feldmansion studios. The images were photographed by Maggie St Thomas with graphics by Luke Liblings. All graphic design and layout was created by Grammy award winning design artist Marc London.

The album contains a total of 22 songs featuring collaborations with five generations of Hip Hop artists such as Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), Snoop Dogg, Doc Ice (Whodini/UTFO), Kurupt and up and coming rap artist Demario “SB.” Additionally, Corey has enlisted contributions from incredible recording artists, songwriters and musicians including but not limited to: Kaya Jones (Pussycat Dolls), R1ckone (Black Eyed Peas), Scott Page (Pink Floyd), B.Howard, POET (Black Eyed Peas), Dave Dunn (Infectous Grooves), The Wizards (Production team), Jon Carin (Pink Floyd), Manny Mijaris (EDM Producer), Thomas Van Musser (writer for Black Eyed Peas), Graham Ward (Paul McCartney), Glasses Boys (EDM collective), Michael Debarge (Debarge), Truth Movement, Tommy Daugherty (Death Row recording engineer), Angel Courtney Anne aka DJAC, and of course Corey’s Angels (backing vocalists). Angelic 2 The Core will also serve as a breakout launching pad for the “Corey’s Angel’s” brand, which helps beautiful young women realize their dreams.

Disc One: Angelic Funkadelic (2 Dance) is filled with recognizable hits such as “Duh,” “Everybody,” featuring Doc Ice, which climbed all the way to number 13 on Digital Radio. “Ascension Millennium,” which was released on MTV, became such a viral sensation, it was even mentioned on the hit show Glee.

Disc Two: Angelic Rockadelic (2 Rock) reveals Feldman’s edgier and more emotional sides as it includes “Remember 222” honoring Corey Haim, Feldman’s best friend and the other half of “The Two Corey’s.” “Remember 222” made it all the way to number 23 on Cashbox Radio Network and hit number 1 on internationally syndicated radio station Lucky Star Radio! This uplifting tribute features actual snippets from Corey Haim and their Lost Boys co-star Jamison Newlander.

Although arguably his most ambitious venture, Angelic 2 The Core is actually Corey’s third complete solo album, but the first to be produced under his independent label CiFi Records, which he founded in 2009. Music has always been Corey’s biggest passion and he has produced music for many of his films throughout the years. As this album spans a decade, it includes a few songs that were previously only available on soundtrack albums. These songs include “Negativity,” which appeared in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, and “Take a Stand, which appeared in Zero Dark Dirty, an independent comedy released last year. CiFi Records also released Corey’s Truth Movement album in 2009 and released digitally remastered versions of his early solo work in 2014.

Angelic 2 The Core has truly been a labor of love for Corey. One of its many personal charms is that Corey recorded the album in his own home studio and played all of the instruments himself on some of the tracks showing that in addition to his skills as a singer/songwriter/producer, he is now adding multi-instrumentalist to his resume.

The best evidence of his instrumental work can be seen on “Ascension Millennium,” “Test 1,” and his heartfelt rendition of John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero.”

In regards to the scope of his upcoming album, Feldman states, “Angelic 2 the Core is my 1st ever double album. I’m excited for people to experience this musical journey. I feel it’s a rare album and there is truly something for everyone as the album covers all fields of the music spectrum: part Pop, part Rock, part EDM, part Hip Hop, and all soul.”

Be sure to check out Corey’s website and follow him on twitter @Corey_Feldman for all angelic updates.

The full Angelic 2 The Core track list can be viewed below, complete with the exclusive back cover art:


1. (Opening Skit) ASCENSION MILLENNIUM (C. Feldman, R. Dixon)
2. (Skit #2) LOVIN LIES (C. Feldman, M. Mijaris)
3. (Skit #3) ANGELIC 2 THE CORE (C. Feldman, R. Dixon, T.V. Musser)
4. (Skit #4) 4BIDDEN ATTRACTION Featuring Kaya Jones (C. Feldman, C. Nehria)
5. CROSSED THE LINE Remixxx1~6 Featuring Jon Carin, Nina Hagen (C. Feldman, J. Carin)
6. (Skit #5) BAD PEOPLE (C. Feldman, A. Bojanic, L. Hooper)
7. (Skit #6) DUH! (C. Feldman)
8. EVERYBODY Featuring Doc Ice (C. Feldman, M. Debarge, T.V. Musser, F. Reeves, T. Arrendell, M. Baily, D. Gardia)
9. LICKITY SPLICKITY Featuring Kurupt (C. Feldman., Kurupt)
10. GO 4 IT! Featuring Snoop Dogg (C. Feldman, C. Broadus, M. Gonsolin, N. Nitolli)
11. TEST 1 Featuring S.B. (C. Feldman, S. Page, D. McDow) + (Skit #7)


1. SEAMLESS Featuring Fred Durst (F. Durst, C. Feldman, G. Saratino, S. Page)
2. WANNA BREAK FREE Featuring Truth Movement (C. Feldman, P. Barret)
3. NEGATIVITY (C. Feldman)
4. YA GOT ME (C. Feldman, A. Bojanic, L. Hooper)
5. BABY BLUE EYES (C. Feldman)
6. 4 MY LOVE (C. Feldman, A. Bojanic, L. Hooper)
7. WE WANTED CHANGE (C. Feldman) + (Skit #8)
8. TAKE A STAND (C.Feldman, D. Dunn)
9. REMEMBER 222 (Corey’s Song) (C. Feldman, S. Page, G. Sarantino)
10. MERCY Featuring B. Howard (C. Feldman, B.Howard)
11. WORKING CLASS HERO (J. Lennon) ~ (End Skit #9)

Back cover art for 'Angelic 2 The Core.'
Back cover art for ‘Angelic 2 The Core.’