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ICON VS. ICON PRESENTS: Acid Pop Cult Podcast – Episode 170: Off The Top Rope

ICON VS. ICON PRESENTS: Acid Pop Cult Podcast – Episode 170: Off The Top Rope


It’s time once again for a fix of pop culture goodness with the Acid Pop Cult Podcast. This week Jeremy and Jason offer up some sage advice to a younger generation. With tips ranging from spending your hard earned cash on a quality mattress or avoiding the pitfalls of a back injury by avoiding the recreation of the high flyers you know and love from the WWE, this tag team has you covered. Jeremy offers a look inside the world of WWE fandom both retro and nu-wave, while Jason gives us the rundown on beloved child actor Kurt Russell’s horror-western “Bone Tomahawk.” They also recap Jason’s recent interview with Patrick Renna (Ham of ‘The Sandlot’), Tommy Savas (The Sopranos) and director Jason Schnell for their upcoming dark comedy, ‘Bad Roomies.’ Jeremy also offers another update on ‘Friday The 13th: The Video Game” as it surges past it’s Kickstarter goal. Like a fine wine, they get better with age but they are still getting too old for this sh*t. Download, listen and spread the word!

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Somebody’s Gonna Pay: Mickie James Discusses Her New Album And More!

Somebody’s Gonna Pay: Mickie James Discusses Her New Album And More!


Mickie James cut her teeth as one of professional wrestling’s most dynamic performers and, along the way, cemented herself into the history books as a multi-time champion. However, entertaining the millions and millions of fans who tune in each week to see her perform inside the squared circle is just one side to this multi-faceted artist. In 2013, Mickie James is set to take the country music world by storm! With Somebody’s Gonna Pay, her debut project for eOne Music Nashville, listeners can connect with her passion and drive from the very first notes of the album’s title track. Produced by hitmaker R.S. Field (Alison Moorer, Todd Snider, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and many more), the Jamie Hartford-penned tune showcases Mickie’s high-energy style, something she’s honed not only in the ring, but also via recent performances opening for the likes of Gretchen Wilson, Randy Houser and Montgomery Gentry. The album, produced by Field and Jamie Lee Thurston, highlights the energy Mickie brings to songs like “Best Damn Night” (which Mickie co-wrote with Thurston and Porter Howell of Little Texas fame) and “A Good Time,” (written by Bridgette Tatum) as well as the emotion found on ballads like “If I Can’t Be Me” and “Hurts Don’t It.” (penned by Kerry Kurt Phillips.) In fact, some of Music Row’s best writers have contributed to the album, including Rivers Rutherford, Tom Shapiro, the Civil Wars’ John Paul White, Odie Blackmon and Craig Wiseman. The album serves as a high-energy introduction to her work and will surely solidify her as an artist to watch in the years to come. Jason Price of Icon Vs. Icon recently sat down with Mickie James to discuss her musical roots, the creation of ‘Somebody’s Gotta Pay’ and the challenges that she faced along the way!

The world of professional wrestling has been very good to you and now serves as a perfect platform to spread the word on your other ventures. Did you have any inkling when you first started out that it would lead you to the heights it has?

Absolutely not! I hoped and I prayed! I believed in myself and I believed I would make it one day but I didn’t know how far or how well I would do. Obviously, you just try to put it out there in the universe, pray about it and hope it comes true! Luckily, I was fortunate and blessed enough that it did!

You are about to unleashed your music side on the world with the release of “Somebody’s Gonna Pay.” Going back a bit, how did music first come into your life?

I grew up listening to all kinds of music. It was a very eclectic range ranging from rap to R&B to pop to country to classical. It was pretty much everything and anything! Being from a small town in Virginia and riding horses all of my life, country music was a massive part of it. I played the violin for five years in school. I still have it! I still have that ol’ fiddle. Obviously, I don’t play it as much as I used to! But yeah, music has always been a large part of my life. I think you can relate to music because of all of the stories that can be told. I have always been intrigued by how it moves me and how I have connected with it so much in my life. Also, being on the road 250 days out of the year, we spend a lot of time in the car and listening to the radio! [laughs]

Who would you cite as your biggest musical influences, be it artists you admire or a personal mentor?

I think on of my all-time favorites is George Strait. You can’t deny almost sixty number one singles through his career. I don’t know if any other artist has really done that! He has been around a long time and for him to still be out there making hit songs is incredible! When it comes to music, I grew up listening to everything. Madonna was a huge influence on me. I think it was because she was one of the first woman to be able to change with the times and stay culturally relevant. There are so many because of different aspects.

Your debut single and album share the same title, “Somebody’s Gonna Pay.” What can you tell us about the song, why you chose it as the album title and what it means to you personally?

Available May 7th!

Available May 7th!

I love that song! I absolutely love it! It is an old James Hartford song. He had written it and put it out. My producer, R.S. Field, had me listen to it. He asked me what I thought of the song when we were looking for some songs we might want to remake, redo or revamp. The song selection of an album is probably the hardest part — picking songs you can relate to, you love, you can sing, tells a story within the album itself and helps everything mesh together. When I first heard the song, I said “I don’t know! That is really country! I am not sure I can pull that one off! I love the song but I just don’t know.” He said “We are gonna throw seven guitars on it, rock this shit out and it’s gonna be awesome!” [laughs] I said, “OK!” I had so much faith in him because I had heard what he had done with other albums. He had done the Uncle Lucius who are on the same label I am. He had just come from Austin where he did their album and I was able to hear some of that. I said “If you say it is gonna rock, I believe it is gonna rock!” And it rocks! [laughs] I am grateful for that! As we went to pick out what the debut single would be, Dan Fletcher, who pretty much hired me under eOne Music, suggested that as the title. He said he thought it really set the tone for the rest of the album, for who I am and what I am trying to do! It was a perfect fit!

What made you think now was the time to forge ahead and pursue the musical side of your career?

I had put my first album out by myself. I had a cool team behind me but it was all self-released and self-financed. I learned a lot of that experience. I learned a lot of the ins and outs. Obviously, I am still learning. It is all very new to me and I am just getting my feet wet. I wanted to do it the right way and I wanted to do something that no one else is doing right now by having my own unique sound and by being who I am. I think that is the difference. Now, I am comfortable with that, rather than the first album where I just wanted to do music. I wanted to do music that I loved and a few of the songs I wrote made it on the album. I still feel as great as that first album was, it wasn’t me in a sense. I wasn’t being who I am. With this new album, I was able to hone in on that, do something unique and be myself. I was fortunate enough to have eOne behind me, R.S., Dan and my mangers pushing me. All of these people came together to help build this the way it had to be. I hope everyone loves it as much as I enjoyed making it! It is really exciting because I feel like it is a whole new chapter. It is something that is a new journey for me that, hopefully, everybody jumps on board with!


What was the biggest challenge in creating this album?

The music selection was the hardest part. You want to find the songs that represent you, your life experiences or ones you can relate to. You also have to find songs you can actually sing! There were songs I absolutely loved but there was no way I could sing it do to the way it is sung or the pitch. Sometimes, if you attempted change something like that, it changes the song itself. I co-wrote a few songs on this album as well. Making sure those songs measured up to the songs I was getting from publishing companies was a challenge. It can be tough to compete with songwriters who create songs all day! They are great at it, where as I am still in the learning process and working with some truly talented people who can help teach me how to write good songs.

That is interesting. What can you tell us about the song you created in the co-writing process?

Mickie James: Live On Stage!

Mickie James: Live On Stage!

I feel the songs I write are typically from life experiences of my own or ones that I have been close to with my family or friends. It is hard because you want to write something that is going to kick butt and people are going to love but at the same time you want to male them feel something emotionally. One of the songs I wrote for this album is called “80 Proof,” I wrote with my guitarist. We were driving back from New York when we wrote the song. It is pretty awesome. It’s a drinkin’ kinda song! You know, an anthem-y, southern rock kinda song! It is really cool. That is the one I was really excited about. When we wrote it, it was more of an acoustic version. We played it a few times but hadn’t really locked in exactly how it was going to feel. I never got to hear it with the full sound until I heard it in the studio as we were recording it. That was very cool! Another song I co-wrote on the album is called “Best Damn Night”. I had two producers for this album. I had Jamie Lee Thurston for the first six songs. That was right around the time eOne picked me up and wanted to go back in the studio and R.S. Field came in. He produced the last six songs. We ended up cutting one of the first songs. Even though it has two producers, the way that it blends is still really cool. That was a big concern of mine and I wasn’t sure how it was going to work with two different artists in the magic room. It turned out awesome, it really did! Anyway, “Best Damn Night,” I wrote with Jamie Lee Thurston and Porter Howell who is from Texas. It is a cool, really upbeat, party song. The last song on the album is my TNA Wrestling Entrance music which I co-wrote with Serg [Salinas] and Dale [Oliver], who work on all the TNA music. We threw that on as a bonus track! It is just one of those songs that once it gets stuck in your head, it stays there all day.

You have quite a busy schedule with being on the road for TNA much of the year. What are plans for touring in support of the album?

I am looking forward to it! The album comes out on May 7th! I am going to have a CD release party here in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. I am working out the details of that now. I am hoping and praying for the best. We are hoping to hit some of the cities as we are in them but we may also start locally, outside of Nashville or Richmond. We will see what happens. I am just going to hustle my butt off and hope for the best! [laughs]

You put out a great video for “Somebody’s Gonna Pay.” What was that experience like for you? It looked like a lot of fun!

Oh my God! We had so much fun! Honestly, I had a lot of friends come out for it. Nick Aldis [aka Magnus], who works on TNA, played the boyfriend in the video. He did a great job with that! His two buddies are out of Ohio Valley Wrestling, which is where I spent a long amount of time! I had to pull a favor. I said “They are gonna get their butts kicked! I kinda need somebody who is able to get their butt kicked and not have to worry about it!” [laughs] Joe and Jose both did a fantastic job. Obviously, Trish Stratus was there! She came down from home and it was awesome! The girl who plays the girlfriend in the video, Casey, is a friend of mine from Nashville. She is an ex-Disney princess and theater actress. Everybody did so great! I also had a lot of my friends from the music industry, songwriters, singers and Nashville friends out for the shoot. It was great because we got to hang out all day and make this video. It made for a long day but because you are with friends and people who are excited about what you are doing and vice versa, it made for a really fun day!

I am sure you have seen a lot of things during your career which would make a good read. Have you ever considered penning an autobiography?

Ya know, I have thought about it in the sense of when it is all said and done and I am sitting at home with grandkids or something that it might be cool to tell my life story from the front to the back. I feel like I am still a bit young and have so much more in front of me right now, that if I was to write a book now, it would only be half the story!

Well, ya know, Chris Jericho has two or three autobiographies, so that is one way to approach it! [laughs]

This is true! This is true! [laughs]

What is the best piece of advice you can pass along to someone who is looking to a career in music or professional wrestling. I am sure there are many parallels.

They definitely run very parallel. In all of the entertainment industry, no matter if you are a model, an actor, a singer, whatever you want to do, isn’t the easiest business. I know it isn’t for everybody but if you believe in yourself and really hone you skills to be the absolute best you can be, at the end of the day, the only person who can tell you can’t do it is yourself. You have to believe in yourself and visualize where you want to go and pursue it fearlessly. You can be whoever you want to be and that is the beautiful thing! Nobody wants to be the same thing and no one is the same person. We are all individuals and that is what makes us special. Everyone has something unique and beautiful to offer! You just have to go after what you want!

What is the best part of being Mickie James these days?

Oh! [laughs] I don’t know! [laughs] I am getting to live my dream everyday! I am hustling, busting my butt and I don’t sleep a whole lot! But, I am having fun doing it!


Being in your position, you get to shed a little light on some charity work around the nation. What do you have going on in that respect?

I recently became a part of the City of Hope. I am a Citizen of Hope. I think it is just such a beautiful cause. They are working on research to find cures for many diseases from AIDS to many different types of cancer. I recently did a little thing for them where I chose a word. The word I chose for the as “Believe” because I do believe there are cures. I, as well as a lot of people, have lost family, friends and loved ones to something I believe we can find a cure for. I believe there is a way around it. I am very hopeful. City of Hope is really a beautiful cause and something special and very close to my heart. You can learn more at www.cityofhope.org. If you are on Twitter, you can follow them @cityofhope. They are really incredible!

That is great! We really appreciate you taking time out to talk to us, Mickie! We look forward to spreading the word on all of your projects!

Incredible! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

For all the latest news and dates for Mickie James, visit her official website at www.mickiejames.com. Connect with her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/mickiejames!

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TNA Entertainment And EFX Performance Band Together For Maximum Performance

TNA Entertainment And EFX Performance Band Together For Maximum Performance

TNA Entertainment and EFX Performance announce the launch of the limited edition “TNA/EFX” performance band that will be sold on TNA’s merchandise arm www.ShopTNA.com beginning In July. TNA IMPACT Wrestler’s Samoa Joe and AJ Styles will be the spokespersons for the cumulative physical and mental effects the product offers.

Justin McCully says, “’EFX’ is incredibly excited to be in business with TNA Entertainment. We are aware that TNA Wrestlers are some of the toughest athletes out there. With a grinding pace of travel, performances, and training as a TNA competitor, they are always on the search for a solid edge. Balance, flexibility, & strength are keys to succeeding in the ring. That being said “EFX” is ecstatic to be chosen as a TNA athlete’s option to stay in top form.”

John Rider, director of business development at EFX, feels the relationship with TNA Entertainment is an outstanding opportunity for both entities. “The popularity of our product coupled with the intense athleticism of professional wrestlers and their immensely loyal fan base is a perfect fit. Having such stars as Samoa Joe and AJ Styles understanding the effect of the EFX band and wearing the product makes TNA a wonderful venue to showcase our products.”

Vice President of Merchandising for TNA Entertainment Serg Salinas states, “When I experienced the results of this product for myself, it was a no brainer for us to carry an exclusively TNA branded band on ShopTNA.com. Knowing that such talent as Samoa Joe and Styles have had positive results and are endorsing the product is just icing on the cake.”

TNA branded EFX bands can be purchased on the ShopTNA.com site beginning in July, 2012.

Founded in 2009 and based in Orange County, California, EFX Performance, Inc. arranges for the manufacturing, licensing and distribution of holographic performance technology throughout the world. EFX holographic performance technology is embedded in a line of products including wristbands, necklaces, insoles and clothing that are worn on the body. EFX products are worn by people from all walks of life including professional and amateur athletes, performers, celebrities, military personnel, and senior citizens. EFX products are available for sale online, at major sporting and public events, and through a network of retail locations in more than 30 countries.

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TNA’s Eric Young To Host ‘Off The Hook: Extreme Catches’ On Animal Planet

TNA’s Eric Young To Host ‘Off The Hook: Extreme Catches’ On Animal Planet

Eric Young

Showtime Eric Young, an avid yet novice outdoorsman and professional wrestler, is getting out of the ring and turning in his tights for some tackle. He’s on the adventure of a lifetime to hear, smell and taste big and small stories of the one that got away. All across America, some fisherman go to extremes to haul in their catch – from using pantyhose on a rod and reel to catch sharks in the Atlantic Ocean to launching live bait with fire extinguishers on Lake Michigan – and Young will try his hand at all of them. Using all sorts of unique bait, tackle, poles and transportation (and a little SPF), he is aiming to be the makeshift MacGyver of fishing while learning the best and most unique techniques this country has to offer!

Showtime Eric Young is about to embark on the ultimate amateur angling road trip and quench his thirst for adventure on Animal Planet’s new series OFF THE HOOK: EXTREME CATCHES. Premiering Sunday, July 29, at 9 PM (ET/PT), each half-hour episode follows Young as he crisscrosses the country to try his hand at various fishing practices, ranging from wildly dangerous to all-out weird!

From the waterways of New England to the beaches of North Carolina and from the coasts of Florida to the shores of California (and everywhere in between), Young is about to meet his match. Paddleboard and jetski fishing for sharks? No problem! Underwater spear fishing and nighttime squid jigging? Easy! Fishing for dangerous alligator gar or invasive species like snakehead fish and carp? Um, that might be an issue…

During his quest, he learns an interesting array of intricate and industrious methods employed by some of America’s fishing masterminds. And he will come to embrace odd local traditions practiced for decades and centuries. And no matter how long it takes, how crazy it seems or how many bumps and bruises he gets along the way, Young won’t stop ‘til he catches the ultimate fish, including the one that got away…

OFF THE HOOK: EXTREME CATCHES showcases some of the hardest playing and hardest working fisherman in the country, some of whom have pioneered ingenious and insane methods of catching fish for both profit and play. During each episode, Young meets two experts who help him go toe to toe with some of the biggest (and smallest) fish around.

“As an adrenaline junkie, when I come home after a hard day’s work, I like to kick back and enjoy some fishing,” says Young. “But in OFF THE HOOK, this is hardly relaxing because I’m setting out to do some of the world’s wildest, craziest fishing techniques. But I’m up for trying anything once!”
For an immersive fishing and angling experience online, viewers can go to AnimalPlanet.com.

OFF THE HOOK: EXTREME CATCHES is a production of part 2 pictures for Animal Planet. Gregory Henry and David Shadrack Smith are the executive producers for part2 pictures, and Vaibhav Bhatt is the supervising producer for Animal Planet. Charlie Foley is senior vice president of development for Animal Planet.
Animal Planet Media (APM), a multi-media business unit of Discovery Communications, is the world’s only entertainment brand that immerses viewers in the full range of life in the animal kingdom with rich, deep content via multiple platforms and offers animal lovers and pet owners access to a centralized online, television and mobile community for immersive, engaging, high- quality entertainment, information and enrichment. APM consists of the Animal Planet television network, available in more than 96 million homes in the US; online assets www.animalplanet.com, the ultimate online destination for all things animal; the 24/7 broadband channel, Animal Planet Beyond; Petfinder.com, the #1 pet-related Web property globally that facilitates pet adoption; and other media platforms including a robust Video-on-Demand (VOD) service; mobile content; and merchandising extensions.

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WWE® Monday Night Raw® Expands To Three Hours On July 23rd

WWE® Monday Night Raw® Expands To Three Hours On July 23rd

WWE Superstar John Cena® announced via Twitter today that WWE Monday Night Raw will expand to a three-hour event 52 weeks a year. The extended telecast will kick-off July 23 at 8/7C on USA Network and marks the 1000th episode of the WWE Raw franchise and a television record – no other series has ever reached this milestone. The announcement was tweeted today by Cena (the No. 1 most influential male athlete on Twitter last month) during USA’s upfront presentation in New York City. The move firmly put WWE’s stake in the ground as one of the most powerful social brands in the world and an integral part of USA Network’s social media initiative.

“The WWE Universe is one of the most socially active and passionate fan bases in all of television,” said Chris McCumber and Jeff Wachtel, co-presidents USA Network. “The powerful three-hour block of live TV truly makes USA the year-round destination for young male viewers on Monday nights.”

“WWE is proud to celebrate this historic milestone with our partners at USA Network,” said WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. “Our new three-hour Raw represents the next generation in interactive television where our fans won’t just watch the show, they will help create it.”

The expanded WWE Monday Night Raw will transform television to an unprecedented level of viewer interaction. Fans will have new ways to get involved in the show through WWE.com and social media by deciding matches, stipulations and new character development. WWE will brand this unprecedented fan interaction as “#RAWactive.”

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Chris Jericho To Release New Book, Announces Signing Dates!

Chris Jericho To Release New Book, Announces Signing Dates!

On February 16th, Grand Central Publishing will issue FOZZY vocalist Chris Jericho‘s new book, Undisputed: How To Become The World Champion In 1,372 Easy Steps.

This 448 page hardcover picks up where Jericho’s previous book, A Lion’s Tale, left off in 1999 with Jericho joining The WWE — and ends with Jericho’s return to the ring in 2007 after a two-year retirement.

Jericho will sign copies of Undisputed at the following locations:

February 2011
15 – 7pm – Bookends – Ridgewood, NJ
16 – 12pm – Borders – New York, NY
16 – 8pm – Book Revue – Huntington, NY
17 – 7pm – Barnes & Noble -Boston, MA
18 – 7pm – Enoch Pratt Free Library – Baltimore, MD
19 – 2pm – Barnes & Noble – McLean, VA
20 – 3pm – Changing Hands Bookstore – Tempe, AZ
21 – 12pm – Fort Hood – Fort Hood, TX
21 – 7pm – Borders – Dallas, TX
22 – 7pm – Borders – Torrance, CA
24 – 6pm – ESPN Zone – Los Angeles, CA
25 – 7pm – Barnes & Noble – Tampa, FL
26 – 3pm – Borders – Winter Park, FL

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TNA Wrestling Fires Bubba The Love Sponge

TNA Wrestling Fires Bubba The Love Sponge

Bubba The Love Sponge

The always controversial Bubba the Love Sponge has been fired from his gig with TNA Wrestling following a verbal, on-air confrontation last week with former TNA wrestler, Kia Stevens (aka Awesome Kong).

The profanity and insult-filled verbal assault on Kia Stevens (aka Awesome Kong) took place on “The Cowhead Show” on Tampa’s WHPT, 102.5 FM, on Wednesday.

Stevens, a former Total Nonstop Action Wrestling champion, had phoned the program, and Clem was in the studio. The bad blood between the two stems from an incident in January  2010 where Kong beat up BTLS backstage at a TNA taping. Read more about that incident here >

On Friday night, TNA Wrestling officials posted a notice on their official website that they “elected to terminate the services of Todd Clem aka Bubba the Love Sponge.”

Bubba the Love Sponge weighed in on his radio show yesterday regarding his firing from TNA. He called TNA President Dixie Carter a “”mark bitch” for following Awesome Kong’s Twitter page after she was left the company.

He addressed the issue on his morning radio show on WHPT, telling listeners that he didn’t want to go out “painted as a racist.” He went on to say that TNA Wrestling was “below him.” He also remarked that TNA would “feel the wrath of Bubba.”

Exclusive audio of the exchange is available at www.cowheadradio.com. TNA Wrestling is carried on Spike TV.

You can get the latest information on Bubba The Love Sponge at his official website located at www.btls.com.

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WWE’s Smackdown Headed To Syfy In October

WWE’s Smackdown Headed To Syfy In October

World Wrestling Entertainment® and Syfy announced today a multi-year agreement that brings Friday Night SmackDown® to the “Imagine Greater” network beginning in October 2010. Friday Night SmackDown will premiere on its new home October 1st at 8:00 PM ET. The program, which debuted more than 10 years ago, is one of the longest-running, weekly episodic shows on television.

Syfy’s original Friday night drama series will move to Tuesday night, where hit series such as Warehouse 13 and Eureka have yielded unprecedented ratings success. WWE NXT™ will leave Syfy in October as Friday Night SmackDown joins the schedule.

“WWE® is the ultimate in imagination-based sports entertainment. The fantastical thrills of Friday Night SmackDown provide an ideal addition to the Syfy slate, as it targets the younger male and female demographics, which are the fastest growing categories for WWE,” said Dave Howe, President, Syfy. “With Tuesday night, a proven winner for our original drama series including Warehouse 13, there is bigger opportunity for series such as Stargate Universe, Sanctuary and Caprica to thrive on a night with a significantly larger number of viewers available to watch live.”

“Syfy is a terrific partner and we look forward to bringing our proven ratings winner and ten year television institution, Friday Night SmackDown, to the network,” said WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. “With this move, WWE is thrilled to be expanding its long-standing relationship with the NBC Universal family.”

Friday Night SmackDown averages more than 3.4 million viewers a week and is currently the most watched TV program on Friday nights among Males under 55 and beats all Friday primetime programming on ABC, NBC, FOX and CW among Men 18-34*. The two hour television program will be presented weekly on Syfy and features a star-studded cast of WWE Superstars and Divas including Undertaker®, Edge®, Rey Mysterio®, Chris Jericho®, CM Punk®, Michelle McCool®, Beth Phoenix™ and Layla™.

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Pick Of The Week – “Jeff Hardy: My Life, My Rules”

Pick Of The Week – “Jeff Hardy: My Life, My Rules”


jeff_hard_my_life_my_rulesThe legendary Jeff Hardy has stunned the WWE Universe with amazing highlights in the ring and controversial moments out of it. Now fans can explore both sides fo this unconventional Superstar. Jeff Hardy: My Life, My Rules contains a revealing documentary packed with never-before-seen interviews from Jeff and both his closest confidants and biggest rivals.

Recorded on the eve of beginning a new chapter in his life, Jeff discusses his tumultuous existence in 2008 and 2009, including his astounding rise to both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships and his challenging personal struggles.

Through the 27 matches on this 3-DVD set, fans can retrace Jeff’s remarkable career, including a rare match from 1994, his tag team partnership with brother Matt, and battles for the Intercontinental, World Heavyweight and WWE Championships.

Phoenix, AZ – August 25, 2009

Jeff Returns

August 25, 2009 – 9:59 PM

Jeff and Matt Reunite – The Hardys!

August 25, 2009 – 10:03 PM

Opportunity Knocks

August 25, 2009 – 10:07 PM

Dark Days

Road to Redemption

August 25, 2009 – 10:12 PM

Sacrifice is Rewarded

August 25, 2009 – 10:15 PM

Brother vs. Brother

Living for the Moment

August 25, 2009 – 10:18 PM

Jeff’s Omega?

JeffHardy-1Special Features

• Jeff’s Faves

• Motocross

• Third Gear, Wide Open

• Jeff’s Art Gallery

• Remembering Jack

• The Original Hardy Boy

• Will O’ The Wisp

• Behind the Paint: Jeff Prepares for SummerSlam

• Gas Chamber Ink

• The Hardy Show


Jeff Hardy vs. 1-2-3 Kid
Superstars – June 25, 1994

Triangle Ladder Match for the World Tag Team Championship
The Hardy Boys vs. The Dudley Boyz vs Edge & Christian
WrestleMania 2000 – April 2, 2000
(Alternate Commentary with Jeff and Matt Hardy)

Steel Cage Match for the World Tag Team Championship
The Hardy Boys vs. Edge & Christian
Unforgiven – September 24, 2000

Hardcore Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Mike Awesome
SmackDown! – July 12, 2001

Ladder Match for the Hardcore Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam
SummerSlam – August 19, 2001

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
Vengeance – December 9, 2001

Jeff Hardy & Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho & Christian
Raw – February 17, 2003

Jeff Hardy vs. Edge
Raw – August 21, 2006

Intercontinental Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro
Raw – October 2, 2006

World Tag Team Championship Match
The Hardys vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Backlash – April 29, 2007

#1 Contender’s 4-Way Elimination Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Santino Marella vs. William Regal
Raw – July 16, 2007

Intercontinental Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin
Raw – September 17, 2007

Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito
Raw – December 10, 2007

Winner Receives a WWE Championship Match at Royal Rumble
Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H
Armageddon – December 16, 2007

Intercontinental Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton
Raw – January 14, 2008

WWE Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton
Royal Rumble – January 27, 2008

Jeff Hardy vs. Shawn Michaels
Raw – February 11, 2008

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga
One Night Stand: Extreme Rules – June 1, 2008

#1 Contender’s Match for the WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. John Cena
Raw – June 2, 2009

Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison
SmackDown! – July 4, 2009

WWE Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H
No Mercy – October 5, 2008

Extreme Rules Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker
SmackDown – November 14, 2008

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H vs. Edge
Armageddon – December 14, 2008

Extreme Rules Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Dolph Ziggler
Raw – March 23, 2009

Stretcher Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
SmackDown – April 10, 2009

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk
Night of Champions – July 26, 2009

Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk
SmackDown – August 28, 2009

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Rowdy Roddy Piper Talks “It’s Always Sunny,” MMA, WWE And Much More!

Rowdy Roddy Piper Talks “It’s Always Sunny,” MMA, WWE And Much More!


Rowdy Roddy Piper is a man that needs no introduction. He started as a small town boy chasing a dream. Through the years, he would battle some of the fiercest warriors ever to grace the squared circle, fight evil aliens hellbent on world domination and capture the hearts of millions of fans around the globe on his rise to super-stardom! His most recent project is no less of a challenge as he takes on the cast of FX’s ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ in one of his most interesting matches to date! The last chapter in the story of Rowdy Roddy Piper has yet to be written. To hear him tell it, he is just warming up!

Icon Vs. Icon‘s Jason Price recently sat down with this legendary performer to discuss his amazing career, the recent rumors regarding his health, his excitement about working with the cast of ‘It’s Always Sunny’, his son’s blossoming career in MMA and what he has in store for his fans in the years to come! That’s right fight fans, Rowdy Roddy Piper is back once again to chew bubble gum and kick ass…and he’s all out of bubble gum!

A Young Roddy Piper

A Young Roddy Piper

Hey Roddy! How are you doing today?

Good Jason, how are you doing?

No complaints! You?

No complaints. I am doing well. I am on this side of the grass, ya know! [laughs] And I have more kids then I know what to do with! [laughs] Do you have any children, Jason?

Nope. Not yet.

Would you like some! [laughs]

I’d don’t know, Roddy. I hear that they can be quite a handful!

Well, I have a couple, you could have your choice! I want them back eventually because I sure love ’em! But you could have a couple of them right now! [laughs] So what do you have going, Jason?

First off, with all due respect, I want to ask you about your health and how you are doing. I know there had been some internet rumors circulating over the last week and I just wanted to clear that up if we could.

Absolutely! It was actually a very ugly piece of business. I did have some health problems and I was in a hospital in West Palm Beach. While I was in there, I wasn’t in contact on a daily basis with my family and somebody in the press put out a story that I was dying of cancer, terminally, with Lymphoma and that I only had a couple of weeks to live. People sent flowers to my home. My younger kids that are in school, kids came up to them and said that they were sorry about that news. My son that is a mixed martial artist and my daughter that is an actress got it too. None of it was true. I’m not sure where it came from and I don’t know why. Because my family couldn’t get to me, they got rather upset. But the bottom line is that as far as I know, I’m still going to be kicking pretty hard!

Well that is good! That is exactly what we all want to hear!

Thank you very much. I appreciate the chance to clear it up!

piper-4When you started out wrestling all of those years ago, did you have any idea that your career would take you to the heights that it has?

No, no. I was living on the street and I just grabbed onto something. I wasn’t doing well scholastically and I just grabbed onto a chance. I didn’t know where else to go and I just held on. I was so scared that I just tried as hard as I could and here we are. At the time it was just a means to get a quick twenty five dollars. God takes care of fools and babies and he is still taking care of me!

What do you attribute the longevity of your career to?

I think the way that I started. I was fifteen. It was a very hard-knock school but if you made it through that school, you had a basis that was not only an athletic basis but a showmanship and theatrical basis that was hard to beat. By that I mean, as far as getting the basics down and understanding what you were doing and what you were selling and how you had to back it up, ya know? It is easy to come out and say a lot of words but the trick is that every night you have to back it up. I think that is one of the bigger lessons that I learned. It was due to a bunch of wonderful people, old-timers and competitors that were very kind to me in a very evil way! [laughs]

Let’s touch on one of your latest projects. How did you get mixed up with the gang from ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’?

piper-2b-180They are a wonderful bunch of people, man! Unbelievable! I am an experimental model as far as my business goes! With the explosion of wrestling in ’85 and in ’87 I did ‘They Live’ with John Carpenter, so my point is that there are a lot of very nice people that grew up watching different events that I did. The same is true with the cast of ‘It’s Always Sunny’. Danny DeVito, you can look this up on YouTube I think (watch the clip here), 1985 was the last time that I saw him. He was doing an interview and I was a little forward back in those days! [laughs] I burst right into it! It was great to see him again and he is a great guy! Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day are fantastic! Kaitlin Olsen, she is great! They all were so kind when I came onto the set. They let me improv, and being as talented as they are they didn’t have any problem keeping up! It made the episode really special. I wanted to do this piece of work. ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ is a very hip show to do right now. It’s a good career move and it’s good to keep ya alive, ya know! And it keeps you out there in new ways, sometimes that is hard to do. So I went, and I haven’t done this in twenty years, but I had to audition for it!


Yeah! I went and auditioned for it and I got the part. Ya know, I remember when Tom Hanks did his baseball movie about ladies baseball, set during the second World War. Madonna was in that film and they made her audition for it. I think it says something for the artist and the clout of the show. I wanted it from the ground, so I was very appreciative when I got it!

Did you teach those guys a thing or two while on set?

piper-3-240-160[laughs] I showed them how to put someone to sleep real quick! [laughs] So if they have any problems with paparazzi, they can choke them out real quick! Rob was good at it! Charlie was really cute. [laughs] I guess I can be a little intimidating, you don’t realize that when you are in my shoes. We were doing this scene right at the bar and I locked right into Charlie there and grabbed him by the pants! He didn’t know me yet, as I was only on the set for maybe five minutes. They thought maybe I was getting a little rowdy! I was gonna take a hard left hand turn on them! [laughs] They tried to get through the scene but they broke down. That broke the ice all the way around cuz I started laughing! I wasn’t meaning to be that mean! It started a really wonderful bonding experience with everybody there. When you see the scene when they are at their home, the bar, know that about three and a half minutes, check Charlie out cuz you will see him breaking down! Now you know what happened! I guess I scared him! [laughs]

Now that you have broken through on ‘It’s Always Sunny,’ are we going to see some more acting or comedic work in your future?

Ya know, there is a company that did ‘The Real World’ called Bunim-Murray. I am in negotiations with them right now to do a sitcom, a developmental deal for a sitcom. I don’t want to ruin it for ya but I am going down to LA tomorrow and I think that will be the next piece of work that I do.

piper-9Awesome! That sounds like it is going to be great for you!


You have mentioned your family quite a bit and we know that people from the wrestling world like Hulk Hogan have dabbled in the world of reality television. Is that something that you and your family had ever given thought to doing?

It surely has been brought up. I have never included my family in my business. But the same time I have a daughter, Ariel Toombs, that is an actress in LA and my son Colten Toombs is a mixed martial artist, so it would be good for them to help gain in their careers. I have all the respect in the world for Hogan but I just wouldn’t want to make those mistakes, so being honest and frank with you as a dad, that is what bothers me with it.

You mentioned your son being involved in the world of MMA. Were you a fan of MMA and being someone who has taken his share of lumps along the way in a very physical profession, did you have any worries with him becoming involved in the sport?

Interesting question, very good. Mixed martial arts is something that has been in the bowels of professional wrestling since wrestling started back in the 1700s, so I was familiar with the style but had no idea that it would come to the heights that it has come to now. My son started when he was eighteen, he is with Team Quest and a wonderful silver medalist from the Olympics, Matt Lindland as his coach. You know, when I started out, they beat me up a lot, man. With Colt, they didn’t do him any favors but I could stop the normal [pauses] “hazing” maybe, that would take its course and does absolutely no good. So, I was worried about that. He has just finished his fourth fight, he has not been beaten yet, he’s turning pro, he’s twenty. I don’t like it, but I sure love him! It’s unconditional love. I would rather him do mixed martial arts then pro-wrestling. With pro-wrestling, the politics and the amount of damage to the body from night after night after night… wheewwww! and I don’t know what they would expect of him. I am glad he is flourishing in his own field but I need a doctor or a lawyer! I don’t need another fighter! A psychiatrist preferably! [chuckles] But I love him, so be a smart fighter, Colt!

piper-7Good advice! I am curious, what is the best piece of advice that someone has given you along the way in your career?

Wow! Holy cow! I’ve got many. A lot of the guys that I fought in the eighties, I fought their fathers. One of the fathers was Johnny Valentine. He is the father of Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, who I had a horrendous match with and I lost fifty percent of the hearing in my left ear. It was in the very first Pay-Per-View ever in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1983, maybe. His father, when I was about sixteen or seventeen and wrestling in Houston, was an unbelievably rough, tough guy. Loooooong matches, he hit real hard. It was the main event in Houston and he was coming back to the dressing room. I had just showered down and changed. I don’t know what got into him but he grabbed me by the throat and slammed me against the wall! He almost knocked me out because my head banged against the wall. He looked at me and he said “I can’t make you believe that wrestling is for real, but I sure to hell can make you believe I am!” I based fifty percent of my career on that! That was a good piece of advice!

That’s definitely one for the ages!

Oh, man! [laughs] He was serious too!

The rumor is that we may soon see you gracing WWE’s Monday Night RAW sometime in the near future!

[laughs] What do you think of that?

Well, I know that you have indicated that you were looking for one more match to put a cap on the remarkable career that you’ve had, so I wondered if that wasn’t going to pave the way for last match.

Very astute. I wasn’t very happy with Wrestlemania XXV. In my mind, I want to put a cap on it as you say, with one more match, an extraordinary performance. Yeah, ya know the clock is tickin’, let’s be honest, so sooner rather then later. So, I think if you saw me in RAW that it would be leading into that match. I don’t know what it is yet. But yeah, you are correct.

Even though you have stepped away from the sport in recent years, do you still follow the world of professional wrestling?

piper-11You know, it is funny, to me anyway, I have never watched wrestling. When I was performing, I never watched the show. When you watch the show, you get preconceived notions and it hinders your performance. This is the easiest example that I can give you: when I first came to Madison Square Garden, the match that I told you about with Greg Valentine that I lost fifty percent of my hearing, I was still pretty bad. They had me in the stable but I couldn’t wrestle. There is a fella named Paul Orndorff and they had me managing him, talking on the stick for him until I healed up. At the Garden, they said “Ok, go out with Orndorff.” I had never seen anything because I didn’t watch. I went out with him and he gave me his robe, I threw it to the guy that brought us down and I stayed out there the whole match. They almost had a riot! When I came back, they had all of these ideas and plans. The truth of the matter is this, Freddie Blassie, Capt. Lou Albano, The Grand Wizard, all of those managers… the way they are supposed to do it and the way the law read… was that they go down to the ring, take the robe and walk back. Nobody ever stayed out. If I hadn’t stayed out, I might not have gotten the attention from Vince McMahon, Sr. at that time that I did get. If I would have watched the show, I would have come back, but I didn’t know any better. Sometimes in my world, that is the best way to come out, man.

piper-8Well it certainly looks like it worked out for you in the long run!

Thank you, thank you, man!

I know that you did a autobiography a few years back but a lot has happened in your life since that time. Is there another chapter to be told there or possibly another book in your future?

Oh man, good for you! You have done your homework! Ya know, the first book, they took sixty thousand words out of it. It made the first book stutter a little bit and there is information that needs to be known. Boy was it hard to do! Holy cow! So much has happened since then. I had a guy try to kill me in a car, while I was finishing writing it and before I went on tour. I was five days in intensive care at Cedars Sinai. I broke my right ankle and four ribs. One rib went into my liver, my spleen and my back in two places. They thought I was gonna die! Somehow I got off the table I guess and went into that tour! So, there is a lot missing. I don’t know, I don’t know! It’s really difficult and now with my reputation, it would be a hard book to write. Ya know what? It’s looming, it’s looming! I don’t know the answer to that one, Jason.

I have to ask you about Ethan Dettenmaier’s Sin-Jin Smyth movie. You had indicated earlier in the year that you were kinda giving it until the end of the year to see what happened before giving up on it. Any movement on that front?

Unfortunately, I have heard nothing from the director/producer. It’s unfortunately that I don’t think I will be able to promote that movie or hang with it. It has been too long. Nothing is happening and I think someone is pulling the wool over someone’s eyes.

Last one for you, Roddy. Do you have any words for the critics or the fans?

For the critics, I would say that you need to see the story unfold before you cast your opinion. Sometimes, the critics on Roddy Piper are harsh and they try to figure out what he is doing. Sometimes he keeps secrets, that way, you enjoy it more when it all unfolds. The critics are hard on me. I don’t know, man… the critics are hard on me. I have been doing this since I was fifteen years old. There’s nobody, NOBODY living right now that has done what I have done in my business. For the fans, without them, I couldn’t have done it and I say to you… hang in there, keep you heart on the right side of life, God on your side and I will see you down the road someplace. I’m not finished yet!

Thank you very much, Roddy. All the best to you and your family!

Cheers, man!

– –

For all the latest news and updates on Rowdy Roddy Piper, check out his official site at www.rowdyroddypiper.com!

You can learn more about what Rowdy Roddy Piper’s two talented kids, Colt and Ariel Toombs, by visiting www.thetoombsclan.com!

You can get the latest and greatest on ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ at www.fxnetworks.com/shows/originals/sunny!


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