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Tuesday Knight
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TRUE SURVIVOR: Tuesday Knight On Blending Her Passion For Music and Acting With ‘The Bloody Man’

Tuesday Knight is the rare breed of artist whose work spans the worlds of music, television, film, and beyond! Best known to horror fans for playing the role of Kristen Parker in the 1988 film ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.’ Replacing actress Patricia Arquette, who originally played the character in the […]

Lisa Wilcox
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HORROR BUSINESS: Legendary Actress LISA WILCOX Talks Career, Creative Evolution and ‘The Bloody Man’

In 1984, horror-loving teens around the globe began to clutch their covers a little tighter each night when ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ exploded onto the pop culture landscape. An instant commercial success, the film quickly became a worldwide phenomenon that would spawn seven sequels. 1988’s ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master’ would become one of […]

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WORLD OF NOISE: Everclear’s Art Alexakis Reflects On Creating 30 Years of Balls-to-the-Walls Rock ‘N’ Roll!

Everclear, one of the leading alternative rock bands to emerge from the ‘90s led by vocalist, guitarist and founder Art Alexakis, has a lot to celebrate in 2022. The band has just released ‘World Of Noise – 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition’ and officially kicked off their 30th Anniversary Tour. The special remastered reissue marks the […]

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TASTES LIKE GOLD: Lit’s Jeremy Popoff On Tapping Into The Band’s Rich History To Create A Fiery New Album!

As the nineties dissolved into the 21st century, Lit charged up rock ‘n’ roll with uncompromising punk energy and a power-pop punch. Undeniably original, this band of brothers from Orange County has left an imprint on popular culture that only fissured wider over the years like a California fault line. Who could forget the immortal lyric, “Can […]

Adi Shankar
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UNFILTERED: Adi Shankar Talks ‘Guardians of Justice’ and The State of The Bootleg Universe!

For over a decade, producer Adi Shankar has been fearlessly blazing a trail all his own in Hollywood. The early entries in his now-iconic “Bootleg Universe” laid the groundwork for the modern superhero films that have become box office behemoths. From “Dirty Laundry” to “Truth in Journalism” to “Power/Rangers” to “Castlevania” and beyond, all have […]

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SICKSENSE: Vicky Psarakis and Robby J. Fonts on Laying the Foundation of a Nü-Metal Powerhouse!

Hard-hitting and melodic; pissed off and groovy; energetic and catchy: upon first listen, it is clear that Sicksense is all of these things. The band — comprised of vocalists Killer V (Vicky Psarakis) and Rob The Ripper (Robby J. Fonts), guitarist Breakdown Bran (Bran Panic), drummer The Trve Cody Taylor (Cody Taylor), and bassist Spot-On […]

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TREMONTI SINGS SINATRA: Mark Tremonti On Crafting His Sinatra Covers Album and ‘Take A Chance For Charity’ Initiative

GRAMMY® Award Winning musician, producer, author, and founding member of hard rock bands Alter Bridge, Creed, and Tremonti, Mark Tremonti is “stepping out” with his most ambitious and challenging project to date! Mark has partnered with the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) as he releases an album of Frank Sinatra covers entitled ‘Tremonti Sings Sinatra.’ The album of selections […]