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Review: ‘Mr. Thundermug’ by Cornelius Medvei

“Mr. Thundermug is a baboon Mr. Thundermug has a luxuriant mane of silvery hair? Mr. Thundermug has an unsettling mastery of speech” Those are the words surrounding an aged photo of a silver-haired baboon who’s wearing a fez and smoking jacket while puffing on a pipe. If that can coax a grin out of you […]


Review: Mark Danielewski’s ‘House of Leaves’

Mark Danielewski’s ‘House of Leaves’ Review by: Jennifer Smith There was already a cult following of Mark Danielewski‘s book when it was released on the internet chapter by chapter, then the chapters stopped and what followed was a unconventional novel that is best described by not molding into any genre of reading. There is a […]

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The Most Anticipated Albums of 2009!

The time for?reminiscing?has come and gone! The dedicated staff of Icon Vs. Icon invites you to take a look ahead at the most anticipated albums of 2009! Steve Johnson’s Pick: As 2009 approaches, there has been a buzz about many metal and hard rock artists that plan to head back to the studio and serve […]