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The Wolf of Snow Hollow
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Werewolf Terror Strikes! — Jim Cummings’ ‘The Wolf of Snow Hollow’ To Hit Blu-ray In December!

Terror strikes a small town when “The Wolf of Snow Hollow” arrives on Blu-ray and DVD. Written by, starring, and directed by Jim Cummings (“Thunder Road”), “The Wolf of Snow Hollow” is a new and mysterious reimagining of the classic werewolf legend. The film is available now on Digital and will be available on Blu-ray […]

Jim Cummings's The Wolf of Snow Hallow
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THE WOLF OF SNOW HALLOW: Official Trailer Jim Cummings’ Werewolf Thriller Unleashed!

From acclaimed filmmaker Jim Cummings (Thunder Road) comes The Wolf of Snow Hollow, hitting On Demand and in theaters October 9th via Orion Pictures. Check out the official trailer and poster art below. Cummings wrote, directed and stars in the horror-thriller, centering on the sheriff of a small mountain town. After bodies are discovered following […]

Dark Sky Films - HOSTS
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Dark Sky Films To Unleash Disturbing Possession Thriller ‘HOSTS’ On October 2nd!

Dark Sky Films is ushering in the spookiest of seasons with the release of HOSTS to Digital + VOD on October 2nd.  Directed by Adam Leader and Richard Oakes, ‘Hosts’ is a relentlessly gripping possession thriller starring Neal Ward (Two Graves, To Dream), Samantha Loxley (Election Night, Skin Deep), Frank Jakeman (A View to Kill, Rise […]

Open 24 Hours movie (2020)
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OPEN 24 HOURS: Official Trailer and Poster Padraig Reynolds’ New Horror Flick Unveiled!

4Digital Media has released the official trailer and poster for gruesome and sadistic horror film, OPEN 24 HOURS. Written and directed by Padraig Reynolds (Rites of Spring, The Devil’s Dolls), the film is slated to drop on VOD, Digital HD and DVD on August 18, 2020. Synopsis: A paranoid delusional woman, Mary White, has just […]