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The Most Anticipated Albums of 2009!

The time for?reminiscing?has come and gone! The dedicated staff of Icon Vs. Icon invites you to take a look ahead at the most anticipated albums of 2009! Steve Johnson’s Pick: As 2009 approaches, there has been a buzz about many metal and hard rock artists that plan to head back to the studio and serve […]

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By JASON PRICE There are very few bands in the world who that have the longevity and global success as KISS. KISS is more than just a band: The Demon, The Star Child, The Space Ace and The Cat Man are living legends, pop culture icons, and the undisputed heavyweight champs of Rock n’ Roll. […]

Music News, Reviews

Paul Stanley: One Live KISS – DVD Review

? By JASON PRICE ? Paul Stanley is one of music’s legendary frontmen and has been delivering his brand of rock n’ roll to audiences world wide for over three decades. Now, just in time for the holidays, you can unleash the power of The Star Child’s live show in the comfort of your own […]