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The Most Anticipated Albums of 2009!

The time for?reminiscing?has come and gone! The dedicated staff of Icon Vs. Icon invites you to take a look ahead at the most anticipated albums of 2009!

rob-zombieSteve Johnson’s Pick: As 2009 approaches, there has been a buzz about many metal and hard rock artists that plan to head back to the studio and serve a heaping helping of new material to the fans. Just a few of these artists are KISS, Slash, Megadeth, and Iron Maiden. While I am a huge fan of all of those previously mentioned and would love to hear new music from them, I find myself looking forward to Rob Zombie’s new material the most. I have been a huge fan of Zombie since his days in White Zombie and thought his last album Educated Horses was some of his best work yet. Zombie has stated in recent interviews that this is the first time he has recorded an album with his band since his days in White Zombie. I am interested to see how recording an album with his band affects his music and hope that he tours in support of it, as I have never seen him perform live. There is no firm release date for the album, but Zombie indicated it would be out sometime before the end of the year. I guess ?War Zone? from the Punisher: War Zone soundtrack will have to hold me over until then.

spinneJen X’s Pick: I have three: Queens of the Stone Age, Green Day and Spinnerette. I am stoked that it’s only taken two years for QotSA to come up with more material they feel worthy of their next lp, in addition I’m even happier that this will mean we will be treated to another North American tour. Frontman Josh Homme always has his hands in many projects, one of them being the upcoming release of his wife Brody Dalle’s band Spinnerette. A five-track free download can be found at Spinnerette’s website and their feature-length debut should hit the market in February of 2009. If you haven’t heard the band, do yourself a favor and head over to their site where you can also watch a full-length video of their current single “Ghetto Love.”

It was recently released that Green Day will be putting out their eighth CD sometime in 2009 and that they are currently recording at the same studio in which they recorded American Idiot. I’ve read that their influences for this LP are, to name a few, The Beatles, Springsteen and Bob Dylan. If so it would seem that Green Day is moving on from their punk rock sound, and I find it interesting that this is the spin put out to media outlets about the new project. Still, I am looking forward in reviewing the CD and will believe that Billie Joe Armstrong has left his bad boy image behind when I see and hear it.

kiss_destroyerJason Price’s Pick: Legendary rockers KISS have recently revealed that they are goingto release their first studio album since 1998’s Psycho Circus in the coming year. “It’s going to be very much a vintage, classic, ’70s KISS album without much regard to what’s happened since then; it’s back to the roots,” said frontman Paul Stanley in a recent interview. With the right mix of producers, songwriting and marketing, I think we could see yet another second coming of KISS and yet another round of farewell tours. Other notable 2009 releases would be new projects from Lita Ford and L.A. Guns.