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Blu-Ray Review — Tasty: A Look at ‘Just Desserts: The Making of Creepshow’


This week, The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles takes on a walk down memory lane with a look at Synapse Films latest spine-tingling release — ‘Just Desserts: The Making of Creepshow.’ Here is a quick rundown on one of horror’s most beloved flicks:

Synopsis: “In 1982, Auther Stephen King and Director George A. Romero collaborated on a feature-film tribute to the controversial EC comics of the 1950s. Told through five jolting tales of terror, CREEPSHOW has become a celebrated horror classic over the past three decades. With an all-star cast, and featuring groundbreaking special effects by genre legend Tom Savini, CREEPSHOW stands as a horrific and hilarious tribute to the stories that helped influence (and corrupt) a generation of writers and filmmakers. Now the tales behind the creation of this chilling masterpiece can finally be told! Featuring rare behind-the-scenes footage and photographs, JUST DESSERTS: THE MAKING OF “CREEPSHOW” also contains over a dozen interviews, including George A. Romero, Tom Savini, Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins, and many others. These are the terrifying stories behind the film that promised you… “The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have…BEING SCARED!”

REVIEW: We all have those movies that we vaguely remember seeing when we were kids. As we grow older we eventually see the full feature and the “light bulb goes off” in our minds. Creepshow was that movie for me. I remember seeing the opening for the first time when I was 5 years old and hiding under my covers immediately. The opening skeleton puppet scared the hell out of me. A year later my mom called me into the living room and told me to sit down and watchin something cool. She proceeded to show me the Stephen King “Jordy Verrill” segment. The beginning of which made me smile till my heart’s content. King looked like a cross between Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd; my 6 year old self thought it was hilarious. However, the closing moments filled me with so much dread that I didn’t sleep right for weeks. The segment was so secluded and lonely. It ended in such a depressing notion that I didn’t want to watch anymore. It wasn’t until I was 9 that I actually sat down and watched Creepshow from beginning to end. The parts mentioned above still gave me the “willies” but I loved every second of it. It blew my mind that something could make me laugh so hard and at the same time scare me to death. To this day Creepshow is one of my favorite movies of all time, which is why I’m incredibly excited to talk about this release. If you haven’t seen Creepshow…what are you doing! go watch it now! Then buy the soundtrack and this documentary!


In 2007, director Michael Felsher put together an essential documentary chronicling the making of one of the most beloved horror classics, Creepshow. But Dylan, if this was made in 2007, why is being released now in 2016?!?! Well it all comes down to rights issues. Warner Bros. owns the rights in US, Universal owns the UK rights. Universal put out a special edition bluray of Creepshow a few years ago with the documentary while WB continues to refuse a special edition reissue of the film in the states. Thankfully, our good friends at Synapse Films took the documentary, threw it on its own disc, and included a plethora of special features!!!

The documentary itself is a must own for all Creepshow fans. Felsher does an amazing job covering almost every square inch of the film. I say almost because there is a noticeable absence of the person I was most interested in hearing from, Stephen King. I’m unsure of why he didn’t appear and apparently that answer isn’t online either. That hiccup aside, the people they do get tell fantastic stories. Of course you get Romero and Savini, but you also hear from Ed Harris, Adrienne Barbeau, and the always lovable Tom Atkins! The stories told are both informative and hilarious. Two stories that truly stuck out are the “Ted Danson in an aquarium” story and the rounding up of the cockroaches. Everyone seems to look back on their experience fondly but definitely remember the hard work involved. You will not regret spending an hour and a half enjoying this release.

Along with the main documentary, Synapse has included a multitude of special features. Two audio commentaries are included, as well as multiple extended interviews with the cast and crew. We also have a bonus interview with Director of Photography, Michael Gornick. Also included is personal video footage from the set provided by Savini, as well as Savini’s episode of Scream Greats Volume One. Rounding out our features is the always enjoyable, Horror’s Hallowed Grounds and neat little behind the scenes photo gallery.

Even if you are a casual fan I suggest picking this up. Of all horror documentaries this may be my favorite as it is both informative and not exhaustingly long. You won’t regret your decision on buying this incredible release. It’s SHOWTIME!!!!!!!