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Blu-ray Review: Eric Red’s ‘Bad Moon’ Offers Up Solid Werewolf Action!

'Bad Moon'
‘Bad Moon’

As the clock winds down on the summer of 2016, The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles  is already gearing up for the Fall. This week he takes another look back at a notable summer Blu-ray release with a review of ‘Bad Moon.’ Here’s a quick rundown on the hot werewolf action, recently brought to home video by Scream Factory:

Synopsis: “Full, crescent, quarter… each is a Bad Moon for Ted Harrison. By day, he’s a photojournalist visiting family in the Pacific Northwest. By night, he transfigures into a horrific half-human – a werewolf. Dead men tell no tales, so Ted’s sure he alone knows about his vile double life. The secret, however, may be out. The family dog Thor, devoted to defending the household, has his suspicions.

Writer/director Eric Red (Cohen and Tate, Body Parts) delivers a new infusion of thrills with this red blooded shocker. Michael Paré (Streets of Fire) portrays Ted, hiding his accursed condition from his sister (Mariel Hemmingway, Lipstick, Star 80) and nephew (Mason Gamble). What better way to hide it than to create suspicion that the local killings are the work of another – especially if that other is the family’s all-too-wise German Shepherd!”

Michael Paré in 'Bad Moon'
Michael Paré in ‘Bad Moon’

REVIEW: Of all the classic monsters of film and folklore I must say that the one I’m most fascinated with is the werewolf. From classics like the “Howling” or “American Werewolf in London” to not so well received flicks like “Cursed,” I love the werewolf genre as a whole and honestly haven’t seen a werewolf movie yet that I haven’t enjoyed to some extent. I was truly excited when I heard Scream Factory was putting out this overlooked 90’s “gem” because it was a movie that had eluded me all these years of being a horror fan. Let me just say, going into this film cold…it did not disappoint.

We open on Ted Harrison (Michael Paré) and his girlfriend having a bit of a “romp” in the jungle while on a work expedition in Nepal. They are both attacked, savagely I might add, by an unknown beast that may or may not be a werewolf. In typical wolf movie fashion, Ted begins to experience changes, the worst of which begin when he tries to reconnect with his sister Janet Harrison (Mariel Hemingway) and nephew Brett (Mason Gamble). Their dog, Thor, senses something wrong with Ted and what transpires towards the end best be described as “Lassie Vs. A Werewolf”.


I really enjoyed this movie as a whole. It was a new take on the classic werewolf mythos. For example, our werewolf turns every night, not just on a full moon. In the beginning of the movie we sympathize with Ted as he’s doing his best to protect those around him. That being said, unlike most werewolf movies we see a turn for the worst in his human side. This starts to show when the family dog is taken away and Ted gloats in a way that involves a dog house and the marking of “his territory”.

If you enjoy werewolf movies you’re going to like this and if you dig the cheesy horror of the 90’s you’re certainly going to like this. The acting is passable and the effects are decent. Especially if you watch the director’s cut included on the disk. Removed is the godawful CGI transformation towards the climax. Having now watched both, even with the awkward cuts the Director’s cut transformation is far superior. The Scream Factory release includes both.

'Bad Moon' is now available on Blu-Ray from Scream Factory!
‘Bad Moon’ is now available on Blu-Ray from Scream Factory!

Also on the Scream Factory disc is a brand new making of feature entitled “Nature of the Beast”. It contains fascinating interviews with multiple members of both the cast and crew. We also have two commentaries including a brand new one from director Eric Red. Sourced from the original VHS, this release also contains an unrated opening scene with more sex and gore…..for those of you into that! Ya savages!

THE VERDICT: This isn’t the greatest werewolf film in the world, it doesn’t even crack top five, but it’s a good alternative for when you’re tired of watching the “classics”. Plus, as always, Scream Factory doesn’t disappoint on the supplemental features. If you want to experience Bad Moon for yourself then you can! It hit shelves on July 19th.