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SPRING INTO ACTION! Fun.Com Unleashes Exclusive Luna Lovegood and Wonder Woman Sneakers!

March has arrived in all it’s Day Savings Time burdened glory, bringing with it a celebration of the female force with International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. This month is the perfect time to acknowledge our real life heroines, as well as the iconic ones created from imagination that have shaped feminine pop culture throughout the years. Many of us grew up with Luna Lovegood and Wonder Woman, so naturally they are at the forefront when we think of strong, stand out female figures in fiction. If you’re looking for a fun and fashionable way to represent these two super magical mavens, hop on your broom (or invisible jet) and head over to visit our friends at!

We are once again dazzled with these exclusive new kicks that are sure to please even the most finicky feet. The Luna Lovegood inspired hightops feature the Ravenclaw’s signature Spectrespecs, along with hot pink toes and blue and pink lace that remind us of cotton candy, as sweet as Luna’s gentle spirit. Her love of animals is also featured, with multicolor magical creatures dotting the body. Sparkly gold accents adorn the shoes, making them fit for any Hogwart’s celebration! We certainly love everything about these shoes, however our favorite part is the inscription of “Those who mind don’t matter” written along the sides of the pink soles. A most assuring bravery charm in these uncertain times, reminding us that those who call us loony don’t know that we can see the Threstrals.

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Immortal Amazonian demigod more your style? These Wonder Woman sneaks will make you look like you’re fresh from a trip to Themyscira. Inspired by the infamous color palette of Wonder Woman’s armor, these low tops feature a primarily maroon body with navy accents. The metallic gold toes and throat will make you feel as if you have your very own Lasso of Truth, and it truly makes the rich colors pop! A gold, double-W patch embellish the sides, well stitched with a black thread outline. Bright white laces and a logo-patterned inner lining round things out to make them the perfect addition to any outfit. You’ll be ready at a moment’s notice to fight for justice and defend the world!

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If you need to dress up the rest of your wizard wardrobe or add to your Amazonian armor, be sure to check out the other great items from We are particularly fond of this Luna Lovegood backpack, mug and spoon set, and this Wonder Woman cookie jar. More exclusive shoes can be found on their site as well, featuring Quidditch, Grogu (aka Baby Yoda), and The Last Airbender … check them out!