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KING OF HEARTS: Mason Pace Discusses His Musical Rebirth and New EP!

Mason Pace is a Florida-based singer, songwriter, performer and Gibson artist who is well-known for his ambitious, epic sound and boundless work ethic. Pace’s music and image have recently undergone a major overhaul, and I had a chance to talk to him about that, as well as his upcoming new release, King of Hearts.

It looks like you’ve been working in the Florida scene for a while, now. Now that the world is starting to open up again, what do you see changing? And what state of development was the Florida music scene in, pre-pandemic?

I see more people wanting concerts more than ever!  I put on a sold out show at the Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton last month and it was met with an amazing and overwhelmingly positive response.  I asked the crowd to put up a hand if the show was their first concert since March 2020 and half the place raised their hand!  I love seeing that Florida rock and metal fans are as enthusiastic as ever about live music.

Mason Pace
Mason Pace in the wild.

You’ve had the opportunity to open and co-headline with some major acts, such as Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, Vince Neil, Ace Frehley, Sebastian Bach, Phil Collins…did you have any particularly positive experiences working with any of these artists?

Yes! I ended up being selected to perform at RockFest for two years in a row, opening for Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, Vince Neil, Ace Frehley, Sebastian Bach, and more!  At Rockfest 2017, I spent some extra time with Cheap Trick and Robin Zander at their bus, and then later I got on the side of the stage to watch their set.  While Tom Petersson played a bass solo, a guard tried to kick me off the stage, which was immediately stopped by a heroic Robin telling the guard to leave me alone!

I remember auditioning in front of Phil Collins, to be an ambassador of his Little Dreams Foundation.  He was no more that 10 feet away from me as I sang and played “Run Right Back” by The Black Keys with just my acoustic guitar.  When I was done, he told me I “play with a bang” and immediately accepted me into his foundation.  Since then, I’ve played alongside him at The Fillmore Miami Beach for the LDF Gala and received access to his Not Dead Yet concert. 

Your social media recently saw a three-day blackout, followed by a big reveal. Tell us a little about the changes that you have undergone in your music and personal style.

My new music is bigger, darker, heavier, and catchier!  The haute garb, as you can see in the “Reborn” music video, perfectly portrays our new sound.  I use Gibson and am a Gibson artist, so the guitars are grander than ever!  The pandemic gave me the time to pave this new musical path that’s along the lines of modern hard rock and metal.  The music has dimension and depth inclusive of orchestras, symphony, and choruses which make the music mysteriously unique.

Your new single, Reborn, starts quiet, with cello and discordant guitar, but then starts to rage. I’m feeling an epic, sort of Queensrÿche-inspired sound, here. Tell us what you were going for while crafting Reborn.

I first wrote “Reborn” for a grade in my Irish Gothic Literature course in high school.  It was a project that proved to my teacher that I paid attention in class and understood the main messages and motifs of Gothicism, so I guess you can say I was going for a 100% (I ended up getting a 96%).  I spent a long time molding the song to what you hear today!  I don’t necessarily write to sound like a certain style or band, but I write and record what comes naturally to me as a result of my influences and thoughts.

What is the message of Reborn?

“Reborn” encourages living a life with morals and values while also describing the consequences without them.  Your life can be led astray real fast if you don’t have standards and expectations for yourself.  “Reborn” also marks my rebirth as a musician post-pandemic.  The past year and a half in quarantine allowed me to self-reflect and realize which direction I had to take as a writer and performer, which lead to more songs being written in the style you hear.  I’m stoked for the public to hear the ‘King of Hearts’ EP on August 6.

The Reborn video is up on YouTube. Tell me a little about that production. You had a beautiful location. Where was it filmed?

We filmed the “Reborn” music video at a monastery in Miami.  We initially toured the location and picked our spots for the shoot then I created the story line for the shoot.  I thought the song and the garb went perfectly with the architecture and beauty of the location.

You have a lot of plans leading up to the release of your new EP, King of Hearts. Detail that out for us a bit, let us know what’s in store.

I WILL be releasing more singles and videos before the EP releases on August 6, so keep your eyes peeled!!  My band and I are also rehearsing a fully produced show in support of the EP as we speak, and will be announcing important show dates really soon.  Announcements will be made on of all my social platforms!

What is the meaning behind your Altered Peace symbol?

My new symbol is up for interpretation in a lot of ways.  For me, it embodies an unorthodox approach towards peace through acceptance and inclusion.  It’s a state of mind and a way of living.  I just received a hot shipment of new quality merchandise featuring the new symbol and the ‘King of Hearts’ artwork; I’m currently selling them on with big discounts!!

When will you be able to start playing live again, and do you have a tour planned?

My band and I have been able to play live since January, thanks to Florida’s laws and regulations.  We’ve played two shows in South Florida then a rocking show in Orlando to highlight the ‘King of Hearts’ EP and we are currently booking and inquiring for more shows in the Southeast US as well as festivals and bills across the nation.  If you are looking for a modern, hard hitting, fresh, new band that will put on a great show, please visit and send me a message!

Where can we find you on social media?

As of right now, I’m on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


Finally, what is the one takeaway that you are hoping people will have after listening to the completed King of Hearts EP?

First, and most importantly, I really hope people connect with my music and my messages.  And…Mason Pace is ready to go global!  Any type of support whether it’s a follow, like, share, stream, add, merch purchase, connection, booking, or inquiry goes a long way.  If you like what you hear, I’d love to meet you through one of my socials above or at one of my future shows!