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Tech N9ne’s New Album ‘ASIN9NE’ Marks The Fiery Rap Debut of Dwayne Johnson!

The most successful independent rapper in the game, multi-platinum Kansas City, MO force of nature, and Strange Music co-founder Tech N9ne unleashes his 22nd full-length album, ASIN9NE, today. As always, he’s brought out the big guns with his signature jaw-dropping flows, his high-speed cadences, and, arguably, his biggest guest list yet with his biggest guest ever. Get ASIN9NEHERE via Strange Music.

To celebrate its arrival, he just shared the music video for the new single “Face Off” feat. Joey Cool, King Iso, and Dwayne Johnson!

As the most followed American in the world, Johnson has regularly shared a glimpse into an artist he keeps on heavy rotation, Tech N9ne. When Tech reached out and asked if he’d be willing to appear on the outro for “Face Off,” not only did Johnson agree, but he suggested doing his own verse and collaborating on the track.

Already dominating the global box office and tv ratings, Johnson now has his sights on the charts. Dwayne Johnson makes his historic rap debut, and he hits the rap music scene like an earthquake and a tidal wave all at once! Just like he took every other aspect of entertainment by storm, he’s doing so again.

“I was talking to Dwayne and he let me know, ‘Dude, I want to go fast’,” laughs Tech. “I said, ‘Okay, here we go!’

“It’s about drive. It’s about power. We stay hungry.”

“You know him the moment you hear him, and he kills it with Joey Cool and King Iso. You got four quasars on one track. This is history.”

Orchestral production sets the tone before Tech devours the beat and drops a championship chorus, ‘They gonna rumble, they gonna take your face off.” Joey Cool and King ISO maintain the momentum with standout verses before Dwayne Johnson sends shockwaves through the track and the game! His eight bars hit with intense inspiration in syncopated succession and no holds-barred.

It’s the moment fans worldwide have been waiting for, and it only happened in Strangeland…

Johnson added, “In the world of hip hop music, Tech N9NE and his Strange Music Record Label, 100% embody the powerful term known as OUTLAW MANA. I’ve been good friends with Tech for years now and of the many incredible qualities he brings to the hip hop game, the one anchor about his music that drives and motivates me daily is at his core, he doesn’t rap about bling, cash, money, fame….He raps about the important things; hunger, drive, passion, pain, some darkness, some hope and a lot of putting in the work with our own hands to make something happen. And best of all, if you’re willing to rumble with us, then get ready because we’re rippin’ your face off. As Tech says, the spirit of a lion describes our kindred souls, so it was my absolute honor to make my rap debut on Tech’s new album ASIN9NE with Tech, Joey Cool & King Iso. I came in and added just a little gasoline to Tech’s already massive fire.”

However, that’s just one of 17 tracks. Marking their third collaboration, Tech reunites with Lil Wayne on the otherworldly catchy “Too Good” also inviting Mumu Fresh along for the ride. A show of independent strength, multiplatinum phenomenon Russ and Snow Tha Product both pull up on the keyboard warrior-slaying “No See Umz,” and Tech’s distant cousin, longtime collaborator, and Bay Area legend E-40 hits the trail on “Clydesdale.” He revives his seminal group NNUTTHOWZE on the scorching “What Rhymes With Threat’ll Kill Ya” with Zkeircrow and Phlaque The Grimstress. Meanwhile, it all culminates on the uplifting and undeniable “Special” feat. Ashten Ray with Accents by T-Pain.

Tech N9ne


1. The Herder
2. I Don’t Fit (featuring King Iso & Seuss Mace)
3. Kickiter (featuring Shao Dow)
4. Too Good (Featuring Lil Wayne & Mumu Fresh)
5. No See Umz (featuring Snow Tha Product & Russ)
6. Face Off (featuring Joey Cool, King ISO, & Dwayne Johnson)
7. Clydesdale (featuring E-40)
8. Still Right Here (featuring X-Raided, Garrett Raff & Simeon)
9. Take Your Halo
10. Knock That Noodle (featuring Marley Young)
11. Heightened
12. What Rhymes With Threat’ll Kill Ya (featuring NNUTTHOWZE – Zkeircrow, Phlaque The Grimstress)
13. I Been Thru A Lot (featuring Stige)
14. Dial It Back (featuring Navé Monjo)
15. Zaza (featuring Marcus Yates)
16. Close Your Eyes (featuring KIDDO AI)
17. Special (featuring Ashten Ray with Accents by T-Pain)

ASIN9NE materialized over the course of 2021. He paved the way for the album with a series of bangers including “Kickiter” [feat. Shao Dow], “Close Your Eyes” [feat. Kiddo Al], “Take Your Halo,” and “I Been Thru A Lot” [feat. Stige]. Beyond raking in streams in the millions, HotNewHipHop noted, “Tech N9ne just keeps blessing us with dope music.”

Right now, Tech continues packing venues on the 2021 Strange New World Tour with Rittz, King Iso, Maez301, and Jehry Robinson. It stands as his first proper headline run since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic and crisscrosses the country for two months. See below for a list of full dates; visit for more info and to purchase tickets and VIP packages.

One of the most insane, influential, and impactful legacies in hip-hop belongs to Tech N9ne. He has consistently accomplished the impossible from outside of the system. He’s bucked every trend, overturned all expectations, and not only built a culture, but a whole damn world with Strange Music. The craziest thing is how far he’s come since co-founding Strange Music back in 2000. The Kansas City, MO rapper has gone from packed Midwest underground shows to the annual Forbes “Cash Kings” list multiple times, the cover of XXL, the playlists of Sir Elton John and Dwayne Johnson, and national commercials for the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. Beyond tallying billions of streams and views, he has scored four platinum singles, three gold singles, and a gold album. He has notched 23 entries on the Billboard Top albums Chart and remains the record holder for “most Top 10 albums on the rap chart.” Not to mention, he cracked the Top 5 of the Billboard Top 200 fourtimes. His collaborators have ranged from Eminem, The Doors, Lil Wayne, Tupac, Boyz II Men, T.I., MGK, Flatbush Zombies, and Gary Clark, Jr. to Slipknot, System of a Down, Deftones, and Logic. Mainstream went Tech when he ignited ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! Meanwhile, Complex mused upon “How Kendrick Lamar Became a Star With Help From Tech N9ne.” He has sold out hundreds of shows as part of a relentless schedule. Not to mention, he introduced his own craft beer Bou Lou—in partnership with Kansas City’s own Boulevard Brewery. There’s only one way to describe a rapper on the eve of his 50th birthday with a bigger audience than ever, wilder shows than ever, and crazier flows than ever—and it’s the title of his twenty-second full-length album, ASIN9NE [Strange Music].

Tech N9ne Releases New Album ASIN9NE with The Historic Rap Debut of Dwayne Johnson