Princess Leia Women's Hoth Sneakers

“Impressive. Most impressive!” — Unleashes Officially Licensed Princess Leia Women’s Hoth Sneakers!

Leia Organa has undoubtedly become one of the most iconic princesses in modern pop culture. Though not originally embraced as a feminist figure, the rebellious, determined, no-nonsense Princess Leia has become a familiar symbol of fight and freedom. Little girls dress up as her not as the damsel in distress but as the general that leads the Resistance. In recent years, countless individuals have held signs bearing Leia’s face as they marched together, sharing a voice across the country. It seems that her legacy continues to lead a resistance years after her own fight. 

Aside from her grit and grace, what truly sets Leia apart from other nobility? Is it her fiery comebacks? Her ability to command an entire army without question? We won’t even get into the years of family drama. While all of that certainly adds to her character, what really gives Leia her edge is her sensible footwear. Seemingly since childhood, she has embraced the reliability of a good, sturdy shoe, yet she never once sacrificed fashion. She is royalty, after all. Sure, there was that whole Return of the Jedi gold bikini getup, but that was totally Jabba’s idea, so we can’t hold that against her. A great example of Leia’s functional fashion is her classic, wintery ensemble from The Empire Strikes Back, and if you’d like to add a bit of practical princess pizzazz to your own closet, then head on over to our friends at!

We’re big fans of all the footwear from, but as avid Star Wars fans, we have a galactic soft spot in our hearts for these stylish kicks. Inspired by Leia’s white-on-white jumpsuit and vest, these officially licensed high tops will keep your toes toasty with their fuzzy faux fur cuff and quilted side panel details. The grey and white color palette makes them the quintessential neutral for any wardrobe, giving you the ability to go from princess to general at a moment’s notice. Traditional laces are topped off with two-speed hooks, giving you the ability to quickly secure your sneaks in case of unexpected Wampa attacks, and the Rebellion’s signature symbol is proudly appliquéd on the outer side of each shoe. Like any good rebel, you’ll be confident and ready for anything! 

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