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HALLOWEEN: Laurie Strode “Faces Her Fate” With Michael Myers In Brutal New Trailer!

HALLOWEEN: Laurie Strode “Faces Her Fate” With Michael Myers In Brutal New Trailer!

At long last Michael Myers has returned in an awesome new trailer for the next chapter in the HALLOWEEN saga. The trailer arrives just one day after Jamie Lee Curtis revealed a new poster for the film. Check out the trailer below and weigh in with your thoughts!

In the film, Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Master of horror John Carpenter executive produces and serves as creative consultant on this film, joining forces with cinema’s current leading producer of horror, Jason Blum (Get Out, Split, The Purge, Paranormal Activity). Inspired by Carpenter’s classic, filmmakers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride crafted a story that carves a new path from the events in the landmark 1978 film, and Green also directs.

Halloween is also produced by Malek Akkad, whose Trancas International Films has produced the Halloween series since its inception, and Bill Block (Elysium, District 9). In addition to Carpenter and Curtis, Green and McBride will executive produce under their Rough House Pictures banner. Ryan Freimman also serves in that role.

Universal Pictures will release Trancas International Films, Blumhouse Productions and Miramax’s Halloween on Friday, October 19, 2018.

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Michael Myers Returns In The First Trailer For ‘Halloween’ Sequel

Michael Myers Returns In The First Trailer For ‘Halloween’ Sequel

He’s come home! Michael Myers is back in the first trailer for the next chapter in the HALLOWEEN saga. Check out the trailer below and weigh in with your thoughts!

Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Master of horror John Carpenter executive produces and serves as creative consultant on this film, joining forces with cinema’s current leading producer of horror, Jason Blum (Get Out, Split, The Purge, Paranormal Activity). Inspired by Carpenter’s classic, filmmakers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride crafted a story that carves a new path from the events in the landmark 1978 film, and Green also directs.

Halloween is also produced by Malek Akkad, whose Trancas International Films has produced the Halloween series since its inception, and Bill Block (Elysium, District 9). In addition to Carpenter and Curtis, Green and McBride will executive produce under their Rough House Pictures banner. Ryan Freimman also serves in that role.

Universal Pictures will release Trancas International Films, Blumhouse Productions and Miramax’s Halloween on Friday, October 19, 2018.

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Blumhouse Unleashes Michael Myers With First Official ‘Halloween’ 2018 Poster!

Blumhouse Unleashes Michael Myers With First Official ‘Halloween’ 2018 Poster!

Blumhouse has just unveiled the first teaser poster for the next chapter of the ‘Halloween’ saga. To be honest, it’s simple but it looks pretty sweet!

In case you were unaware, Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Directed by David Gordon Green, the supporting cast of the film includes Judy Greer, Will Patton, Nick Castle, Andi Matichak and Omar J. Dorsey. David Gordon Green is working from a script by himself & Danny McBride, along with Jeff Fradley.

Mark your calendar for a return to Haddonfield when Halloween hits theaters on October 19th, 2018.

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Pick of The Week: Celebrate ‘Halloween’ With Studiohouse Designs Epic “VHS or Die Part 31” T-Shirt!

Pick of The Week: Celebrate ‘Halloween’ With Studiohouse Designs Epic “VHS or Die Part 31” T-Shirt!

It’s almost that time kids! We here at Icon Vs. Icon are extremely excited for All Hallow’s Eve! In fact, we’re so excited about the spooky season thought we’ve resurrected our “Pick of the Week” segment. Each week, one of our friendly neighborhood Staff Writers will be discussing a piece of media or a product that excites them. The item doesn’t necessarily have to have been released that week, just something we’ve been really into recently.

Our first item fits in perfectly with the season. Our pick this week has to be Studiohouse Designs “VHS or Die Part 31” t-shirt

A little bit about the company. Studiohouse Designs is run by a couple of incredible people out of West Philadelphia. The crew is made up of owner Cody Brown, and real life partner, Erin Jacob. The company was built in 2012 among a pile of love for art, horror, and all around cult film.

While Studiohouse Designs specializes in horror memorabilia, they’re recent claim to fame has been VHS tape cover art. SH dropped their first VHS stack shirt on July 22, 2016, and while they’ve been often imitated, they can’t be duplicated. Nothing will compare to the 6 variants they’ve dropped since that fateful summer day. Since then they’ve dropped multiple “miscellaneous” tape shirts, a special “Friday the 13th” collection shirt, and even an exclusive shirt for SH’s own subscription service, “Horror Cult”.

All of these shirts are built under the “VHS or Die” monicker and, you guessed it, they’re back for the spookiest day of the year. That’s right, just in time for the Halloween season, Studiohouse Designs has released “VHS or Die 31”. The shirt is another variant of their stack tee, however, each film is an entry in the “Halloween” series. That’s right! This shirt contains each film from part 1 to the Busta Rhymes starring (Trick or Treat MOTHERFUCKER) “Halloween: Resurrection”. You need this shirt in your life, and it can be purchased at this location – Click here!

Better hurry though! This shirt is only for sale until Tuesday at Midnight!!!

And there you have it! That’s how this segment is going to go in the future. Anything that we are feeling deserves a mention will go here. I hope you give each entry as much love as we have. Anything that is chosen for our “Pick of the Week” is a piece of media or product we truly enjoy and believe in. That’s all for now! See you next time! Same spooky time, and same spooky channel.

About The Writer: 
Dylan Lyles Staff Writer
The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles is an obsessive fan of cinema, pro wrestling, horror, vinyl, and comic books. Bursting from the womb in 1992, Dylan’s surrounded himself with all things geek culture. Earliest memories include Wrestlemania 11, ‘The Death of Superman,’ and Jason popping out of the water. You may see him sharing his opinion on just about everything on the internet or maybe even working the MonsterMania Con on the east coast. You love him and he loves you!
Twitter: @thedylanlyles
Instagram: @thedylanlyles

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Halloween Knockers: Celebrating Haddonfield’s Most Memorable Racks!

Halloween Knockers: Celebrating Haddonfield’s Most Memorable Racks!


It’s that time of year again, folks. Leaves are changing colors, children of all ages are dressing up to battle rogue killer clowns while gathering as much candy as humanly possible, and horror aficionados are dusting off their VHS tapes to take a trip to beautiful Haddonfield, IL. Oh, and resident boobie guru J-Mo is back to count down the most memorable assets our old pal Michael Myers has encountered. If you’re new to this, let’s revisit the rules: 1) J-Mo can only choose one actress per film. 2) The actress does NOT have to appear nude. J-Mo appreciates boobs of all shapes and sizes, and he feels that a little mystery can be a great thing. 3) J-Mo is not a sexist pig. Breasts are great and should be celebrated. Free the nipple or something. 4) J-Mo hates writing in the third person, so why don’t we get this thing underway!


10. Mariah O’Brien – Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

Kicking off our list at number ten is the grunge princess of Haddonfield, Mariah O’Brien. Mariah plays Beth, the “have sex and you’ll die,” shock-jock lovin’ girlfriend of Tim Strode. Apparently Beth didn’t get the memo that the Strode’s have a rather short life expectancy in Haddonfield. Beth’s main purpose in the film is leading the cause to bring Halloween back to Haddonfield. I don’t know, Beth, when all seems quiet in the streets of Haddonfield, maybe you should leave well enough alone and head over to a neighboring town to celebrate. Word on the street is the Doyle’s haven’t been handing out those full sized snicker bars since 1978 anyway. Copious character flaws aside, Beth is one of the few in the series BZ (Before Zombie) to show some skin, and for that us fans will forever be thankful. Perky pokers aside, you’re annoying as all hell, and J-Mo don’t do crazy.


9. Tamara Glynn – Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

At number nine we have Tamara Glynn. After a recent conversation with Thomas Bryce of Shit Movie Fest I believe he is going to be very displeased with her ranking on the list, but I’m sure our friendship will survive this hiccup. Tamara plays Samantha Thomas, the typical peppy girl next door blonde type with a kooky boyfriend.


Her sole purpose in the film is yet again to warn children of the “have sex and you’ll die” mantra that horror films loved to spew at you in the 1980s. By the way, this is total bullshit and can be proved wrong by a handful of slasher films up to and counting “Friday the 13th”…#MakeHorrorGreatAgain…

Back to Tamara, she really is sweet in the film and is ready to take things to the next level with her silly boy-toy, but ultimately leaves much to be desired.


8. Tyra Banks – Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

I know what you’re thinking…


Listen… I know she is literally the worst part of a movie featuring Busta Rhymes kung-fu fighting Michael Myers, but two things. First: Diversity. Second…


Halloween: Resurrection is slim pickins, folks. I know technically I’m not supposed to judge the hangers by their work outside of the film itself, but you know they’re there. Unfortunately for the viewers of this supremely underrated sequel, Tyra finds herself in this position for the majority of her time on screen…


I’m not sure why she is so confused in this movie, or why she is so content on covering her best attributes up, but hey, jokes on me. She made the list and you got a visual presentation…Well played, Tyra.


7. Sylvia Jefferies – Halloween II (2009)

In at number eight is Sylvia Jefferies as Misty Dawn in Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. It’s no secret that I’m not an uber fan of any Halloween PZ (Post Zombie), but I will say I enjoyed his sequel effort more because you can kinda shut your brain off and not worry about much for the duration of the running time. Misty Dawn is about as scuzzy of a human you’ll find around Haddonfield. Sylvia’s part is small in the film, but it is a lot of fun. Mainly because WWE Superstar Michael Myers comes in and fucks shit up in such a laughable manner, one can’t help but wonder if the scene was written to be one of the greatest Kids in the Hall sketches of all-time. One might say Sylvia is the White Horse of the film. Would that make Daniel Roebuck the White Knight as he is riding her, plowing that ass doggy-style like a city employee ruining a Snow Day? WOW! Halloween II (2009) has just been saved!


6. P.J. Soles – Halloween (1978)

Yup, you totally read that right. P.J. Soles totally comes in at number six as Lynda van der Klok in the original Halloween. I totally know what you’re thinking, but I have to ask you, “see anything you like?” Totally! P.J. Soles totally deserves this spot on the list. Any of the girls from Halloween could have totally made the cut, but I can only choose one. Lynda is totally THE “have sex and you’ll die” character of the entire series. She meets her demise after totally one of the quickest bone sessions with her main man Bob. And to add insult to injury, Lynda’s gasps for help are totally confused for fake orgasms by Laurie. P.J. Soles is totally a treasure, and she’ll always have a place in the fans heart as the hippest chick in Haddonfield. Even if she always totally forgets her text books. Totally.


5. Kristina Klebe – Halloween (2007)

Oh shit, son! Back-to-back Lynda’s on the list! Kristina Klebe lands on the list at number five and we’re totally halfway done. Okay, so I think I used all the “totally’s” I can muster for P.J. Soles, so why don’t we just go back to a normal discussion about how amazing Kristina Klebe is in Halloween. More specifically how she is, I believe, the first full frontal nude of the series. Pretty awesome if it’s true. I don’t think I made that fact up. Fact check me, Internet. Kristina Klebe’s Lynda is not much of a departure from P.J. Soles’ Lynda, but I thought she was deserving of this higher spot as she was the only one of the three main girls in present day Haddonfield that didn’t make me want to punch kittens. Also, Klebe is one of the best actresses in film. Hands down. And she speaks German. Sign me up for those bonus points. Soles’ Lynda was there for the body count. Though Klebe’s is as well, and even knowing her fate before the opening credits even roll, she’s one of the few likable characters PZ. I would have put her higher on the list, but we;ve got some real Heavy Hangers…I mean, Heavy Hitters, coming up!


4. Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (1998)

Finally! Jamie Lee Curtis has made her way on to the list. And yes, it’s for Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later. Sure she had a set of lungs on her (Stu’s words, not mine) in parts one and two, but to me, Jamie Lee Curtis is way hotter in H20 than the original flicks. She is a maternal figure working at a school. She’s having this secret fling with the Guidance Counselor. Drinks a lot. Still need convincing? How about this…


This is a photo from True Lies released four years prior to H20. But let’s focus on H20 specifically…


Jamie Lee Curtis as ax wielding Laurie Strode aka Keri Tate is one of the greatest images of the Haloween franchise. Their are two types of Halloween fan out there. The type that associates Jamie Lee Curtis with Halloween and the type that associates Danielle Harris with Halloween. Group B should not be trusted.


3. Stacey Nelkin – Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

I had a real dilemma as to whether or not I could or should include Season of the Witch on this list. It is a departure from Haddonfield and Michael Myers, but I was reminded that when Tom Atkins goes to the bar, a commercial for the original Halloween is seen playing on TV. LOOP HOLES! Also, and this is more for my own sanity, I figured if I included Season of the Witch, I would not have to include each separate PZ cut. Not sure how that math works, but I’ll allow it.

Seriously though, folks, how adorable is Stacey Nelkin as Ellie Grimbridge. She had to be on the list for sure. I also want to give a shout out to the young lass for taking a chance on true lust with the great Tom Atkins. Not only is he why God made fathers, but he also likes to be thrilled. And with Stacey, Tom Atkins is plenty thrilled…


You see Ellie teams up with Atkins to figure out the conspiracy behind the walls of Silver Shamrock. Conal Cochran not only has the coolest name in the entire series, but he’s out to kill a bunch of kids on Halloween with these…


If you look close enough you can see Captain Kirk’s soul trapped in the Force. Meanwhile, Ellie decides to bunk up with a married alcoholic doctor and seduce him wearing this…


And when Tom Atkins finds out how old Ellie is, he finds himself in a pickle…


But don’t worry folks, they still have time to make sweet love in a dank motel room amidst all the conspiracy and wacky plot points. Stacey Nelkin would be number two on this list if Michael Myers were properly involved in this film in any capacity…


Awww…sad Michael.


2. Pamela Susan Shoop – Halloween II (1981)

Speaking of number two on the list, Pamela Susan Shoop plays Nurse Karen in Halloween II. Dr. Loomis has shot Michael Myers six times, dropping him out a second story window. Haddonfield is in utter chaos. Police cruisers are taking out would-be-boyfriends at an alarming rate. Blackboards are being vandalized with ancient pagan words. Dana Carvey is railroading youths into commenting on the local news reports. But don’t worry, Karen wants to bang Budd in the therapeutic whirlpools while a room full of infants face certain unsupervised death. Hey, Karen is a good person though. She knows she is going to be late for work, but still keeps her promise and drives her friend home. That’s a solid move. Her friend could have been hit by a rouge police cruiser. Pamela Susan Shoop also falls victim to Michael Myers in one of the more gruesome deaths of the series. Her face is boiled as she drowns. Yuck. Talk about a twofer of suck. Oh, and she is topless the entire time. Quadruple-fer?


1. Kathleen Kinmont – Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

And no surprise here, Kathleen Kinmont has the number one spot on lock-down. Mr. Skin has Kathleen in the books for 10 nude roles, but for reasons beyond our control, Ms. Kinmont chose to tease the Halloween faithful with major cleavage, epic side boob and sweet pokies under her “Cops Do It By The Book” white tee…halloween-knockers-cops-do-it-by-the-bookIn part four Kathleen plays Kelly Meeker, Haddonfield’s resident knockout and daughter of Sheriff Meeker, the town’s badass. Kelly has a thing for her co-worker Brady who is dating Rachel Carruthers sorta-sister to Jamie Lloyd niece of Michael Myers. One can assume that she is also another victim of the “have sex and you’ll die” rule, but before Brady can slip in the tip, Sheriff Meeker, Dr. Loomis, Rachel and Jamie pull in to the drive-way before Brady ever has the chance to pull out. I guess you can also safely assume that if Kelly is willing to hand out candy while wearing just a t-shirt to trick ‘r treaters before attempting to sleep with a co-worker in a complicated relationship, that she has had plenty of sex before and her death is justified in the series for being the town whore. Ah, the 80s. When slut shaming was common place and PC Police were still in Huggies.

Let’s take a moment to honor Kathleen Kinmont and her stellar work in the Halloween franchise…


Well folks, we did it. Another year is in the books and hopefully if you’ve made it this far you know that this is meant to celebrate not only the women that made the Halloween franchise great, but also to take a moment to give thanks to those kind enough to show their skin in cinema for the enjoyment of perverts across the globe. These days I get a little nervous when compiling a list like this, because it could be viewed as offensive in nature. When in reality it is meant to induce a chuckle or two. I hope you enjoyed the experience. Do you disagree with the choices? Was someone higher or lower than expected? Well reach out to me on any of my social media platforms so i can tell you that I don’t care to your face.

Jeremy Morrison – Staff Writer
Co-creator/host of the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, film reviewer, screenwriter, Jeremy has more than eight years experience in television and film production. His childhood fascination with the naked breasts featured in the “Friday the 13th” franchise prepared him for absolutely nothing in life. J-Mo lives by one motto: #wecantallbezacksnyder
Twitter: @acidpopcult
IG: @almostgothim

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John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ To Return To The Big Screen This October!

John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ To Return To The Big Screen This October!

Screenvision, a national leader in cinema advertising sales, services and content distribution, has teamed up with Compass International Pictures and Trancas International Films to bring John Carpenter’s immortal 1978 classic, “HALLOWEEN,” back to the big screen. This nationwide release, beginning October 25th with select showings through October 31st, will be the widest distribution the film has seen since originally shocking audiences in 1978. This cinema scare classic will be presented in a striking, new HD transfer and 5.1 audio.

Screenvision’s presentation of “Halloween” will also include an exclusive documentary short from Justin Beahm entitled “YOU CAN’T KILL THE BOOGEYMAN: 35 YEARS OF HALLOWEEN.” The documentary focuses on the undeniable impact the film, and central figure Michael Myers, have had on culture and the genre.

In the film, the villain, Michael Myers, has spent the last 15 years locked away inside a sanitarium under the care of child psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis. On October 30, 1978, Myers escapes and makes his way back home to Haddonfield, turning a night of tricks and treats into something much more sinister for three young women, including Laurie Strode, the star-making role for Jamie Lee Curtis. Dr. Loomis is their only hope, but will he find his shadow-dwelling patient in time?

“We are thrilled to bring John Carpenter’s original HALLOWEEN back to the screen after almost 35 years,” says series producer Malek Akkad. “We are excited for fans from coast to coast to finally get the ultimate theatrical experience.”

Darryl Schaffer, EVP of Exhibitor Relations, Screenvision said: “We’re excited to bring the movie that helped define the horror genre back to the big screen for this timely exhibition.”

Below are the dates and cities where Halloween will be playing its widest run ever! This ISN’T the final list, as more will be added daily until September 28th, so check back with ScreenVision to see if there is one near you.


  • WHARF 15, CANAL ROAD @ FOLEY BEACH EXP., ORANGE BEACH, Alabama 36561-, Buy Tickets
  • VALLEY BEND 18, 1485 FOUR MILE ROAD SE, HUNTSVILLE, Alabama 35802-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE 12, 4883 MONTGOMERY HIGHWAY, DOTHAN, Alabama 36303-, Buy Tickets
  • PATTON CREEK 15, 4450 CREEKSIDE AVE, HOOVER, Alabama 35244-, Buy Tickets
  • FESTIVAL PLAZA 15, 7925 VAUGHN ROAD, MONTGOMERY, Alabama 36117-, Buy Tickets
  • SUMMIT 16, 321 SUMMIT BLVD, BIRMINGHAM, Alabama 35243-, Buy Tickets
  • MOBILE WYNNSONG 16, 785 SCHILLINGER ROAD SOUTH, MOBILE, Alabama 36695-, Buy Tickets
  • AUBURN WYNNSONG 16, 2111 EAST UNIVERSITY DR., AUBURN, Alabama 36831-, Buy Tickets
  • PROMENADE 12 CINEMA, 2399 COBBS FORD ROAD, PRATTVILLE, Alabama 36066-, Buy Tickets
  • EASTDALE I-VIII, 1001 EASTDALE MALL, MONTGOMERY, Alabama 36117-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE 10, 1950 MARKETPLATZ CENTER SW, CULLMAN, Alabama 35055-, Buy Tickets
  • JUBILEE SQUARE 12, 6898 HIGHWAY 90, DAPHNE, Alabama 36526-, Buy Tickets


  • Gold Town Theater, 171 Shattuck Way, Juneau, Alaska 99801, Buy Tickets


  • SCOTTSDALE 11, 9090 EAST INDIAN BEND ROAD, SCOTTSDALE, Arizona 85250-, Buy Tickets
  • SANTAN VILLAGE 16, 2298 E. WILLIAMS FIELD ROAD, GILBERT, Arizona 85295-, Buy Tickets
  • HARKINS NORTERRA 14, 2550 W. HAPPY VALLEY ROAD, PHOENIX, Arizona 85085-, Buy Tickets
  • GATEWAY PAVILIONS 18, 10250 W. MCDOWELL ROAD, AVONDALE, Arizona 85392-, Buy Tickets
  • ARIZONA MILLS 25, 5000 ARIZONA MILLS CIRCLE, TEMPE, Arizona 85282-, Buy Tickets
  • SONORA VILLAGE 9, 15515 N. HAYDEN RD, SCOTTSDALE, Arizona 85230-, Buy Tickets
  • TUCSON SPECTRUM 18, 5455 S. CALLE SANTA CRUZ, TUCSON, Arizona 85706-, Buy Tickets
  • FLAGSTAFF 11, 1959 S. WOODLANDS VILLAGE BLVD, FLAGSTAFF, Arizona 86001-, Buy Tickets
  • Tower Theatres at Arizona Pavilions, 5755 W Arizona Pavilions Drive, Tucson, Arizona 85743, Buy Tickets
  • SURPRISE POINTE 14, 13649 NORTH LITCHFIELD ROAD, SURPRISE, Arizona 85374-, Buy Tickets


  • COLONEL GLENN 18, 18 COLONEL GLENN PLAZA DR., LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas 72210-, Buy Tickets
  • PINES MALL 8, 2901 PINES MALL DR #500, PINE BLUFF, Arkansas 71601-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE FORT SMITH 14, 5716 TOWSON AVE., FT. SMITH, Arkansas 72906, Buy Tickets


  • GARDEN WALK 14, 321 W. KATELLA, ANAHEIM, California 92802-, Buy Tickets
  • REGENT THEATRE, 1045 BROXTON AVENUE, LOS ANGELES, California 90024-, Buy Tickets
  • Laemmle’s PLAYHOUSE 7, 673 East Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, California 91101, Buy Tickets
  • APPLE VALLEY PLAZA 14, 22311 BEAR VALLEY ROAD, APPLE VALLEY, California 92308-, Buy Tickets
  • BRENTWOOD 14, 2525 SAND CREEK ROAD, BRENTWOOD, California 94513-, Buy Tickets
  • RAVE 18, 6081 CENTER DRIVE, LOS ANGELES, California 90045-, Buy Tickets
  • THOUSAND OAKS 14, 166 W. HILLCREST DRIVE, THOUSAND OAKS, California 91360-, Buy Tickets
  • HILLCREST CINEMA 5, 3965 FIFTH AVE., SAN DIEGO, California 92103-, Buy Tickets
  • Cinema Palme D’Or, 72840 Highway 111, Palm Desert, California 92260, Buy Tickets
  • Laemmle’s CLAREMONT 5, 450 W 2nd Street, Claremont, California 91711, Buy Tickets
  • SIERRA VISTA CINEMAS 16, 1300 Shaw Ave., Clovis, California 93612, Buy Tickets
  • LODI STADIUM 12, 109 N. School St., Lodi, California 95240, Buy Tickets
  • PLAZA STADIUM 14, 255 W. 5th St., Oxnard, California 93030, Buy Tickets
  • ROXY STADIUM 14, 85 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa, California 95404, Buy Tickets
  • The Balboa Theatre, 3630 Balboa Street, San Francisco, California 94121, Buy Tickets
  • MARY PICKFORD STADIUM 14, 36850 PICKFAIR ST., CATHEDRAL CITY, California 92234-, Buy Tickets
  • HAZARD CENTER 7, 7510 HAZARD CENTER DR., SAN DIEGO, California 92108-, Buy Tickets
  • MISSION MARKETPLACE 13, 431 COLLEGE BLVD., OCEANSIDE, California 92056-, Buy Tickets
  • Laemmle’s NoHo 7, 5240 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, California 91601, Buy Tickets
  • MORENO VALLEY 16, 22350 TOWN CIRCLE, MORENO VALLEY, California 92553-, Buy Tickets
  • BLUE LIGHT CINEMAS 5, 20660 STEVENS CREEK BLVD., CUPERTINO, California 95014-, Buy Tickets
  • Baldwin Hills, 4020 Marlton Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90008, Buy Tickets


  • CARMIKE FORT COLLINS 10, 3636 MANHATTAN AVENUE, FORT COLLINS, Colorado 80527-, Buy Tickets
  • ESQUIRE THEATRE, 590 DOWNING STREET, DENVER, Colorado 80218-, Buy Tickets
  • The Back Space Theatre, 1120 Main Ave. Suite #2, Durango, Colorado 81301, Buy Tickets
  • NORTHFIELD 18, 8300 E. NORTHFIELD BLVD., DENVER, Colorado 80238-, Buy Tickets
  • MOVIELAND, 218 EAST VALLEY ROAD, CARBONDALE, Colorado 81623-, Buy Tickets
  • CHAPEL HILLS 15, 1710 BRIARGATE BLVD., COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado 80920-, Buy Tickets


  • Digiplex Bloomfield 8, 863 Park Ave, Bloomfield, Connecticut 6002, Buy Tickets
  • PALACE 17, 330 NEW PARK AVENUE, HARTFORD, Connecticut 06106-2966, Buy Tickets
  • MARQUIS 16, 100 QUARRY ROAD, TRUMBULL, Connecticut 06611-, Buy Tickets
  • BERLIN SHOWCASE CINEMAS, 19 FRONTAGE ROAD, BERLIN, Connecticut 06037-, Buy Tickets
  • CONNECTICUT POST 14 CINEMA DLX, 1201 BOSTON POST ROAD, MILFORD, Connecticut 06460-, Buy Tickets
  • ENFIELD CINEMAS 12, 90 ELM ST., ENFIELD, Connecticut 06082-, Buy Tickets
  • REGENT, 64 NORTH MAIN STREET, NORWALK, Connecticut 06854-, Buy Tickets
  • CRITERION CINEMAS, 86 Temple St., NEW HAVEN, Connecticut 6510, Buy Tickets
  • LANDMARK SQUARE 9, 5 LANDMARK SQUARE, STAMFORD, Connecticut 06905-, Buy Tickets


  • CARMIKE DOVER 14, 1365 N. DUPONT HWY, DOVER, Delaware 19901-, Buy Tickets

District of Columbia

  • E STREET CINEMA, 555 11TH STREET NW, WASHINGTON, District of Columbia 20005-, Buy Tickets


  • BAYWALK 20, 151 SECOND AVE. NORTH, ST. PETERSBURG, Florida 33701-, Buy Tickets
  • PARAGON OCEAN WALK 10, 250 N. ATLANTIC AVE., DAYTONA BEACH, Florida 32118-, Buy Tickets
  • HIALEAH 14, 780 WEST 49TH STREET, HIALEAH, Florida 33012-, Buy Tickets
  • GROVE 13, 3015 GRAND AVENUE, COCONUT GROVE, Florida 33133-, Buy Tickets
  • ROYAL PALM 20, 5125 26TH STREET EAST, BRADENTON, Florida 34203-, Buy Tickets
  • DEERFIELD 8, 3984 W. HILLSBORO BLVD, DEERFIELD BEACH, Florida 33442-, Buy Tickets
  • CENTRO YBOR 15, HISTORIC YBOR CITY, TAMPA, Florida 33605-, Buy Tickets
  • LAKESHORE CINEMA 8, 901 U.S. 27 NORTH #120, SEBRING, Florida 33870-, Buy Tickets
  • ST. LUCIE 14, 1900 N.W. COURTYARD, PORT ST. LUCIE, Florida 34986-, Buy Tickets
  • AVENUE 16, 2241 TOWN CENTRE AVE., VIERA, Florida 32940-, Buy Tickets
  • PALM HARBOR 10, 37912 US HIGHWAY 19 N, PALM HARBOR, Florida 34684-, Buy Tickets
  • STARLIGHT 20, I-75 & BRUCE B. DOWNS BLVD., TAMPA, Florida 33647-, Buy Tickets
  • BAYOU 15, 5149 BAYOU BLVD, PENSACOLA, Florida 32503-, Buy Tickets
  • FLEMING ISLAND 12, 1820 TOWN CENTER BLVD., FLEMING ISLAND, Florida 32003-, Buy Tickets
  • POMPANO 18, COPANS RD. & FEDERAL HWY., POMPANO BEACH, Florida 33062-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE PENSACOLA 10, 161 E. 9 MILE RD, PENSACOLA, Florida 32534-, Buy Tickets
  • DESTIN COMMONS 14, 4000 LEGENDEARY DRIVE, DESTIN, Florida 32541-, Buy Tickets
  • LAKE WORTH CINEMA 8, 5881 LAKE WORTH RD., GREENACRES, Florida 33463-, Buy Tickets
  • PARISIAN 20, I-95 & OKEECHOBEE RD., WEST PALM BEACH, Florida 33401-, Buy Tickets


  • MOVIES 278, 185 METRO MONTE ROAD, HIRAM, Georgia 30141-, Buy Tickets
  • WINDER 12, 416 EXCHANGE BLDV, BETHLEHEM, Georgia 30680-, Buy Tickets
  • CONYERS CROSSING 16, 1536 DOGWOOD DRIVE SE, CONYERS, Georgia 30094-, Buy Tickets
  • MOVIES 400, 415 ATLANTA ROAD, CUMMINGS, Georgia 30040-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE 12, 1129 NORTH TENNESSEE STREET, CARTERSVILLE, Georgia 30120-, Buy Tickets
  • MOVIES ATL, 3760 PRINCETON LAKE PARKWAY, ATLANTA, Georgia 30331-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE NEWNAN 10, 87 NEWNAN STATION DRIVE, NEWNAN, Georgia 30263-, Buy Tickets
  • STATESBORO CINEMA 9, 610 BRANNEN STREET, STATESBORO, Georgia 30458-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE DALTON 12, 2150 EAST WALNUT AVENUE, DALTON, Georgia 30722-, Buy Tickets
  • MIDTOWN ART CINEMA, 931 MONROE DRIVE, ATLANTA, Georgia 30308-, Buy Tickets
  • LAGRANGE 10, 201 MAIN ST, LA GRANGE, Georgia 30240-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE SAVANNAH CINEMA 10, 511 STEPHENSON AVENUE, SAVANNAH, Georgia 31405-5969, Buy Tickets
  • ALBANY WYNNSONG 16, 2823 NOTTINGHAM WAY, ALBANY, Georgia 31707-4010, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE ATHENS 12, 1575 LEXINGTON ROAD, ATHENS, Georgia 30608-, Buy Tickets
  • BATTLEFIELD 10, 1099 BATTLEFIELD PARKWAY, FT. OGLETHORPE, Georgia 30742-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE COLUMBUS 15, 5555 WHITTELESEY BLVD, COLUMBUS, Georgia 31909-, Buy Tickets
  • HOLCOMB BRIDGE 9, 2880 HOLCOMB BRIDGE ROAD, ALPHARETTA, Georgia 30022-, Buy Tickets


  • PINE RIDGE 10, 4355 YELLOWSTONE AVE, CHUBBUCK, Idaho 83202-, Buy Tickets


  • WHEATON 9, 301 RICE LAKE SQUARE, WHEATON, Illinois 60189-, Buy Tickets
  • ROSEMONT 18, 9701 BRYN MAWR AVE, ROSEMONT, Illinois 60018-, Buy Tickets
  • SAVOY 16, 232 WEST BURWASH, SAVOY, Illinois 61874, Buy Tickets
  • KENDALL 10, 96 FIFTH ST., OSWEGO, Illinois 60543-, Buy Tickets
  • CENTURY CENTRE CINEMA, 2828 N. CLARK STREET, CHICAGO, Illinois 60657-, Buy Tickets
  • O’FALLON 15 CINE, 1320 CENTRAL PARK DRIVE, O’FALLON, Illinois 62269-, Buy Tickets
  • WILLOW KNOLLS 14, 4100 W. WILLOW KNOLLS DR, PEORIA, Illinois 61615, Buy Tickets
  • iPic The Promenade Bolingbrook, 619 E Boughton Road, Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440, Buy Tickets
  • BLOOMINGTON GALAXY 14, 1111 WYLIE DRIVE, BLOOMINGTON, Illinois 61701-, Buy Tickets
  • GRAND PRAIRIE 18, 5311 W. AMERICAN PRAIRIE DR., PEORIA, Illinois 61615-, Buy Tickets
  • RANDALL 15 IMAX, 550 N. RANDALL RD., BATAVIA, Illinois 60510-, Buy Tickets
  • HICKORY POINT MALL 12, 150 HICKORY POINT MALL, FORSYTH, Illinois 62535-, Buy Tickets
  • MARKET SQUARE CINEMA 10, 2160 SYCAMORE ROAD, DEKALB, Illinois 60115-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE BEVERLY 18, 910 MEIJER DRIVE, CHAMPAIGN, Illinois 61821-, Buy Tickets
  • STRAND THEATRE, 2360 SOUTH MT. ZION ROAD, DECATUR, Illinois 62521-, Buy Tickets
  • PERU MALL I-VIII, SUITE MT-1, PERU, Illinois 61354, Buy Tickets
  • ORPHEUM CINEMAS 10, 515 WEST GORE ROAD, MORRIS, Illinois 60450-, Buy Tickets


  • HAMILTON 16 IMAX, 13825 Norell Road, Noblesville, Indiana 46060-, Buy Tickets
  • EASTSIDE 9, 300 FARABEE DRIVE N., LAFAYETTE, Indiana 47905-, Buy Tickets
  • METROPOLIS 18, 2490 EAST METROPOLIS WAY, PLAINFIELD, Indiana 46168-, Buy Tickets
  • ENCORE PARK CINEMAS 14, 2701 CASSOPOLIS STREET, ELKHART, Indiana 46514, Buy Tickets
  • JEFFERSON POINTE 18, 4250 WEST JEFFERSON BLVD, FORT WAYNE, Indiana 46804-, Buy Tickets
  • PORTAGE 9, 5935 US ROUTE 6, PORTAGE, Indiana 46368-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE FORT WAYNE 20, 3930 EAST DUPONT ROAD, FORT WAYNE, Indiana 46825-, Buy Tickets
  • SHOWPLACE EAST, 1801 MORGAN CTN. DR., EVANSVILLE, Indiana 47715, Buy Tickets


  • DAVENPORT 53 SHOWCASE CINEMAS, 3601 EAST 53rd ST., DAVENPORT, Iowa 52807-, Buy Tickets
  • SOUTHRIDGE 12, 6720 S.E. 14TH AVE., DES MOINES, Iowa 50315-, Buy Tickets
  • GALAXY 16 CINEPLEX, 5340 COUNCIL STREET NE, CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa 52402-, Buy Tickets
  • JOHNSTON WYNNSONG 16, 5233 NW 86TH STREET, JOHNSTON, Iowa 50131-, Buy Tickets




  • FLORENCE 14, 7860 MALL ROAD, FLORENCE, Kentucky 41042-, Buy Tickets
  • PRESTON CROSSING, 9700 PRESTON CROSSING BLVD., OKOLONA, Kentucky 40229-, Buy Tickets




  • The Strand Theatre, 345 Main Street, ROCKLAND, Maine 4841, Buy Tickets




  • LOWELL SHOWCASE CINEMAS, 32 REISS AVENUE, LOWELL, Massachusetts 01853-, Buy Tickets
  • BLACKSTONE VALLEY, INTERSTATE OF RT. 146 AND 122A, MILLBURY, Massachusetts 01527-, Buy Tickets
  • RANDOLPH SHOWCASE CINEMAS, 73 MAZZEO DR., RANDOLPH, Massachusetts 02368-, Buy Tickets
  • REVERE SHOWCASE CINEMAS, 565 SQUIRE ROAD, REVERE, Massachusetts 02151-1866, Buy Tickets
  • PATRIOT PLACE 14, 24 PATRIOT PLACE, FOXBOROUGH, Massachusetts 02035-, Buy Tickets
  • CINEMA DE LUX LEGACY PLACE, 670 LEGACY PLACE, DEDHAM, Massachusetts 02026-, Buy Tickets
  • WOBURN SHOWCASE CINEMAS, 25 MIDDLESEX CANAL PARKWAY, WOBURN, Massachusetts 01801-2201, Buy Tickets
  • KENDALL SQUARE CINEMA, 1 KENDALL SQ BLDG 1900, CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts 02139-, Buy Tickets
  • Regent Theatre, 7 Medford St., Arlington, Massachusetts 2474, Buy Tickets


  • VARSITY CINEMAS, 1098 WEST 3 MILE RD, SAULT STE. MARIE, Michigan 49783-, Buy Tickets
  • HORIZON CINEMAS 10, 3587 MARKET PLACE CIRCLE, TRAVERSE CITY, Michigan 49684-, Buy Tickets
  • ROYAL CINEMAS I-X, 1351 O’DOVERO DRIVE, MARQUETTE, Michigan 49855-, Buy Tickets
  • BAY CITY 8, 4101 WILDER ROAD, BAY CITY, Michigan 48706, Buy Tickets
  • UPTOWN PALLADIUM 12, 250 N. OLD WOODWARD, BIRMINGHAM, Michigan 48009-, Buy Tickets
  • RAVE KALAMAZOO 14, 180 PORTAGE ROAD, KALAMAZOO, Michigan 49007-, Buy Tickets
  • BIRCHWOOD CINEMAS 10, 4350 24TH AVENUE SUITE 15, FORT GRATIOT, Michigan 48059-, Buy Tickets
  • ANN ARBOR SHOWCASE CINEMAS, 4100 CARPENTER ROAD, YPSILANTI, Michigan 48197-9648, Buy Tickets
  • LAKEVIEW SQUARE CINEMAS, 5775 BECKLEY RD, BATTLE CREEK, Michigan 49017-, Buy Tickets
  • QUALITY 16, 3686 JACKSON ROAD, ANN ARBOR, Michigan 48103-, Buy Tickets
  • KALAMAZOO 10, 820 MAPLE HILL DR., KALAMAZOO, Michigan 49009-, Buy Tickets
  • SAGINAW 8/THE QUAD, 3250 KABOBEL, SAGINAW, Michigan 48604, Buy Tickets
  • JACKSON 10, 1501 NORTH WISNER RD., JACKSON, Michigan 49202, Buy Tickets
  • GRAND HAVEN 9, 17220 HAYES STREET, GRAND HAVEN, Michigan 49417-, Buy Tickets


  • LAGOON CINEMA, 1320 LAGOON AVENUE, MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota 55408-, Buy Tickets
  • ROCHESTER GALAXY 14, 4340 MAINE AVE SE, ROCHESTER, Minnesota 55904-, Buy Tickets
  • MOUNDSVIEW WYNNSONG 15, 2430 HWY 10, MOUNDSVIEW, Minnesota 55112-, Buy Tickets
  • ODYSSEY 15, 14401 BURNHAVEN DRIVE, BURNSVILLE, Minnesota 55306-, Buy Tickets
  • OAKDALE STADIUM 20, 1188 HELMO AVENUE N., OAKDALE, Minnesota 55128-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE APPLE VALLEY 15, 15630 CEDAR AVENUE, APPLE VALLEY, Minnesota 55124-, Buy Tickets
  • MANKATO CINEMA VI, 220 STADIUM ROAD, MANKATO, Minnesota 56001, Buy Tickets


  • GALAXY 14 CINEPLEX, 450 THF BLVD., CHESTERFIELD, Missouri 63005-, Buy Tickets
  • FORUM 8, 1209 FORUM KATY PKWY., COLUMBIA, Missouri 65203-, Buy Tickets
  • CAPITAL 8, 3550 COUNTRY CLUB DR., JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri 65109-, Buy Tickets
  • TIVOLI THEATRE, 6350 DELMAR BLVD, UNIVERSITY CITY, Missouri 63130-, Buy Tickets
  • RONNIE`S 20 CINE, 5320 S. LINDBERGH, ST. LOUIS, Missouri 63126, Buy Tickets
  • ST. CHARLES CINE 18, 1830 FIRST CAPITOL DR. S, ST. CHARLES, Missouri 63303, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE 10, 386 HAWTHORNE BLVD, WARRENSBURG, Missouri 64093-, Buy Tickets
  • CAMPBELL 16 CINE, 4005 SOUTH AVENUE, SPRINGFIELD, Missouri 65807-, Buy Tickets
  • CAPE WEST 14 CINE, 247 SEIMERS DRIVE, CAPE GIRARDEAU, Missouri 63703-, Buy Tickets


  • SHILOH 14, 1001 SHILOH CROSSING BLVD., BILLINGS, Montana 59108-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE 10, 3640 MULLAN ROAD, MISSOULA, Montana 59802-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE GREAT FALLS 10, 1601 MARKET PLACE DRIVE, GREAT FALLS, Montana 59403-, Buy Tickets


  • WESTROADS 14, 10000 CALIFORNIA STREET, OMAHA, Nebraska 68114-, Buy Tickets


  • LAUGHLIN STADIUM 9 CINEMAS, 1955 S. CASINO DRIVE, LAUGHLIN, Nevada 89028-, Buy Tickets
  • TOWN SQUARE 18, 6587 LAS VEGAS BLVD. SOUTH, LAS VEGAS, Nevada 88901-, Buy Tickets

New Jersey

  • HAZLET MULTIPLEX CINEMAS, 2187 HIGHWAY 35, HAZLET, New Jersey 07730-, Buy Tickets
  • Digiplex Rialto Theater, 250 East Broad Street, Westfield, New Jersey 7090, Buy Tickets
  • TOWN CENTER PLAZA MULTIPLEX, 319 ROUTE 130 NORTH, EAST WINDSOR, New Jersey 08520-, Buy Tickets

New Mexico

  • The Screen, 1600 St. Michael’s Dr., Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505, Buy Tickets

New York

  • CARMIKE ALLEGANY 8, 1875 CINEMA DR WALMART PLAZA, OLEAN, New York 14706-, Buy Tickets
  • JAMAICA CENTER MULTIPLEX, 159-02 JAMAICA AVE, JAMAICA, New York 11432, Buy Tickets
  • ISLAND 16 CINEMA DE LUX, 185 MORRIS AVE., HOLTSVILLE, New York 11742-, Buy Tickets
  • CONCOURSE PLAZA MULTIPLEX, 214 EAST 161ST STREET, BRONX, New York 10451-, Buy Tickets
  • MARKET ARCADE FILM&ARTS CENTRE, 639 MAIN ST., BUFFALO, New York 14203-, Buy Tickets
  • BOW TIE MOVIELAND, 400 STATE ST, SCHENECTADY, New York 12305-, Buy Tickets
  • AMHERST THEATRE, 3500 MAIN STREET, BUFFALO, New York 14226-, Buy Tickets
  • FLIX SUPER MOVIEPLEX, 4901 TRANSIT ROAD, LANCASTER, New York 14043-, Buy Tickets
  • MCKINLEY 6 THEATRES, 3701 MCKINLEY PKWY, BLASDELL, New York 14219-, Buy Tickets
  • CHAUTAUQUA I&II, 500 CHAUTAUQUA MALL, LAKEWOOD, New York 14750-, Buy Tickets
  • COLLEGE POINT MULTIPLEX, 28-55 ULMER ST., WHITESTONE, New York 11357-, Buy Tickets

North Carolina

  • CARMIKE JACKSONVILLE 16, 350 WESTERN BLVD, JACKSONVILLE, North Carolina 28546-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE GREENVILLE 12, 1685 EAST FIRE TOWER ROAD, GREENVILLE, North Carolina 27834-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE WILSON 10, 1501 WARD BLVD., WILSON, North Carolina 27893-, Buy Tickets
  • WINSTON SALEM WYNNSONG 12, 1501 HANES MALL BLVD., WINSTON-SALEM, North Carolina 27103-,Buy Tickets
  • HICKORY 14, 2000 SE CATAWBA VALLEY BLVD., HICKORY, North Carolina 28603-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE RALEIGH 15, 5501 ATLANTIC SPRINGS RD., RALEIGH, North Carolina 27668-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE ASHEVILLE 10, 299 I SWANNANOA RIVER ROAD, ASHEVILLE, North Carolina 28805-, Buy Tickets
  • PARKPLACE 16, 9525 CHAPEL HILL RD., MORRISVILLE, North Carolina 27560-, Buy Tickets
  • MARKETFAIR 15, 1916 SKIBO ROAD, FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina 28314-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE WILMINGTON CINEMA 16, 111 CINEMA DR., WILMINGTON, North Carolina 28406-, Buy Tickets
  • SOUTHPOINT CINEMAS, 8030 RENAISSANCE PARKWAY, DURHAM, North Carolina 27713-, Buy Tickets
  • EPICENTER THEATRE 5, 210 E. TRADE STREET, CHARLOTTE, North Carolina 28025, Buy Tickets
  • DURHAM WYNNSONG CINEMA 15, 1807 MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD., DURHAM, North Carolina 27717-,Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE SHELBY 10, 2001/4 EAST DIXON BLVD., SHELBY, North Carolina 28150-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE GREENSBORO 18, 4822 KOGER BLVD., GREENSBORO, North Carolina 27417-, Buy Tickets

North Dakota

  • CINEMA 8-12 SOUTH, 2400 10TH STREET S.W., MINOT, North Dakota 58701, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE 10 THEATER, 2306 32ND AVE SOUTH, GRAND FORKS, North Dakota 58201-, Buy Tickets


  • RAVE GROVE CITY 14, 4218 BUCKEYE PARKWAY, GROVE CITY, Ohio 43123-, Buy Tickets
  • WEST CHESTER, 9415 CIVIC CENTER BLVD., WEST CHESTER, Ohio 45069-, Buy Tickets
  • RMP POLARIS 18, 1071 GEMINI PLACE, COLUMBUS, Ohio 43240-, Buy Tickets
  • GREEN 14 CINEMA DELUX, 4489 GLENGARY DRIVE, BEAVER CREEK, Ohio 45440-, Buy Tickets
  • SHAKER SQUARE, 13116 SHAKER SQUARE, CLEVELAND, Ohio 44120-, Buy Tickets
  • FRANKLIN PARK CINEMA 16 DELUX, 5001 MONROE STREET, TOLEDO, Ohio 43623-3603, Buy Tickets
  • Cedar Lee Cinemas, 2163 Lee Rd, Cleveland, Ohio 44118, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE FINDLAY 12, 908 INTERSTATE DRIVE, FINDLAY, Ohio 45840-, Buy Tickets


  • CARMIKE LAWTON 8, 7102 N.W. CACHE ROAD, LAWTON, Oklahoma 73507-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE ARDMORE 8, 2401 12TH AVE NW #106, ARDMORE, Oklahoma 73401-, Buy Tickets
  • BRICKTOWN 16, 150 E. RENO AVE., OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma 73104-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE STILLWATER 10, 1909 NORTH PERKING ROAD, STILLWATER, Oklahoma 74074-, Buy Tickets
  • CINEMA CENTER EIGHT I-VIII, 3031 NORTH HARRISON, SHAWNEE, Oklahoma 74802-, Buy Tickets


  • POTTSGROVE 12, 110 UPLAND SQUARE DRIVE, POTTSGROVE, Pennsylvania 19464-, Buy Tickets
  • UNIVERSITY CITY 6, 4012 WALNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania 19104-, Buy Tickets
  • Digiplex Bloomsburg, 1879 New Berwick Highway, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 17815, Buy Tickets
  • Digiplex Williamsport , 300 W. Fourth Street , Williamsport, Pennsylvania 17701, Buy Tickets
  • Cinema 16:9, 35 N. LANSDOWNE AVE. , LANSDOWNE, Pennsylvania 19050, Buy Tickets
  • Digiplex Camp Hill , 3431 Simpson Ferry Road , Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17011, Buy Tickets
  • Digiplex Fairgrounds Square , 3050 North Fifth Street , Reading, Pennsylvania 19605, Buy Tickets
  • PARK HILL 7, PARK HILLS PLAZA, ALTOONA, Pennsylvania 16602-, Buy Tickets
  • Digiplex Selinsgrove , 1 Susquehanna Valley Mall Drive , Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania 17870, Buy Tickets
  • DELMONT WYNNSONG 12, 401 VINE ST. HOLLYWOOD SQARE, DELMONT, Pennsylvania 15626-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE GREENSBURG 15, ROUTE 30, GREENSBURG, Pennsylvania 15601-, Buy Tickets
  • WYOMISSING CINEMA 8, 800 BREKSHIRE BLVD, READING, Pennsylvania 19610-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE ALLENTOWN 16, 1700 CATASAUQUA, ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania 18103-, Buy Tickets
  • PROMENADE 16, 2085 CENTER VALLEY PARKWAY, CENTER VALLEY, Pennsylvania 18034-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE PITTSBURGH 10, 700 FORT COUCH RD, PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania 15241-, Buy Tickets
  • BRADFORD MAIN ST. MOVIE HOUSE, 123 MAIN ST., BRADFORD, Pennsylvania 16701-, Buy Tickets
  • MOVIES AT CRANBERRY, 6945 US ROUTE 322, CRANBERRY, Pennsylvania 16319-, Buy Tickets
  • SOUTHLAND 9, 629 CLAIRTON BLVD, PLEASANT HILLS, Pennsylvania 15236-, Buy Tickets

Rhode Island

  • WARWICK SHOWCASE CINEMAS, 1200 QUAKER LANE, WARWICK, Rhode Island 02886-1621, Buy Tickets

South Carolina

  • BROADWAY 16, 1175 CELEBRITY CIRCLE, MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina 29577-, Buy Tickets
  • COLONIAL MALL 12, 10177 N. KINGS HIGHWAY, NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina 29572-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE COLUMBIA 14, 122 AFTON COURT, COLUMBIA, South Carolina 29212-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE SPARTANBURG 7, 1985 EAST MAIN STREET, SPARTANBURG, South Carolina 29307-, Buy Tickets
  • CAMELOT 4, K-MART SHOPPING CENTER, ORANGEBURG, South Carolina 29115-, Buy Tickets

South Dakota

  • CARMIKE CINEMA I-VII, 230 KNOLLWOOD DRIVE, RAPID CITY, South Dakota 57701-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE CINEMA I-VII, 3404 GATEWAY BLVD., SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota 57106-, Buy Tickets


  • CARMIKE 9, 710 US HWY 51 BYPASS W, DYERSBURG, Tennessee 38024-1950, Buy Tickets
  • MAJESTIC 12, 311 BROAD STREET, CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee 37402-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE JOHNSON CITY 14, 1805 N. ROAN ST., JOHNSON CITY, Tennessee 37601-, Buy Tickets
  • KNOXVILLE WYNNSONG 16, 200 N. PETERS ROAD, KNOXVILLE, Tennessee 37923, Buy Tickets
  • MURFREESBORO WYNNSONG 16, 2626 CASON SQ. BLVD., MURFREESBORO, Tennessee 37133-, Buy Tickets
  • MADISON WYNNSONG 10, 721 MYATT DRIVE, NASHVILLE, Tennessee 37115-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE NORTHGATE 14, 310 RING RD., HIXSON, Tennessee 37343-, Buy Tickets
  • RAVE EAST RIDGE THEATER, 5080 S. TERRACE, CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee 37412-, Buy Tickets
  • THOROUGHBRED CINEMA 20, 633 FRAZIER DR., FRANKLIN, Tennessee 37064-, Buy Tickets
  • HIGHLAND 12, 1181 SOUTH JEFFERSON, COOKEVILLE, Tennessee 38503-, Buy Tickets
  • COLLEGE SQUARE 12, 2550 E MORRIS BLVD, MORRISTOWN, Tennessee 37813-, Buy Tickets
  • FOOTHILL 12, 134 FOOTHILLS MALL DR., MARYSVILLE, Tennessee 37801-, Buy Tickets


  • LEWISVILLE 8 CINEMA, 1600 S. STEMMONS, LEWISVILLE, Texas 75067-, Buy Tickets
  • PLANO 8 CINEMA, 4721 W. PARK BLVD., PLANO, Texas 75093-, Buy Tickets
  • DALLAS ROYAL 8 CINEMA, 11170 N. CENTRAL EXPRESSWAY, DALLAS, Texas 75243-, Buy Tickets
  • CITY CENTRE, 805 TOWN & COUNTRY LANE, HOUSTON, Texas 77024-, Buy Tickets
  • COPPERFIELD 8 CINEMA, 8560 HIGHWAY 6 NORTH, HOUSTON, Texas 77095-, Buy Tickets
  • Texas Theatre, 231 W. Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, Texas 75208, Buy Tickets
  • ARLINGTON 9 CINEMA, 225 MERCHANTS ROW, ARLINGTON, Texas 76018-, Buy Tickets
  • NORTH EAST MALL 18, 1101 MELBOURNE RD., HURST, Texas 76053-, Buy Tickets
  • YORKTOWN 15, 15900 YORKTOWN CROSSING, HOUSTON, Texas 77084-, Buy Tickets
  • HICKORY CREEK, 8380 SOUTH STEMMONS, HICKORY CREEK, Texas 76205-, Buy Tickets
  • LUFKIN CINEMA 9, 4600 SOUTH MEDFORD, LUFKIN, Texas 75901, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE TYLER 14, 7415 S. BROADWAY, TYLER, Texas 75703-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE LONGVIEW 10, 201 TALL PINES ROAD, LONGVIEW, Texas 75605-, Buy Tickets
  • RAVE RIDGMAR 13 THEATER, 2300 GREEN OAKS ROAD, FORT WORTH, Texas 76116-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE EL PASO 16, 9840 GATEWAY BLVD. NORTH, EL PASO, Texas 79924-, Buy Tickets
  • NORTHWEST 10 THEATRES, 7600 I-10 WEST, SAN ANTONIO, Texas 78230-, Buy Tickets
  • RIALTO CINEMA BISTRO, 2938 NE LOOP 410, SAN ANTONIO, Texas 78218-, Buy Tickets
  • EMBASSY 14 THEATRES, 13707 EMBASSY ROW, SAN ANTONIO, Texas 78216-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE EDINBURG 20, 3003 S. EXPRESSWAY #281, EDINBURG, Texas 78539-, Buy Tickets
  • PALLADIUM IMAX, 17703 IH-10 WEST, SAN ANTONIO, Texas 78257-, Buy Tickets
  • SILVERADO IMAX 19 THEATRES, 24720 TOMBALL PKWY, HOUSTON, Texas 77375-, Buy Tickets


  • PROVO WYNNSONG 12, 4925 N. EDGEWOOD DR, PROVO, Utah 84604-, Buy Tickets


  • MOVIELAND @ BLVD SQUARE, 1301 NORTH BOULEVARD, RICHMOND, Virginia 23230-, Buy Tickets
  • VILLAGE 12, 51 TOWNE CENTRE BLVD, FREDERICKSBURG, Virginia 22407-, Buy Tickets
  • FAIRFAX CORNER 14 DELUX CINEMA, 11900 PALACE WAY, FAIRFAX, Virginia 22033-, Buy Tickets
  • CARMIKE MIDLOTHIAN 10, 1100 ALVERSER DRIVE, MIDLOTHIAN, Virginia 23113-, Buy Tickets
  • RESTON TOWN CNTR MLTPLX CINEMA, 11940 MARKET STREET, RESTON, Virginia 20190-5614, Buy Tickets
  • WORLDGATE 9 THEATRES, 13025 WORLDGATE DRIVE, HERNDON, Virginia 20170-, Buy Tickets
  • ROANOKE 10 CINE, 4494 ELECTRIC RD. S.W., ROANOKE, Virginia 24014-, Buy Tickets


  • CARMIKE KENNEWICK 12, 1331 N CENTER PARK WAY, KENNEWICK, Washington 99336-, Buy Tickets
  • HARVARD EXIT THEATRE, 807 EAST ROY, SEATTLE, Washington 98102-, Buy Tickets
  • Stanwood Cinemas, 6996 265th St NW, Stanwood, Washington 98292, Buy Tickets
  • PICKFORD CINEMA, 1318 Bay Street, BELLINGHAM, Washington 98225, Buy Tickets

West Virginia

  • BLUEFIELD CINEMA 8, MERCER MALL, BLUEFIELD, West Virginia 24701-, Buy Tickets
  • MORGANTOWN MALL CINEMA VIII, 9540 MALL ROAD, MORGANTOWN, West Virginia 26505-, Buy Tickets


  • iPic The Bayshore Town Center, 5800 N. Bayshore Drive, Glendale, Wisconsin 53217, Buy Tickets


  • FRONTIER CINEMA IX, 1400 DELL RANGE BLVD., CHEYENNE, Wyoming 82009-, Buy Tickets

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‘The Mane Show’ Starring Tyler Mane Launches Season Finale Episode With DevilDriver

‘The Mane Show’ Starring Tyler Mane Launches Season Finale Episode With DevilDriver

The Mane Show, hosted by international horror and genre film icon Tyler Mane (Halloween 1 and 2, X-Men, Troy), is winding down its successful first season with its final episode launching on Youtube Monday, March 7, 2011. The final episode will feature Tyler Mane and rocker Jeff Kendrick of DevilDriver as they tour the headquarters of ESP guitars.

One of the preeminent heavy metal bands touring today, DevilDriver has grown a huge international fan base over the course of releasing five hit albums on Roadrunner Records. During the show’s final episode, Tyler will give fans a rare glimpse at the love and craftsmanship that goes into creating the latest, custom made guitars for six-string shredders such as Jeff Kendrick and Mike Spreitzer and other legendary guitarists.

The Mane Show plunges you into the behind-the-scenes world of Tyler Mane’s dynamic circle of friends and is produced by Tyler’s own Mane Entertainment production shingle. The show promises the viewer unfettered access to major players in the world of horror, heavy metal, action sports and other arenas where only the best, boldest and brightest rock stars, film gods, FX gurus and insane athletes preside.

Past episodes of The Mane Show were produced in conjunction with OMFGeek.com and featured guests including special effects genius Wayne Toth (Transformers, Spawn) and prolific character actor Daniel Roebuck (Lost, Glee). Future episodes will feature guests including Jason Charles Miller- musical genius behind the band Godhead (and voice to several characters in World of Warcraft), Kyle Loza (X Games Gold Medalist), and a tour of Red Monkey Design where they craft rocking leather gear for major films and artists including Zak Wylde and Slash.

The Mane Show has been developed to showcase Tyler Mane’s diverse range of creative interests across a wide range of media platforms. Tyler commented, “This project is not just a labor of love, but also embodies my desire to expand creatively and strategically by branching out from my success in traditional media and demonstrating my intent to embrace online media as the future.” Reinforcing this objective, the season finale of The Mane Show will arrive fresh on the heels of successfully launching another transmedia project based on the upcoming horror comic Chopper (http://www.youtube.com/chopperlives)

Link for The Mane Show’s Season #1 finale:

Stay tuned for more announcements about launching Season #2 of The Mane Show with new guests, new distribution partner, new sponsors and a whole new attitude!



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Tyler Mane Talks ‘Penance Lane’ And Life Beyond Michael Myers

Tyler Mane Talks ‘Penance Lane’ And Life Beyond Michael Myers


Tyler Mane began life as a skinny kid from Canada who wore glasses and had braces. A fan of the Schwarzenegger and Stallone movies of the seventies and eighties, Mane always had aspirations of becoming an actor. Like a fine wine, Tyler Mane got better with age and metamorphosed into a six foot, nine inch tower of muscle. Fittingly his career in the entertainment industry began in the realm of professional wrestling. Fed up with the fast-paced and frequently lonely lifestyle of a professional wrestler, Mane transitioned into the film industry and never looked back. While he has been seen most recently on the silver screen as the menacing and ultra-violent Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ series, Mane couldn’t be a nicer guy. A lover of a good cigar and a nice glass of wine, Mane is thankful for all of his fans and encourages everyone out there reading this to pursue their dreams. Steve Johnson of Icon vs Icon recently sat down with Tyler Mane to discuss his career as a professional wrestler, his experiences on the set of ‘Halloween II’, his new production company Mane Entertainment, LLC and it’s first film ‘Penance Lane’, and his potential involvement in ‘Halloween 3D’.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Canada in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I made the trek to the United States after getting involved in wrestling. I wrestled for about eleven and a half years and then transitioned into film.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in film?

Probably when I was a little kid. I would sit and watch action films and just wish to be the action hero doing his thing. From a little kid I always knew I wanted to do it. I never knew if I would get the opportunity or not, but knock on wood, here I am.


Did you have any influences, be it other actors or otherwise?

I used to watch all of the action flicks. The Schwarzenegger and Stallone films of the seventies and eighties. I would have to say those would probably be my biggest influences.

You’ve had roles in motion pictures and on television series. Which format do you prefer?

I prefer film by far. For me it’s a lot more fun process. TV moves so quick. It’s like you’re in, you’re out, you’re done, moving on. With film you get to explore it more and really get into and enjoy your character a little more.

You just started your production company Mane Entertainment, LLC. What can you tell us about that?

I wanted to do indie films because I have been involved in some very large budget films. Basically what I observed was people would just be piling the money up in the streets and pouring gasoline on it and lighting matches to it, and then everybody would be trying to stuff as much in their pockets as they could. I wanted to get back to the grassroots of doing indie films, where you keep the integrity of the film and the film gets to stand on its own. So that’s why I wanted to start my production company. Our first project is ‘Penance Lane’. It’s a horror-thriller. It’s about a convict that gets out of prison and gets a second chance at things, but first he has to walk down Penance Lane and take care of some business. What he finds in a dilapidated house on Penance Lane is a little more than he bargained for.

Do you want to stay in the horror genre in your production company or are you going to look for movies outside of the genre?

We have about five different projects right now that we’re looking at doing and no, they’re not all in the horror genre. That seemed like the most logical starting point. You can keep your budgets down and get the best return for your investment. That’s the bottom line, getting the return for the investors on this. That’s why I decided to do this.

Now that you are a producer, do you have any aspirations to direct films?

You know, in the beginning I thought, “Not a chance in hell I’d even want to try to do that!” Now that I am getting more involved, I believe that eventually the day will come where I do step behind the camera.

tylermane5Which do you prefer, acting or producing?

Well you know, every producer that I have ever talked to said if they knew how hard it would be to get their film off the ground, they never would have started. It is the business side of things. It is after all called show business, not show show. You’re involved more in the business side. You’re involved more with the project. As an actor you bring your character to filming and hopefully you’re prepared. Once filming is done, that’s the end of it. With the production side of it, you’re involved with the project from start to finish. It’s an interesting process.

You often fill physically demanding roles. How do you keep in top physical shape?

Ever since I was young I’d work out quite hard with the martial arts training and into the wrestling. I still go to the gym at least four to five times a week and work out pretty extensively.

You were a professional wrestler at one point in your career. What was that experience like for you?

It’s not what people think. You get ten minutes of fame every night and you get twenty three hours and fifty minutes of total boredom. Going from town to town, city to city. You have to fly in, then you’ve got to get your rental car, you’ve got to find your hotel, you’ve got to find the gym, you’ve got to get food, you’ve got to get to the arena. Basically after that ten minutes, you trek back to the hotel and do it all over again the next day. You’re on the road for two hundred to three hundred days a year. It’s not what people think. It’s a very lonely life.

Why did you decide to retire from professional wrestling?

It’s very physically demanding on your body. People go, “Oh, it’s all fake or whatever,” but anytime you’ve got two to three hundred pounders picking each other up over their heads and dropping them, things are going to hurt. There’s going to be some give. You’re going to get your bumps and bruises. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to transfer into film and I did it.

You have become closely associated with the horror genre. Do you feel like you want to stay in the realm of horror or would you like to look for roles outside of the genre?

I’m open to look at any role and just see what it involves. I just finished a comedy-western. I went from doing Michael Myers to a comedy-western called ‘Gunless’ that I filmed up in Canada. I’m looking for roles that stretch me as an actor a little bit more and are not just the big, tough guy roles.

You have been involved in the remake of a classic horror film. What is your feeling on the latest craze in Hollywood of remaking movies?

I think if they come up with a really good script and it isn’t just something that’s cookie-cutter and slammed out there, I think then it is something that people should explore. If it is just thrown out there to make a few bucks, I don’t think it’s worth it. You’ve got to give the fans the respect that they deserve. They are getting very intelligent to the way this is working. Basically it’s giving the fans what they want to see and if that’s what they want to see, I’m all for it.

tylermane6Were you a fan of horror films before you got involved in Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ series and had you seen any of the other ‘Halloween’ films?

I had seen the first ‘Halloween’ films. I hadn’t seen that many horror films. I have become a fan of them. I don’t like the cheesy ones. I’m the kind of guy that when I went to see ‘Jaws’ when it first came out, I didn’t want to go in my bathtub afterward. I’ve toughened up since then, so to speak.

I’d hope so! [laughs] You have worked with Rob on two ‘Halloween’ films now. What has it been like working with him and what have you learned from him?

It is fantastic to work with Rob. The first film that I ever did with Rob was ‘The Devil’s Rejects’, where I did the Rufus role. That is where he wrote ‘Halloween’ for me, with me in mind. Working with Rob is just a fantastic experience because he is an artist. He understands that you need to give an artist their room to do their thing and develop their character and work with it. Basically what I learned is that when I do get a chance to be a director, let the actor do their thing. Don’t try to box them in too much. Give them free reign to explore.

I have interviewed a lot of people from the cast of ‘Halloween II’ and that’s basically what everyone has said about Rob so far.

He understands it. He gets it, with him being an artist and musician.

Michael Myers is way more intense in the sequel. Did you have any input into that aspect of the character or was it laid out for you in the script?

I wanted to kick it up a notch. Anytime I am doing something like that, I want to bring it a little more than the last one. Especially when I was doing the second picture. I said to Rob, “I want the kills to all be nice and dirty. I don’t want any clean kills and I want them to be as vicious as we can make them.” He was all for it. Like the scene in the hospital with the nurse. I just started stabbing her and stabbing her, and Rob let me go. I said, “OK! Here we go!” Then the last one, I just stuck it back into the dummy and I was just like, “OK! That’s enough! I don’t have anymore!” and walked away on the last one. He kind of kept it in the film, which is kind of cool.

It was a very effective scene!

Yeah! It leaves you thinking after that. The thing I like about all of the scenes, if you do any research on kills and deaths, there’s a definitely aftermath to that type of violence and that is what is depicted in the film. People classify it as gory and gross, but that’s the way it is.

tylermane4Did you do any special preparation for the role?

Yeah, I researched quite a few serial killers and killers. I wanted to give Michael Myers a human side also. I think that that’s creepier than just having Michael Myers as a one dimensional character. When Rob asked me to do it in the first one, he said, “I want you to bring a human side and have him not be one dimensional.” That’s what I tried to do with this. If you research any of the killers, Bundy or any of them, they interact in society and most people that interacted with them did not expect that they were capable of the horrors that they had done. So I did that research to figure that out. I wanted to kind of get into their minds and see what they were thinking. It’s weird. If you look at The Iceman, the killer from the mob, he started out the same way. Torturing animals, working up his way to humans. He killed over two hundred humans without any remorse. It’s insane.

How long did it take you to grow that giant beard for the film?

[laughs] That was quite a while. I started that the March before. By the time we started filming, I’d had it for about a year. It was intense.

What was the biggest challenge while working on ‘Halloween II’?

The scenes when I tear up the guard shack. We were filming that in Georgia and they had these rain machines and it was probably about forty degrees. Both Scout and I had to work all night, getting soaked with these rain machines. Just overcoming the physical and mental strain on your body that you would deal with with something like that. By the time it came to actually smashing the guard shack, my hands were numb. It was almost impossible to swing that axe. Just the actual physicality that you have to bring to the character, to have the character be as vicious as he is, it’s just physically demanding on your body. You’re doing it take, after take, after take.

Were any of the other actors/actresses intimidated or scared by your presence while in full costume?

Some of them have classified me as being a big teddy bear, but when I put on the mask they know it’s time they better run. We all got along great. It was like one big family, but they know when that mask is on and that knife is in my hand, it’s business time.

What is your favorite kill in ‘Halloween II’?

Wow! Favorite kill… I like all of them for so many different reasons. The guy out in the parking lot where I choke slam him and stomp on his face was pretty good. Smashing the stripper’s face against the wall was pretty good. The nurse kill was really intense. The redneck scene just showed his brutality. Once you hit that trigger point, everybody is going to die. Even the dog! [laughs]

What does a guy like you do after a long day of killing people on set?

What I would do to unwind was, I would go back to the house that I had rented, I would have a cigar and a glass of wine, and get ready for my next day.

Did you keep any memorabilia from the ‘Halloween’ films?

Yeah. I got a bit from both of them.

tyler-mane-9Are you happy with the success of the ‘Halloween II’?

Yeah. I am very happy with it. Between the two films, they have done over one hundred million so far. I am very proud of the work that we did in them.

There’s definitely been a bit of controversy with the way the film was handled if you read all of the stuff on the internet.

There’s always going to be people that have their opinions. That’s the good thing about it. It was what, number ten? Nine or ten. There are plenty of them to go see. It was Rob’s version of the ‘Halloween’ films. I think they turned out really good. I am very proud of them.

Would you consider working with Rob in the future?

Oh, of course! Of course! Working with Rob is a pleasure.

A third ‘Halloween’ film, without Rob Zombie at the helm, has just been announced. Have you been approached to continue your portrayal of Michael Myers?

Yeah, that’s coming up very quickly. They have approached me. I have no idea what they are planning on doing with it. We have just started and opened the door of negotiation.

What’s the biggest misconception about yourself?

Oh… I don’t know. That’s a tough one. That is a tough one. I guess people look at my look and immediately think that I am just one big badass. I was a tall, skinny kid with glasses and braces growing up. I guess I’m like a fine wine, I get better with age.

Other than producing ‘Penance Lane’ and appearing in ‘Gunless’, what other projects are in your immediate future?

Right now that’s keeping my hands full. This producing stuff is a lot of work.

You have been hitting the convention circuit for a while now. What has that experience been like for you? Do you enjoy meeting fans?

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get out there and meet the fans. It’s incredibly rewarding to go out and see just how enthused the fans are and how they have taken to the ‘Halloween’ films. It’s just fantastic. To be able to get out there and to meet them and give back to them, it’s a great opportunity. Without the fans, I wouldn’t have a job.

TylerManeAny strange encounters or notable interaction with other actors?

Ah… No, not really.

I know it can get a little strange in there sometimes. I go to a lot of them.

Yeah. I avoid the nuttiness.

Do you have an advice for anyone who would like to get involved in the film industry?

If it is your life long goal and dream, never give up and follow your dreams. That’s exactly what I did. Like I said, I was a tall, skinny kid with glasses and braces and had slight dyslexia, wondering what the heck I was going to do with myself. I always wanted to become an actor. I did and here I am. Anything is possible.

As long as you believe in yourself and go all out, I don’t think you will have a problem doing what you want to do.

Exactly, but there’s a lot of hard work that you have to put in to getting to your goal.

It takes some dedication to do what you love.

It does, but it’s worthwhile in the end. It’s worth it. If it’s something you are passionate about, I am all for it. Go for it.

Do you have any last words?

Stay tuned for ‘Penance Lane’. I want to say thanks to all of the fans that have supported me and followed me throughout the years.

It was a pleasure. It was good talking to you.

Alright. Good talking to you. Thank you very much for your time man.

– –

For all the latest news on Tyler Mane and his upcoming projects, swing by his official site at www.tylermane.com!

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Danielle Harris Talks ‘Halloween II’, ‘Fear Clinic’ and HorrorGal.com

Danielle Harris Talks ‘Halloween II’, ‘Fear Clinic’ and HorrorGal.com


Danielle Harris’ career in television and film has spanned an amazing twenty two years. Not too shabby for a thirty two year old actress who idolized Brooke Shields as a young girl. Danielle is most easily recognizable as Jamie Lloyd from ‘Halloween 4’ and ‘Halloween 5’ and more recently as Annie Brackett in Rob Zombie’s re-imagining of John Carpenter’s classic film, ‘Halloween’. While she may be an icon in the world of horror, she is also an accomplished voice over actress and aspiring director. Armed with a great personality and stunning looks, Danielle has recently set her sights on a new venture. What is that venture you ask? It’s HorrorGal.com and it will be making it’s way to the web just in time for Halloween. Steve Johnson of Icon Vs. Icon recently sat down with Danielle to discuss her career as a child star, her love of the horror genre and it’s fans, her upcoming book and of course her experiences on the sets of ‘Fear Clinic’ and ‘Halloween II’. Stay tuned for the Barbara Walters of the horror genre. Confused? I guess you will have to read on then…

Where did you grow up?

I was born in New York. I lived there until I was two. I moved to Florida from two to seven. Back to New York from seven to just about thirteen. Then California from thirteen to thirty two. I’ve kind of been all over the place.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in film?

That’s a tricky question. As a kid, I just wanted to be on TV. I really liked it and it was really fun for me. I got to get out of school. I got to hang out with a bunch of adults. I got to stay up really late. That kind of stuff. When I was seven, it was kind of my break into TV and film. I was on a soap opera and all that jazz. I think when I really was like, “this is what I wanna do with my life,” I was probably thirteen or fourteen. I was like, “wow, this is what I want to be when I grow up. I really want to keep doing this.”

Did you have any influences, be it other actors or otherwise?

I used to have this saying when I was a little girl, when I used to do beauty pageants. I always used to say, “I want to be bigger and better than Brooke Shields.” I just loved her. I grew up watching ‘The Blue Lagoon’ and ‘The Honeymooners.’ Audrey Meadows and Brooke Shields were my idols. I loved Debra Winger and ‘Terms of Endearment.’ Those were my three influences.

You were a child star and we all have heard countless stories of child stars going bad. How did you turn out so “normal?”


Normal? It depends on what you consider normal. [laughs] I was this child star in this crazy adult horror genre, which not many kids really have that. It was kind of this weird little thing. It’s different because I would go out and I was drinking when I was much too young. I was doing things that you were not supposed to do, which everybody does. No one waits until they are twenty one to have a drink. I was partying and hanging out with my friends and doing all of the stuff college kids do, but we weren’t in college. We were working actors. All of my friends were other working actors. Our college days were spent with each other on other people’s sets, or going and visiting them on location when they were shooting movies, or hanging out at everyone’s home because they were eighteen. Most of my friends were just buying their first home. By the time I turned twenty one, I was so over partying and going out. When I was legally allowed to do it, I just didn’t want to do it anymore. I think there was no chance for me to ever get in trouble because I was over it. Even now, going out last night. My boyfriend’s in a band. It’s this great band called Analog Smith. They were playing at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills. They were going on at ten and we were driving over there at nine and I was yawning. I was like, “god, this is so lame. I used to be so cool.” What happened to that girl when I was fifteen?” First of all, “A,” the paparazzi didn’t really exist. Whatever was going on, people really weren’t chasing you everywhere. So you really didn’t see it. The fans and the general public didn’t have privy into everyone’s life as they do now. Unfortunately, these poor kids can’t even grow up without having everything video taped. So it’s all that stuff. I had a good group of friends, and I was anti-drugs, and stayed away from anyone that really partied. I just sort of hung out with my little group.

You’ve had roles in motion pictures and on television series. Which format do you prefer?

What I love about movies is that there’s nothing like making a movie. There really isn’t. Going to the theater, and seeing it in a theater, and the whole process, and being on location. Weather it is a million dollar budget movie or a hundred million dollar budget movie. I have done both. I think that it’s an amazing experience. The family that you create in a short period of time and everyone’s there because they love what they do. So that’s really fun. I love making movies, but there’s something really nice about a TV show. The consistency. The steady work, which is something that most actors don’t have any idea of. Being able to know that I have eight months of a job. I get to play this character with the same people that I love and I’m going to have a job for eight months. If you’re not on a TV show, that’s unheard of. Even if I do big movies, sometimes there’s been a two year gap in between. Sometimes there’s been a month. Sometimes there’s eight months. You just never know when the next job is coming and right after one movie is done, you have to start all over again. That’s the only bad part. A girlfriend of mine was on a show called ‘Women’s Murder Club’ for ABC. The show ran for a season and then it got canceled. After that, they put her on a show called ‘Defying Gravity,’ another ABC show. You build those relationships with the networks and then it’s a little bit easier to go from one to the other. With movies, unless you become a movie star, it’s right back to the auditions, which is kind of frustrating.

You have done a lot of voice over work for numerous animated series and films. Is that something you enjoy?


That’s the best job in the world. Voice overs are the best job in the world. I actually just auditioned for one today. “A,” it great to be able to fit with kids. I love saying to kids, “do you ever watch ‘The Wild Thornberry’s?'” They’re like, “yeah!” I’ll say, “do you know Debbie Thornberry? What do you think of her?” They’re like, “she’s mean!” I’ll say, “close your eyes, I want you to hear something.” I’ll have them close their eyes and I’ll do my Debbie Thornberry voice. When they open up their eyes, the smile on their face is so awesome. Doing as many horror movies as I do, I don’t really have that. I’ve got the kids stuff and the horror stuff. Mostly it’s the horror stuff the kids can’t see, so it’s something that I really enjoy doing. It takes about an hour to do an episode. You can go in your pajamas. Once a week if you’re on a series. I did the series for like six years I think. You just get to go in, and play, and be a goofball. I did this series for NBC and Dreamworks called ‘Father of the Pride’ with Carl Reiner, John Goodman, Cheryl Hines, and myself. Not only was I the voice of a lion, what’s cool about Dreamworks is that when you’re recording in the studio, they setup all of these mini cameras so they record your mannerisms. I didn’t really realize they were doing it. They send it to the animators. So basically I am watching this TV show and I’m a white lion, but the thing looks like me. My eyes, the way my eyebrows move, the way my hands move, my mannerisms. This lion completely resembles the way I, Danielle, function. It’s so weird and so cool at the same time. That’s awesome. On my vision board I’ve got, “I want to be on another animated series.” That’s just the best.

Are there any challenges to that type of work?

The only challenge is if you don’t allow yourself have fun. Aside from the lion, I would do all of these other crazy animal characters. You just really have to let yourself go. You cannot be inhibited. You never know what it’s going to sound like when it comes out of your mouth, when you’re trying other voices. You don’t really practice it, so you go in the room and you never know what it’s going to sound like. It always sounds different. It’s really cool. It’s an awesome job.

danielleharris-1You have become closely associated with the horror genre. Do you feel like you want continue to stay in the realm of horror or would you like to look for more roles outside of the genre?

I am always looking for great roles regardless of the genre. It’s a little bit easier for me to work in the horror genre because I already have a name established, and I love it, and I have fans that love seeing it as well. It’s like the one thing that I know more than anything else. I know the horror genre. It’s fun for me, and it’s cool, and I get to work with the same people all of the time. It’s a whole little world within itself. The fans are incredibly loyal, which I love. The competition is slim. Yeah, I would loved to have done ‘Juno.’ I would have loved to do ‘(500) Days of Summer,’ which is a great movie. I would love to do independent movies, but they just don’t come my way because I am not a movie star in that world and I’m not on a TV show. There’s a whole list of girls they’ll go to before they go to me. In the horror genre, there’s not a lot of girls on the list and I’m usually in the top three, which is something that I love. I didn’t choose this, it chose me. I’m really happy with it. I’m tired of kind of fighting it. For years I kind of fought it and wanted to do other things. I was like, “I want to be seen as something else. I can do other things. It’s not only horror movies that I can do.” It kept coming back, so I just surrendered to it. There’s a quote that I live by, “if you want to make god laugh, tell him your plan.” I am not choosing my destiny, it is totally choosing me. I am happy with it.

Most people associate you with Jamie Lloyd from ‘Halloween 4’ and ‘Halloween 5.’ Did you have any input into the development of the character or was it laid out for you in the script?

No. I was ten. It was as basic as you can get. The script was written and there was an audition for it. A bunch of girls went in. I was in New York City. I went in and I read for the casting director Deedee Bradley. She brought me back to meet with the director and it was me and Melissa Joan Hart for the role. You know, ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch.’ It was down to the two of us. She could have been Jamie Lloyd. [laughs] At that age they just want to make sure that you’re a good kid, and you’re not going to be a brat, and that you can take direction. They wanted to hear me scream and wanted to see if I could cry. That is what got me the job. That was it. I had never been in a movie before, it was my first movie. I ended up being flown to Utah and I’m the star of this movie at ten years old. I never would have expected it to be what it is. Twenty two years later, I never would have thought that we would still be talking about it. It’s kind of nuts to me, but it’s pretty awesome.

You have worked with Rob Zombie on two ‘Halloween’ films now. What has it been like working with Rob and what have you learned from him?

Rob’s an asshole! No, I’m just kidding! Rob’s awesome! [laughs] Rob is great. Rob is the fan of all fans. Who better to direct a movie like this than the fan that is going to give you what you want. He’s someone that really is excited to be a part of it, and let’s you play, and let’s you do your own thing. He hardly ever yells cut. He lets you change stuff. If you were to read the script and then see the movies, they’re completely different. He gives his actors carte blanche and there’s that trust. He knows that we’re going to do the best that we can do with what the situation is. I trust that he’s going to guide me in the right direction and stop me from doing things that aren’t working. It’s a dance. It’s a really awesome dance. He’s just great. He knows his shit, he really does. He really knows what he wants and he’s incredibly creative and very smart. I trust him. It’s really nice to work with someone like him and I can’t wait to do it again. I would like to do it not in a horror movie. That would be really cool. A romantic comedy would be awesome.

A romantic comedy by Rob Zombie? That would be interesting.

Yeah, totally. If you look at all his stories, he really writes for women. All the people in his movies, they’re really strong female characters. He’s got a great relationship with his wife and he’s all about the relationships. The blood and the killing and all of that stuff kind of comes after. It’s really about the characters. He took Halloween… He took Michael Meyers who was what they used to call the Shape because he didn’t really have a personality… There was nothing to him. He created a person out of the Shape. He created a personality, a back story, and emotions. You’ll see it even more in Halloween II. This thing now has something to relate to. There’s pain, suffering, anger, and mental instability. There are all of these things that make up Michael Meyers that Rob Zombie has created. Thirty years, no one did it. Rob came in and gave him life.


What was the biggest challenge while working on Halloween II?

For me, I always want to work more. In the 2007 Halloween, I was like, “awww, I only get to work three weeks. I really want to work more.” It’s like I want to do so much more. I’m like, “I want to do this, I want to do that.” It’s Halloween. That’s like coming home almost for me. I’m so used to being on set with Michael Meyers, and being in every scene, and working every day, and now I have to sort of pass the torch onto Scout, which is awesome. She is like my sister, so I have no problem doing it. Obviously I could never have done the Laurie character because I am a lot older than her. I wanted to be a part of it every single day. My character didn’t allot for that, so I came and did my job and then it’s like, “ok, bye guys, have fun!” I think that was kind of it. Also worrying about whether or not fans would buy me as somebody else. I didn’t know if people would be ok with having me now become another person. Now after four, I’ve done just as many, if not more than any other character in the ‘Halloween’ series. I’m the only one that has been able to come back as another character. I don’t think that’s really been done very often. I could have made a cameo, but that would have been weird. Originally, nobody wanted me to do the movie. Rob didn’t want me to do the movie. He didn’t want anybody from any of the other ‘Halloween’ movies. I had to audition for it. It was really weird going in, reading, and getting sized for ‘Halloween’ and having to go in and go on tape, and audition for Halloween when that was sort of who I had identified myself with. It was kind of crazy how my career did a little bit of a one eighty there.

Do you have any interesting stories from the set of ‘Halloween II’?

Hummmm…, gosh. Let’s see. There’s so much. [laughs] What do I talk about? I can’t really say too much because I don’t want to give anything away. I can’t say I’m doing this thing. Let me think, let me think. I am going to have to come back to that one.

Some of the cast has been together for two movies now. How is the relationship between you guys?

It’s like family. It’s a real thrill to come back for sequels. The first night we were there, there was a hurricane watch. We were shooting in Georgia and staying in a hotel going, “oh my god, I have no idea what to do right now.” Brad had got there and Brad came and knocked on Scout’s door and said, “I don’t have a car, can I borrow your keys?” He was freaked out and wanted to get out of there because it was right in our path. So here we are, we’re all co-mingling going, “I don’t know what do to” and “oh my god it’s hailing outside, and there’s lightning, and the whole hotel is shaking, and it’s pitch black out, and we’re sitting in our room at the Holiday Inn Express.” Whoever said show business was glamorous has never worked in show business. In a tiny little town. You’ve got a bunch of Californians going, “oh my god! Hurricane what? Do I get in the bathtub? What do I do? I don’t know what to do?” I am sure you can tell me being on the east coast. It’s definitely something new. And getting calls two hours before you’re supposed to be up for your call time, asking you to come downstairs and come to set because Rob has decided that he wanted to write something else. You’re like, “ok, what is he writing?” You get to set and they tell you, “he’ll tell you when he gets here.” When you get there, he comes in the trailer and says, “ok, I have an idea.” I always feel like his scripts are blueprints and then after he sees what we do as actors and after he sees sort of what our relationships are, then he starts writing while we’re shooting. He comes up with stuff. That’s what makes the movie. I’ve been online before and fans are like, “oh, I’ve got a script. I’ve read this…” It’s like, you can read the entire script and then when you see the movie it’s going to be completely different.

You are starring in a web miniseries ‘Fear Clinic.’ What can you tell us about that project and your role in it?


It’s so cool. Robert Englund and Kane Hodder are both involved as well. It’s two people that I have always wanted to work with. They are buddies of mine from the convention circuit and the horror world. Again, it’s back to that question you asked me earlier. What do I like better, TV or film? This is sort of film-esque, but steady work. So I get to do these little mini-movies in my world that I know and love. I don’t really know any other TV shows like this that exist anymore. There used to be ‘Tales From the Crypt’ and ‘Twilight Zone’ and all of those, but those aren’t around anymore. I get to still do what I love to do for people that know me, in my world that I am very comfortable in, with friends. We’ve done five episodes now and this could very well be something that I get to do for the next five to ten years. Every single episode is basically a different phobia. The plot of the story is there’s Dr. Andover, who Robert Englund plays. I play Susan. I am the resident patient at the hospital. The hospital is a phobia clinic that is to cure people that have extreme phobias. Robert’s character, Dr. Andover, uses experimental drugs and he has a very unorthodox way of treating his patients that seems to work for everyone but me. My parents are gone, so there’s sort of this protagonist/antagonist relationship, this love/hate, father/daughter sort of thing between he and I. He’s become obsessed with curing me, which he can’t. I am scotophobic and scotophobia is a fear of the dark. It’s not the dark that I am afraid of, it’s what’s in the dark. Inside the dark are where my fears manifest and my fears keep changing as I am growing as a person. It’s never a fear of bugs or a fear of claustrophobia. My phobia is to Dr. Andover, completely incurable and it’s making him crazy. It takes place in Mexico. You have Kane Hodder’s character. They prep their whole back story. It’s very fun. FEARnet is a great, great outlet for it. Our director Robert Hall is badass. He’s got an amazing special effects company. It’s called Almost Human. He did ‘Buffy’ for a million years. He’s done huge, huge movies.

Just knowing that FEARnet was involved, it’s sort of something consistent. I get to work with these people every day, hopefully, which would be a dream for me. Watching Robert Hall’s other movies, ‘Laid to Rest’ and ‘Lightning Bug’ and seeing what he could do with the effects, it was like, “oh my god! This is so cool” It’s got great actors, great writing, and cool characters. There is the possibility of years of something consistent, which is great. This is my job? This is a gravy job. I think it’s changing. I’m not a big web series person. I don’t know if you’ve seen the trailer online or not, but it looks unbelievable. This is something that I think is going to just raise the bar for what people think about web series. This is sort of reinventing what everyone thought of. We’re raising the stakes a little bit. I’m really excited. It’s a labor of love. None of us are working for money, that’s for sure. It’s definitely something that we all just really wanted to be a part of.

What can you tell us about your upcoming website HorrorGal.com?

We have a October 31st launch date. Of course! I’m just working really, really hard. I just got tired of feeling like there was nothing for the fans. I spend a lot of time on myspace, a lot of time twittering, a lot of time putting videos on You Tube, a lot of time traveling to conventions, and talking and hanging out. It felt like all of the sites that I’ve seen didn’t… They are a bunch of great people, but a lot of it is text. A lot of it is just written articles and people stealing from other sites. Basically magazines online. It didn’t feel like there was anything interactive. It goes back to why I want to direct stuff. I have been working in the genre and this business for a really long time and I’ve got some great friends that people would really like to know some really cool stuff about. I think within the last two years, doing a ton of interviews online, over the phone, and on camera, I kept feeling like I was getting asked the same questions over and over again. I feel like the fans just want to relate to someone. I think that’s why TMZ is so popular. I read US Weekly and People. There’s a section of magazines where it’s like, “look, stars are just like us. They go get coffee. They fill up their tank with gas. They shop at the supermarket.” I read that stuff and I kind of want to know. I’m like, “oh, that’s cool. They’re buying Diet Coke. I buy Diet Coke.” I’m someone that’s fallen into that trap. I thought there’s nothing like this in the horror genre. There’s nothing like this for them. I want to know what they want to see. So I started doing my research and I thought I could do some really cool interactive stuff. Economies change, people can’t spend two thousand dollars and fly to wherever to go pay for a convention, and put themselves in a hotel, and pay twenty dollars for an autograph, and do all this stuff. They just can’t do it. So how do they gain access to their favorite celebrity? I was like, “you know what, I am going to give that to them. I am going to do all of these cool things that people can’t do.” It may be sixteen year old kids that I get emails from all of the time on my pages saying, “I love you. You’re my favorite and you inspire me. I’m your biggest fan. I can’t wait until I am old enough, and have a job, and can come out and meet you. That would be my dream.” I thought, “wow! What if I have a cool contest?” There are so many people out there that are incredibly creative that never get their work seen. What if I have a contest? Put together a short film, your horror film. The world will see it. The fans will rate it. Then whoever wins, maybe I’ll do a skype. Maybe I’ll sit down and they can meet me and we can skype for a half an hour. That will be their prize. Then I’ll send them something autographed. There’s a way to build those relationships and be a part of their life that’s not just reading about them. I just wanted to give that. I thought that was such a cool idea. I just didn’t see anyone really doing that. I love my fans. I think it’s super cool.

danielleharris-3I don’t know if you have seen, I started doing the random questions section that I’ve put up on my myspace. I’m just sort of grabbing it and starting to get a huge library of my friends basically. I did it with Rob Zombie the other day. I popped it up on myspace the night before last. I really want to know those questions. I don’t care about… No offense, but everybody wants to know what it was like to work with Rob Zombie. It’s like, “he’s great, he’s cool, blah, blah, blah.” I want to know more about Rob Zombie. I want to know what he eats for breakfast. I want to know how many animals he has. Rob has a pug. He has a black pug. I was like, “oh my god! You have a pug?” That something I would never think Rob would have. This little, black, fat, old dog. I was like, “oh my god! Your dog is awesome! What’s your dog’s name?” His name is Dracula. I was like, “that’s the coolest!” It’s those things that I think people want to know. They want to know the real shit. They don’t want to know the shit that they keep reading about. I just want to give them something more. It’s going to be forever changing. Like a day in the life. I want to video tape myself going to premieres, and bring the fans along, and stream it live. I want to have podcasts. I want to bring my cameras on the set where no one else has access to. I want to do interviews that no one else can get. I want to be the Barbara Walters of this genre. It doesn’t exist. People like us don’t get asked those questions. If we do end up on Entertainment Tonight or 20/20, it’s usually a two minute blurb about how ‘Halloween’ is coming out this weekend, blah, blah, blah. We don’t really see that. It’s like this little world outside of the rest of the world. I don’t know? I just wanted to do something different.

I just saw the Rob Zombie interview on your myspace page.

It’s cool isn’t it? It’s stuff that no one really asks. I think that if I didn’t have a relationship with these people, it would be hard for me to come in and ask them some personal questions. I may get deep with some people that I know really well. I may ask them really personal stuff that they’ll feel comfortable talking to me about, that they may not feel comfortable talking to someone that they’ve never met before that they’re having a phone conversation with. I’m going to explore a whole bunch of different things. I am also fascinated by what my friends think. Quentin Tarantino is a good friend of mine. Eli Roth is another good friend of mine. We sit around and shoot the shit about movies. Quentin has turned me on to so many movies. He can talk about movies for days, obviously. He’s a big movie buff. Fans want to know what they would recommend. I just went and saw ‘Funny People’ the other day. I thought it was good, but it was really long and I didn’t know that it wasn’t a comedy. I think fans want to know from their favorite celebrity what they thought of something. It’s like why actors are now the faces of Maybelline and why they are doing Louis Vuitton campaigns. People want what they have. They want to buy what they have. They want to listen to their favorite celebrity versus some person they don’t know, a person they don’t have a connection with, someone that’s writing a review about something. If I get online and say, “oh my god, this movie was dope. You guys have to check it out,” they’ll probably go see it a little bit quicker, especially if it is in our world. Myself , as well as all of my friends are very opinionated because this is what we do for a living. I want to do a review. I want to do it on camera. My site is really geared towards a lot of video content. I’m not a writer. I don’t have any writers working for my site. It is one hundred percent me, with my video camera, and all of my friends. Whatever I can do to make this the coolest thing… It’s completely run by me. I am a one woman show right now. When it gets up and running, then I can have people coming in. If they want to know who’s doing what movie, they can go read Fangoria, they can go read Shock Till You Drop, they can go read Dread Central. They’ve got that base covered. I want to give them something else.

I am going to call your bluff. You were talking about wanting to get personal. What is a question you haven’t been asked in an interview?


Oh my god. [laughs] I can give you the top ten things that I always get asked and everything else are things that I haven’t been asked. [laughs] No one ever gets personal with me. I am writing a book right now. My writer is a fan. Anytime anybody really sits down with me and has a conversation with me, they are like, “oh my god! I had no idea that this was like this, or that you thought like that, or that this was your childhood.” No one ever has any idea idea. I get asked all of the same stuff. I get asked was I scared growing up. How did I get started? Why do I like doing horror movies so much? What was Donald Pleasence like? What was Rob Zombie like? How tall am I? That’s usually one that’s in person. What did my mom think about me doing these movies? I get it. People do want to know. My stalker comes up every once in a while. Is that still an issue and what that was like? It’s kind of the norm, but what else do you talk about when you don’t know someone. That’s why by me knowing these people, I can ask them stuff that no one else really knows to ask.

What’s the biggest misconception about yourself?

Let’s see. I read my IMDB board, which I probably shouldn’t. I do so I know what people are talking about. For every not so nice fan I’ve got five hundred amazing fans that will go to battle for me any day. One of the things that always comes up that kind of upsets me is people are always like, “isn’t Danielle Harris tired of riding ‘Halloween’s’ coat tails? Can’t she do something else?” Of course I can. I’ve done more movies that are not horror. I’ve done more stuff that’s not in the horror genre than I have that’s in the horror genre. I can count on two hands how many horror projects I have done. I’ve been a working actor for twenty five years. It’s just so happens that this is the stuff that comes to me. I like to work. I keep living, so they keep coming back with ‘Halloween’ sequels. It’s not like I’m begging anyone for a role in ‘Halloween.’ They’re coming to me. They didn’t for Rob’s, but I wanted to work with Rob and I wanted to be a part of it. Not because I needed the money. Not because I needed to work. I work all the time. It’s genuinely what I like to do. I like this world. People are like, “oh, she’s just got to pay the bills or all of that.” There’s a movie I am probably going to get ready to do. It’s a five hundred thousand dollar budget movie. I was just actually talking about it. I’m getting paid nine hundred dollars a week. I don’t sell out in other words. I’m doing the movie because I think it’s a really great script and I would like to work with the actors that are attached. These guys made another movie two years ago that they did for five hundred thousand dollars that I just watched. I think it’s pretty cool. It’s a vampire movie. It’s not a slasher film. That’s something that I have not done yet. I would be pregnant and I would be shooting guns. These are all things that I think about when I’m reading a script. I’m like, “that’s badass! I get to be badass!” I think a role like that would be really fun. I think I want to go do that. So what that it will probably cost me money to go and do it, but it’s not about that for me. I just really like what I do.

You mentioned your book. Can you give us any information about that?

We’re just in the beginning stages right now. We’ve got a title. We kind of started thinking about it over the last couple of days. I’m not going to say what it is yet because it’s not definitely it. I think our goal is to have it out available in paperback probably by Comic-Con 2010, maybe 2011. It’s a big process. We probably have another six to nine months of writing to do before it’s done, then the publishing company will probably take a good six months to get it out. So it’s going to be a minute. It’s to sort of let everybody in on who I am, and what I have been through in my life, and my views and opinions of being a child actor. Like you asked me the same thing about how did I not end up like all of these other kids and my opinions on why they ended up the way they did. I’ve grown up with everybody in the business, so my story is about them and what it’s like to work, as well as a lot of my family stuff, which nobody knows. Really personal stuff. The story is geared towards women. This is a journey. This is someone that’s been through a lot in her life. I’m thirty two, but I’ve been through enough for five thirty two year olds. These are things that nobody knows. I really feel it’s time to shed the Jamie Lloyd child star persona and really let people know who I am and what I am about. I think it’s just kind of about that time.

danielleharris_interviewWhat can you tell us about ‘Prank?’

‘Prank’ started off as a really great idea. The producers said we’re doing an anthology and we know you want to direct and here’s a great opportunity and we would love for you to do this. I made a whole whopping one hundred dollars. Ellie Cornell is going to be doing one and Heather Langenkamp. They’re both my friends. I thought, “oh my god, that’s awesome!” It was chance to work with the Red camera that Sony makes. I’ve wanted to do that for a little while and sort of delve into the directing world. I thought that was the next step for me. I still think that’s probably a big possibility. I am looking to option horror scripts right now because I want to hire all my friends. I want to make it a big party basically. There’s tons of actors that are friends of mine that I’ve never gotten a chance to work with that I’ve always wanted to work with. So I can’t wait to be able to do that. We shot it over five days. I was able to hire some of my friends in the cast that I think are really talented. After we finished ours and it was edited, mixed, color corrected, and scored, they were supposed to start the other two, but they had a bit of an issue with financing. Everything was put on hold. The budget for the other two movies. I don’t really know exactly where they stand now. I keep saying, “hey, let’s just release it. I think ‘Prank’ is pretty good.” ‘Prank’ is just the name of the anthology and then each story is different. My particular ‘Prank’ is called ‘Madison’ because that’s the main character’s name in the movie. I thought, “let’s just do it!” I’ll probably put it out. I’ve been trying to sort of leak it so everyone can see it. I think that they would really like it. I think it really works best as an anthology because there is a through story. Just kind of by itself you’re like, “oh, that was good!” It’s better when the three of them are together. So everything went on hold. They haven’t even shot the other two. I know that they were shopping it around for a TV series. They were shopping it to do three ‘Pranks,’ so there would be nine female genre actresses that are now directing for the first time. That’s sort of the catch, that it’s first time directors that are famous genre actresses. They’re all women based stories. There are really no female directors in this genre. I don’t know of any. What got me excited about doing it was I really kept feeling like I was working on these low budget indie horror films that I thought would be really fun. There were a couple that ended up not being fun. It was mostly one in particular. I won’t say which one it was. It was mostly because I felt like the director just didn’t know what he was doing. The producers didn’t know what they were doing. I kept feeling like I am getting all of these movies, I’m getting hired for all of these two, three, five, six million dollar budget movies, and they’re coming up and asking me what they should do. I am watching them block the stuff, and cut the stuff, and set the stuff, and do all the stuff on set. I am like, “what are you guys doing? Let me help you.” I was able to sort of make those changes with them, which they loved. They’re like, “oh cool! You’ve done a lot of these! Please tell me any suggestions. I am all ears!” I thought, “god, why am I doing this? Why am I waiting for someone else to hire me when I can just do this myself? Why aren’t I directing?” I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve worked with some pretty amazing people. So I started directing theater. That was sort of what got me into it. I’ve always been sort of an actor’s director and I love other actor’s directors. I was like, “this is something that I really, really like.” I actually like directing more than I like acting. Believe it or not! I’m kind of a control freak, so that’s probably why I like directing. I am also responsible for the finished product. As an actor there are some movies that I have done that are just crap, but they started off great. The script was great. The cast was cool. I thought everything was going to be great. Then you see it and you’re like, “Oh god! Yikes!” I can only do my job and then after I’m wrapped it is not up to me what that movie comes out like.

Do you have an advice for anyone who would like to get involved in the film industry?

danielleharris-7As an actor I would say if you’re over twenty one, don’t bother. You’ve got a lot of competition. In this genre a lot of people are really creative. I see a lot of kids thirteen to nineteen make their own little short movies. I see a lot of them on You Tube. Really great special effects makeup and all of that. In this world I think you can kind of start at any age. I always say keep doing it. Do it yourself. You never know. You never know who is going to see it. Here you go. Here’s a great example. I am looking to option a horror script to direct, to hire my famous friends to be the actors. I can get financed. I can make your movie. Even if you are eighteen years old, if you’ve got a great idea for a horror script, all you have to do is give me a treatment. You can hire writers to write it. I’m not a writer, so I can’t write it. No matter who you are. You could be living in the middle of nowhere. You could be living in a tiny podunk town. You may have this great idea because you’re a fan and I may make your movie. So you never know. That’s going to be something I am going to offer on my site. Make it short and shoot a trailer. Get your video camera. It doesn’t take much. People have access to do it on their own now. I see stuff on You Tube all of the time. Get your friends, get your camera, go out, take a day, take two days, take a week, take a month. Make this your project. Be creative. Be passionate about something and put it on the internet. There’s your outlet. The internet is such an amazing outlet for creativity for kids and even for adults. People are sitting in their small towns, in their job that they hate, and they feel like they’re never going to get out. All they really wanted to do was live this dream that is totally unfulfilled. Well get off your lazy ass and go make a movie. You can do it. It’s not that difficult. It’s just about motivation. Hopefully people that read this article will listen to me and be motivated to get their ass off the couch and go make a movie because anyone can.

Do you have any last words?

Thanks for being so loyal and stay tuned. There’s a lot more of me to come.

Thanks for your time and best of luck!

Thanks guys! Have a good weekend!

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