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Pick of The Week: Celebrate ‘Halloween’ With Studiohouse Designs Epic “VHS or Die Part 31” T-Shirt!

It’s almost that time kids! We here at Icon Vs. Icon are extremely excited for All Hallow’s Eve! In fact, we’re so excited about the spooky season thought we’ve resurrected our “Pick of the Week” segment. Each week, one of our friendly neighborhood Staff Writers will be discussing a piece of media or a product that excites them. The item doesn’t necessarily have to have been released that week, just something we’ve been really into recently.

Our first item fits in perfectly with the season. Our pick this week has to be Studiohouse Designs “VHS or Die Part 31” t-shirt

A little bit about the company. Studiohouse Designs is run by a couple of incredible people out of West Philadelphia. The crew is made up of owner Cody Brown, and real life partner, Erin Jacob. The company was built in 2012 among a pile of love for art, horror, and all around cult film.

While Studiohouse Designs specializes in horror memorabilia, they’re recent claim to fame has been VHS tape cover art. SH dropped their first VHS stack shirt on July 22, 2016, and while they’ve been often imitated, they can’t be duplicated. Nothing will compare to the 6 variants they’ve dropped since that fateful summer day. Since then they’ve dropped multiple “miscellaneous” tape shirts, a special “Friday the 13th” collection shirt, and even an exclusive shirt for SH’s own subscription service, “Horror Cult”.

All of these shirts are built under the “VHS or Die” monicker and, you guessed it, they’re back for the spookiest day of the year. That’s right, just in time for the Halloween season, Studiohouse Designs has released “VHS or Die 31”. The shirt is another variant of their stack tee, however, each film is an entry in the “Halloween” series. That’s right! This shirt contains each film from part 1 to the Busta Rhymes starring (Trick or Treat MOTHERFUCKER) “Halloween: Resurrection”. You need this shirt in your life, and it can be purchased at this location – Click here!

Better hurry though! This shirt is only for sale until Tuesday at Midnight!!!

And there you have it! That’s how this segment is going to go in the future. Anything that we are feeling deserves a mention will go here. I hope you give each entry as much love as we have. Anything that is chosen for our “Pick of the Week” is a piece of media or product we truly enjoy and believe in. That’s all for now! See you next time! Same spooky time, and same spooky channel.