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The Best Live Performances of 2008: Revealed!

The Staff of?Icon Versus Icon?took in many shows this years working alongside their counterparts at Live-Metal.Net. The staff?put their heads together to bring you their takes on the Best Live Performances of 2008. Read on to find out who they think made the grade in 2008.

The Best Live Performances of 2008

la-guns-3854Steve Johnson’s Pick: This pick for best live show of the year may seem odd to some of you readers out there, but I can say without a doubt, the best time I had at a show this year was on July 19th at the Bang Tango/L.A. Guns/Faster Pussycat show at Jaxx in Springfield, VA. Every band on the bill rocked and we interviewed Faster Pussycat lead singer Taime Downe. Bang Tango took the stage first and played a great set, which included their hit ?Love Injection.? L.A. Guns followed with new lead singer Marty Casey and did not disappoint. As usual, Tracii Guns supplied blistering guitar and the band delivered all of their hits, including: ?Over the Edge,? ?Sex Action,? ?Rip and Tear,? and ?The Ballad of Jayne.? Faster Pussycat rounded out the night and delivered a sleaze filled set that included the hits ?Cathouse,? ?Slip of the Tongue,? ?House of Pain,? and ?Bathroom Wall.? While the old songs that I grew up on were great to hear live, it was the new material that left me impressed. Faster Pussycat’s new material is far and beyond sleazier than anything they have done in the past and easily allows the band to carry on with the crown of World’s Greatest Sleaze Band. I mean come on, how can you resist songs with titles such as, ?The Power & the Glory Hole? and ?Shut Up & Fuck.?

Jason Price’s Pick: Without question, the best live performance that I saw in 2008 was L.A. Guns. The band had recently brought on new frontman Marty Casey and embarked on “The Summer Blackout Tour.” Casey, alongside veteran axeman Tracii Guns absolutely blew me away with unmatched energy and an ultra-tight performance. Marty Casey’s intense vocals and showmanship won over fans old and new alike as they played L.A. Guns staples, Casey’s solo work and several covers that they practically made their own. This version of L.A. Guns will surely be back on the road in 2009 in support of a new studio album and there are not to be missed when they head to a venue in your neck of the woods.

For some great photos of L.A. Guns in concert, check out this site:

Jen X’s Pick: Without a doubt, even though it’s not metal and it’s not indie, the best live performance this year in my book was Journey. Filipino singer Arnel Pineda is the luckiest sob of the decade, as he “won” is spot as frontman of Journey via Neal Schon seeing him on YouTube singing Journey songs with his band at the time, The Zoo. Pineda should be hailed as the second-coming of Steve Perry, shoes that I never thought would or could be filled. His vocal talent is extraordinary and his energy during shows is incredible, if you find yourself sitting at any point during the set then there must be something wrong with you. Not only did this tour bring back “Lights” and “Open Arms”, but new mixes such as “After All These Years.” Journey toured with opening acts Cheap Trick and Heart, two groups of talented rockers that do not disappoint in the line up. I look forward in hearing more from this “new” Journey and for their tour to make it my area once again as I wouldn’t hesitate to spend the evening listening to the hits that I grew up with and the new hits to come.