Review: ‘Mr. Thundermug’ by Cornelius Medvei

“Mr. Thundermug is a baboon
Mr. Thundermug has a luxuriant mane of silvery hair?
Mr. Thundermug has an unsettling mastery of speech”

Those are the words surrounding an aged photo of a silver-haired baboon who’s wearing a fez and smoking jacket while puffing on a pipe. If that can coax a grin out of you then Mr. Thundermug, the first novella by Cornelius Medvei, is a must buy for you!

mrthundermugMedvei has created a clever little tale about a talking baboon: Mr. Thundermug is the main character, aka the talking baboon, who has found himself in the city with his wife and two children. Oddly enough the family has not been educated and does not know how to speak.? Through the course of the novella Mr. Thundermug goes back to school, makes a friend, gets charged with public nudity and finds himself in a battle with a man from the city government who wants to evict the Thundermug family from the house in which they are “squatting”. However knowing his rights Mr. Thundermug explains that the family did not break into the house (as a squatter would), they simply came down the chimney. The town’s people do not seem to notice that there is a talking baboon in their midst, although as all good things must come to an end by the final pages of the book there are some sad moments because difference does not fit in an idealistic world when certain people are in charge.??

Coming in at 112 pages, Mr Thundermug is the perfect read for a lazy Sunday afternoon or can be read to any school-aged child in a couple of sittings. That is what I did, with the results being two enthusiastic thumbs up from my listeners.??

Review courtesy of Jennifer Smith, ?2009