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Review: Legendary Rockers Scorpions Still Have ‘Sting In The Tail’

The Scorpions have had the type of career that most bands only dream about. Formed in Germany in the late 1960s, they have outlasted most of their peers and have been elevated to the status of rock n’ roll royalty. Along they way, they have inspired countless musicians and managed to chock up a slew of powerful hits that will continue to fuel classic rock stations around the world for years to come. Now in 2010, the band returns once more to the scene that they helped define to take their final bow. Looking to end their legendary career on a high note, Klaus Meine and company have unleashed their twenty-first album,‘Sting In The Tail’.

The Scorpions manage to stick to the straight forward rock n’ roll style, which laid the groundwork for their epic career. At its core, eager fans will find a powerful mix of upbeat stadium rocking jams and moving ballads that tug at the heartstrings. On the rocking side of things, standout tracks include “Raised on Rock”,the athematic “Spirit of Rock” and the anti-war sentiments of “The Good Die Young”. For those looking for the classic softer side of these rock legends, be sure to check out two of the band’s strongest ballads in years, “Sly” and “Lorelei”. Klaus Meine’s voice is still as amazingly powerful as it was on some the the band’ classics albums and is a true high point of this album. With that being said and as any fan of this group’ previous work knows, the power of the Scorpions never relies on the vocals alone. Rudy Schenker and Matthias Jabs prove they are still one of the best guitar duos in the genre. To close the album, the Scorpions have chosen “The Best Is Yet To Come” a ballad that brings a fitting close to one of the bands best albums to date and a tremendous career.

The most interesting thing about ‘Sting of The Tail’ is the fact that it manages to serve as a fantastic goodbye for lifelong fans and a welcoming hello to a generation that may just be discovering their robust catalog. The album is worthy of standing alongside some of their finest releases of the past. What will become of the members of the Scorpions? That remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain, their sting is as strong as ever.

The tour will launch in the band’s home country Germany in May. After that, they will be touring through North America before they continue their journey through five other continents until 2012. For all the latest news on the band, visit their official website at


‘Raised On Rock’
‘Sting In The Tail’
‘Slave Me’
‘The Good Die Young’
‘No Limit’
‘Rock Zone’
‘Turn You On’
‘Let’s Rock’
‘Spirit Of Rock’
‘The Best Is Yet To Come’

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