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Book Review: ‘Secrets of Dragon Gate’ by Dr. Steven Liu and Jonathan Blank

“Secrets of Dragon Gate” by Dr. Steven Liu and Jonathan Blank features guidance and lessons on ancient Taoist practices for physical and mental health, acquiring wealth and the art of sexual yoga.

The book begins with an overview of the 700-year-old tradition of Dragon Gate Taoism, which revolves around turning the body into a spiritual force that develops to syncronize with the energy of the universe. This tradition has been passed down through 14 generation to Liu, who co-authored the book with Blank, a student of the ancient Buddhist and Confucian teachings. The guide shares exercises on achieving overall health, improving sex lives, manifesting desires, controlling energy through breath, recalling and directing dreams, and reducing stress and improving memory.

I know what you’re thinking. Yet another book on yoga and how to better your life. Been there, done that. You’ve bought the DVDs, watched the TV shows, read the books. It must be another gimmick.


This guidebook comes directly from the source, revealing secrets that have been passed down and practiced for centuries. Although traditionally the lessons were only passed down to worthy students after a long period of learning and tests to determine merit, this book delivers an adapted version in an easy to read and even easier to practice format.

The book is organized into easily navigable chapters, from “Breathing and the Development of Chi” to “Dragon Gate Sexual Yoga.” Although this book offers what many people want — to understand the nature of reality — it still only provides instructions. The reader must do the work and continually practice and develop their spiritual force in order to find wisdom within themselves.

However, this is the best way to begin the journey. Yoga, Taoism, these are hot topics thrown around self-help markets. People are quick to buy yoga DVDs and books but even quicker to give up when they are not provided with a quick fix. Although this book takes some dedication, it is explained in the easiest to grasp format around. If you are interested in discovering the secrets of longevity, prosperity and happiness, this is a great guidebook for your studies.

My favorite lesson from the book is to breath because “it is the single most important action you take in life.” From having trouble falling asleep to being in a stressful situation, I follow the steps and inhale slowly and deeply to my abdomen. I exhale, empty my lungs and repeat this 9 times. Wow, this simple lesson, one of many in the book, has changed my difficulty with racing thoughts before bed and reacting too quickly to various situations, situations I face every day. — Kate Vendetta

Check out the official website for the book at www.secretsofdragongate.com.