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Film Review: Antonino D’Ambrosio’s ‘Let Fury Have The Hour’

A Must See Documentary!

Director Antonino D’Ambrosio’s feature debut has certainly established as a young filmmaker to watch in the years to come. “Let Fury Have The Hour” is a fast paced documentary that sprung from D’Ambrosio’s spellbinding book of the same title. The title comes from a lyric from “Clampdown,” a song from the Clash’s 1979 masterpiece ‘London Calling’. While the book centered on the band’s legendary frontman Joe Strummer, the film takes on a much broader scope.

The film compiles interviews with an eclectic cast of characters ranging from musicians, artists, writers and more. This varied group of has been gathered to help explore D’Ambrosio’s conecpt of “creative response” to the growth of consumerism and over the top egotism at the core of the 1980s during the Reagan/Thatcher era.

The “creative response” formed during this time stems from group of artists fearlessly devoting themselves to having their voices of protest heard loud and clear. These voices of protest broke through the status quo and continue to inspire new generations of political active artists. The broad scope the film provides the viewer what I found most appealing. The interviews with these voices of my generation provide some truly wonderful insight into the formative years of some of these high-profile artists.

Interviews for the documentary include Billy Bragg, Chuck D., Eugene Hutz, Wayne Kramer, Ian MacKaye, John Sayles, Tom Morello, Staceyann Chin, Eve Ensler, Edwidge Danticat, D.J. Spooky, Shepard Fairey, Lewis Black, Van Jones and Sean Hayes. As you can see, there is no shortage of fiery political views with this lot. However this is no preachy type of documentary, in fact it couldn’t come across as more down-to-earth. The vibrant personalities featured here, coupled with D’Ambrosio’s fast paced and eye-catching style take the viewer for a spellbinding history lesson that truly inspires.

CAVU Pictures is releasing LET FURY HAVE THE HOUR in select theaters starting Friday, December 14th.  Visit the official website at