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Corey Feldman Teams Up With Sean Astin For “Ascension Millennium” Video, Premieres July 1st On MTV!

Corey Feldman
Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman announced today that on Monday, July 1, his first music video, “Ascension Millennium” will premiere on MTV in advance of the release of his latest solo album scheduled for August.  Featuring Feldman’s Goonies co-star, Sean Astin, this marks the first time the two have worked on screen together in over 25 years.

The video was shot in real-time.  Running four minutes and 20 seconds, it chronicles Feldman’s “day in the life” journey through his world.  “The trick to executing this,” he explained, “was to shoot the entire video, from start to finish with no cuts and no edits.  It is one live shot all the way through!”

The MTV video release is part of the first wave of promotion of Feldman’s brand launch of Corey’s Angels, which will include the launch of his new 360 production, development, and agency, coupled with a private membership club and members website. Corey’s Angels will be featured in a brand new web series, videos, films, and even a live stage show opening in the UK next month. The as yet untitled solo album is his first solo release since 2005, and follows Technology Analogy, released by his band, Truth Movement, in 2009.  The new album will have 15 new tracks (and some bonus tracks at certain retailers) and features collaborations with Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), Kaya Jones (Pussycat Dolls), Scotty Page (Pink Floyd), Supreme (Wu Tang/Killer Beez), and DJ R1ckone of Black Eyed Peas fame.  The sound of Feldman’s new project will focus on electronica/dance with some hip-hop, pop and a few good old-fashioned rock and roll songs.

A few of the songs will be released as heavy electronica remixes, including a dance version of “Ascension Millennium” created by the cutting edge DJ duo from Holland, The Glasses Boys.  Both the single and the remix dance version will be available on iTunes on Monday, July 1.

To learn more about Corey Feldman and his music, please visit www.coreyfeldman.net.  To purchase “Ascension Millennium” please visit iTunes.