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ANOTHER LOST YEAR: Clinton Cunanan And Adam Hall Discuss “Better Days”


Many words describe numerous emotion but when combined 3 specific words invoke emotion; Another Lost Year. On the front of ever-changing music, Clinton Cunanan, Adam Hall, David Whitaker, Lee Norris, and Jason Lovelace from Charlotte, NC, are creating an empire in the Alternative Metal/Hard Rock realm with truth in lyrics and an unimaginable live show that places second to none. In less than a year’s time Another Lost Year has shared the stage with the likes of national rock powerhouses including Hinder, 10 Years, Pop Evil, SevenDust, Skid Row, Royal Bliss, Nonpoint, Rev Theory and CandleBox. Completing a full touring schedule from Florida to New Jersey, Michigan to Mississippi and everywhere in between has seasoned the music to enter any ring with the best of the best. 2011 also brought the honors of “Best Rock Band” in the Carolinas.

From the opening chord to the last word, ALY’s live show will take you through every emotion possible, a feeling that has been proven time and time again with not just the friends and fans that attend, but also with the bands that regularly tour with ALY. The new single The War On The Inside, (produced by Justin Rimer, 12 Stones, Breaking Point) is gaining a cult like following and the anticipation for the June slated release of the new album is growing to a height that no one could have predicted. With offers to play the main stage at some of the summer concert festivals with the headliners is the year that Another Lost Year will not lose another year, quite the opposite, Clinton, Adam, David, Lee, and Jason are writing the story of how to create your own destiny, let the journey begin…

Icon Vs. Icon recently caught up with Adam Hall and Clinton Cunanan of ANOTHER LOST YEAR for a quick Q&A session! Get the scoop on this amazing band on the rise!

A Band On The Rise!
A Band On The Rise!

I wanted to go back to the beginning and have you tell us a little about your first memories of music and how it came into your life?

Clinton Cunanan: Riding in the car with my mom, listening to Carole King and Luther Vandross. Radio was kind of a way of life for me.

Who do you cite as your biggest influences — musicians you look to for inspiration or even a mentor of some sort?

Adam Hall: The earliest influences for me were definitely country artists. Garth Brooks, George Jones, Clay Walker…but when I got introduced to rock, Pearl Jam immediately became my biggest influence.

What made you pursue music as a career instead of going a different route?

Clinton Cunanan: I never really chose this, I kind of feel like it chose me. It was something I enjoyed doing and now it’s got me.

For those who may not be familiar with the band. How did Another Lost Year form originally?

Adam Hall: Clinton and David had been in another band together and had started something new in early 2011. I met Clint at an open mic night that he was hosting. He asked me to come to practice the next day and it all came together soon after.

How did you arrive at the band name you chose?

Clinton Cunanan: Every year A Christmas Story comes on for 24 Hours a day…and I just kept losing my time. Plus your brain remembers things in 3’s…and starts with the letter A.

Give us the lowdown on your current lineup and what these talented musicians bring to the table!

Clinton Cunanan: Lead Heavenly Vocals/Ghost Puncher
Adam Hall: Rhythm Based Guitar/Angel Voice in the background
David Whitaker: Lead Guitar and Pantomime
Jason Lovelace: Bass Bass/Harmonize Magician
Lee Norris: Drummer/Stick Spinner/Landfill

For the fans who haven’t had a chance to hear the band, what can they expect from the band sonically?

Clinton Cunanan: Sega Genesis? The Hedgehog? [laughs] We’ve got a little something for everyone. If you like the sounds of waterfalls, we got you covered…if you like gunshots, you’ll still love us. And BOOM. That’s a street fighter reference.


Your latest album is “Better Days”. When heading into the studio for this album, what were your goals of expectations?

Adam Hall: This was our first attempt at a full length with any production so it was a learning process. I loved it. We wanted to create something that took you on a journey. Something real. Something that felt almost like a book in the sense that we wanted it to feel complete.

Available Now!
Available Now!

Can you tell us a little about your songwriting process for this record and how you typically bring a song to life?

Clinton Cunanan: I usually bring the ideas of the songs to the guys. I’ve got a basic idea of where it should go and the guys put their jazz on it. It’s usually a pretty quick process.

Did you do anything differently when approaching the album, as opposed to a the way you did on previous records?

Adam Hall: This was really our first attempt that wasn’t really in the basement of our houses. Haha. So we went in not really knowing what to expect.

Who did you work with in terms of production for the album?

Clinton Cunanan: Justin Rimer at Crosstrax in Memphis, TN

As an artist, what was the biggest challenge in putting the album together?

Clinton Cunanan: Trying to figure out how to work the paint brushes. It’s hard to put all your feelings out on display for the world to see.

Any plans on a return to the studio in the near future?

Adam Hall: Yes, we don’t know them exactly but yes.

You guys have opened for some terrific bands. What has the experience of opening for some of these awesome acts done for the band as a unit?

Adam Hall: We always try to take something away from it. Sometimes you feel like you’ve got your act together and then a band comes in and enlightens you, we call this “having your ass handed to you”. Whether its positive or negative, we try to learn every night.

Another Lost Year

What do you hope that people come away with after seeing your live show?

Clinton Cunanan: A new found love for seeing live music.

It seems like almost everybody has one. Have you ever had a “Spinal Tap Moment” on stage where something totally unexpected has happened?

Adam Hall: Every night. Haha. My favorite is when I throw change on the stage in the middle of a song and David freaks out because he can’t pick it up.

What has kept you inspired throughout the years as an artist and fueled your creative fire?

Clinton Cunanan: Coca~Cola and PRS Guitars. [laughs] Hope, honestly. I still believe in hope.
What is the best piece of advice that you can pass along to someone who wants to pursue a career in music in the industry’s current climate?

Adam Hall: Learn perseverance. Biggest quality one can have. And thick skin. There are some ruthless people out here.

In your opinion, what does the future hold for Another Lost Year? Both long term and short?

Clinton Cunanan:  Hopefully we get to keep touring, keep putting out music, and keep making friends. Pooted.

Anything you want to tell your fans before I let you go?

Adam Hall: Go to a show. Go see the touring acts…chances are there’s a reason that they can tour…they’re probably awesome.

To keep up on the latest news and tour dates for Another Lost Year, visit the band’s official website at www.anotherlostyear.com! Lend your support, check out the band on Twitter and like them on Facebook!