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KiWi TIME Release “If I Can” Featuring Sir Mix-A-Lot

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San Francisco based rising indie-pop group Kiwi Time have just released their new single “If I Can,” which features the legendary hip-hop artist and producer Sir Mix-A-Lot. The track is a catchy pop anthem, with a special EDM flavored twist, that is sure to win over fans of both artists. Sir Mix-A-Lot lays down his stellar verse in trademark fashion: “The perfect ride is the perfect high, you should see the world through my eyes.” The all-star collaboration comes at a time when Belarusian natives Kiwi Time are seeing their stock rise, and the rapper is enjoying a healthy rebirth via Nicki Minaj’s sampling of “Baby Got Back” from the Mix’s platinum-certified 1992 album, Mack Daddy. Listen to Sir Mix A Lot talk about this special collaboration here. Fans can listen to the track here and purchase it on iTunes here.

Kiwi Time released their debut EP titled, “It’s Kiwi Time” earlier in the year. The EP showcases the band’s knack for melody, and their innate ability to create incredibly catchy indie dance rock. Lead single “Butterfly” throbs and pulses with all the hallmarks of a dance hit. Tracks like “Be My Love” and “Killin’ Me Baby” find a happy medium between pop, rock, and dance, with the latter boasting an absolutely massive chorus that soars. Fans can find the EP on iTunes.

Kiwi Time comments on the once-in-a-lifetime collaboration with Sir Mix A Lot: “The song “If I Can” is about love, freedom, and the ability to imagine a life beyond everyday boundaries. While working on this track the head of our label Granted Access, Yuriy, suggested having a rap artist lay down a verse for the song. Through various connections we were able to meet up with Mix in Seattle. When we heard the news that the collaboration with Sir Mix-a-Lot was going to happen we couldn’t believe it and were so thrilled. As someone wise once said, “Everything seems impossible, until it is possible”. We shared some ideas with Sir Mix-a-lot about our song, as well as ideas for the music video we had for the song and when we got the lyrics and verse back from Mix he simply blew our minds with how well he was able to nail our idea of the track in his own words. It is a HUGE honor for Kiwi Time to meet and moreover work with the Grammy award winner and a legend of hip hop music. We are really happy with the final result and can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

Since moving from Belarus, the band has declared the Bay Area music scene their new home, both personally, and artistically. When vocalist and keyboard/bass player Anna isn’t rocking out in Kiwi Time, she’s on various photo shoots as a model for SF-based talent agency, MDT. In his spare time drummer Vlad uses his talents as a licensed Yoga instructor to promote healthy life choices in the Bay Area. As individually unique as each member of Kiwi Time is, it is the chemistry of these four friends Vlad, Anna, Yoga and Mikalai that helps create pop-rock magic. “The band is like my family,” says Anna, “the band actually is my family.”

The band is currently working with super-producer Dan Shea (Santana, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Robin Thicke), whose work has accumulated sales of over 150 million, on six brand new songs that will form the follow up to “It’s Kiwi Time.” Dan Shea talks about his experience working with the group: “Seeing their live show hit me like a ton of bricks! I knew we had to capture that energy & fun vibe for their record! And they’re also some of the coolest people I’ve ever met… or as you say in Russian “SUPER-KRUTO!!” (Super cool).”

Band also setting up to working on the next artist/producer collaboration for brand new set of songs with Grammy Award winner and legendary musician and drummer Will Calhoun.