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Blu-ray Review: Celebrating The 25th Anniversary of “Shock ‘Em Dead” Starring Traci Lords

"Shock 'Em Dead"
“Shock ‘Em Dead”

This week, Jeremy Morrison takes us back in time for a look at a classic horror flick from 1990 — “SHOCK ‘EM DEAD.’ Here’s a quick rundown of the synopsis of the Olive Films release.

Disclaimer: Shock ‘Em Dead is presented using the best available elements provided by Slasher // Video. Not sourced from an HD Master; remastered from 1? Tape and upconverted to BluRay and DVD specifications.

Manager-on-the-rise Lindsay Roberts (Traci Lords, Cry-Baby) has a rock band in the spotlight with guitar god Angel Martin (Stephen Quadros, The Lost Platoon) as its newest member. Lindsay and the band are on the road to success. But all is not as it seems. Angel, as it turns out, has made a pact with the dark forces to make him a rock star having quite literally sold his soul for his talent. But there’s a catch, fame and fortune come at a price. In order to sustain his talent Angel must feed on the souls of others.

Lindsay’s growing attraction to Angel soon turns to fear as she finds herself pulled further and further into a terrifying world of unspeakable evil.

Slasher // Video presents Shock ‘Em Dead, a film about rock & roll and soul(s) directed by Mark Freed (Lovers and Liars) and starring Traci Lords (Cry-Baby), Troy Donahue (Imitation of Life), Aldo Ray (We’re No Angels) and Stephen Quadros (The Lost Platoon).

REVIEW: Hello Icon Vs. Icon Readers, J-MO here with another review for Mark Freed’s “Shock ‘Em Dead” starring Traci Lords. This movie is pretty amazing if you’re into hair metal, deals with the devil, 80s hair, 90s neon one pieces, breasts, fast tapping guitar leads, and murder! Shock ‘Em Dead is a pretty sweet reminder that Trick or Treat isn’t the only metal themed horror flick out there, folks. In fact I prefer this effort over the over-the-top celebrity rocker cameo flick starring Skippy from Family Ties.

The presentation is sub-par at best, but it doesn’t look horrible seeing as how it was transferred from from a 1″ tape instead of the standard HD Master most bluray releases tap. The audio isn’t the greatest either, but it works for this picture as the soundtrack is very reminiscent to the Hair Metal mix-tape stuck in your brothers tape deck growing up.

The 25th Anniversary of Shock ‘Em Dead disc is packed to the rafters with bonus content. Audio Commentary and an Interview with Mark Freed is a perfect insight into how much went into making the movie. And a Cast/Crew Reunion filmed in 2015 is a fun journey down memory lane with a group of people that obviously had a wild time working together. And that is not all, dear reader. “Director’s Cut,” Deleted and Extended Scenes, Actor Auditions, Trailer, Poster and Art Gallery, and more. Olive Films and SLASHER // VIDEO went above and beyond with this release!

Fuck your “Oh it’s not HD” mentality and pick this one up ASAP! And with the holidays on the horizon, it is perfect for any and all metal head in your life. Throw it on at your next Heavy Metal BBQ!

Jeremy Morrison – Staff Writer
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