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Flashback Review: Laurence Fishburne Dazzles In 1974’s ‘Cornbread, Earl and Me’

corenbread-earl-and-me-2016This week, Jeremy Morrison returns with a brand new review of some cinematic offerings from days gone by with a review of one of Olive Films newest releases, Cornbread, Earl and Me,” starring Laurence Fishburne,  Tierre Turner, Jamaal Wilkes and more.

First, a quick synopsis: Set against the gritty urban sprawl of Chicago, director Joseph Manduke’s (Vengeance) coming-of-age drama Cornbread, Earl and Me stars Laurence Fishburne (Fled), Tierre Turner (The Crow) and Jamaal Wilkes in a story of adolescent friends who are forced to face adulthood when tragedy strikes. Cornbread, Earl and Me features supporting performances from an ensemble that includes Moses Gunn (Ragtime), Rosalind Cash (The Omega Man), Madge Sinclair (Coming to America) and Antonio Fargas (Foxy Brown) in a film written for the screen by Leonard Lamensdorf based on the Ronald L. Fair novel Hog Butcher.

Actors: Laurence Fishburne,  Tierre Turner,  Jamaal Wilkes,  Moses Gunn,  Rosalind Cash,  Madge Sinclair, Antonio Fargas

THE REVIEW: Cornbread, Earl and Me is a film from 1975 that is based on a book written in 1966 that tackles themes that society is still crippled with in 2016. The flick is timeless. The film was another blind pickup from the fine folks at Olive Films and I’m glad I rolled the dice on it. A heavy topic for an audience to digest, it’s affectively shines a much needed spotlight on social injustice. Again, filmed in the 70s, written in the 60s and relevant in 2016.
On the last episode of the Acid Pop Cult Podcast I struggled to identify this film. I almost called it Blaxploitation, but I quickly corrected myself. Honestly, it’s a great dramatic piece of filmmaking that could serve as a master class on how screwed up life can be especially for those in an inner city struggling against things that I can’t even begin to wrap my head around. At the time it was considered a black movie starring black actors made for a black audience. THAT is a social injustice in itself. This is a great MOVIE. Featuring a wonderful CAST. That SHOULD be aimed at a large AUDIENCE.
Also, a very young Laurence Fishburne is incredible as the titular “Me” character as he proves he’ll be a iconic actor for years to come. Shit, where is his Academy Award?

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