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Book Review: David Castello’s “The Diary of an Immortal”

David J. Castello’s
‘The Diary of an Immortal (1945-1959)’

My reading of David Castello’s “The Diary of an Immortal” was often interrupted by the diction. I felt the writing could have been edited to be more concise. Also, I did not feel a strong sense of individuality between the characters, specifically through their speech. I found the writing to be more show, less tell. I would have enjoyed less of Castello’s exposition, summarization and description through dialogue and the main character’s over-explanatory first person narrative.

Despite these issues, “The Diary of an Immortal” nonetheless tells an amazing story. Castello combines two popular literary topics – World War II and the quest for immortality – and skyrockets them to the next level. U.S. Army combat medic Steven Ronson, 21, escapes World War II after discovering an immortality formula designed for Adolf Hitler. He begins consuming the formula in hopes to live long enough to forget the horrors he witnessed overseas and feel joy again. Ronson soon realizes he can’t return to his former life and travels to Manhattan to realize his childhood dream of becoming a jazz saxophonist with help from the supernatural powers that are a byproduct of the formula. His musical achievements soon draw attention from big names in the music industry as well as a disgraced British missionary and his niece who knew the Buddhist monks who guarded the original formula, which was ironically used as a form of punishment. After disturbing and prophetic visions begin to plague him, Ronson journeys to Xian with the ex-missionary and his niece to discover the truth behind his delusions. During this exploration, Ronson discovers incredible truths, pivotal origins and a horrible nightmare about to be unleashed on the world. Can he stop the evil villain before time runs out?

Author David J. Castello

There’s history, science fiction, Hitler, immortality, mystery, ancient philosophy and questions that plague our existence. Castello takes well addressed fictional topics beyond the scope of many writers imaginations. He weaves a fantastical tale through the truth of history while also comparing American and Buddhist philosophy. Despite my issues with the writing, “The Diary of an Immortal” is worth reading because it is a magical tale that takes the reader from the doldrums of everyday life.

About The Author
David J. Castello is the Editor-in-Chief and COO for the CCIN network where he has written hundreds of articles on a variety of topics for Nashville.com, Whisky.com, PalmSprings.com, Bullion.com, Traveler.com and more. On December 7, 2016, The Daily Beast featured his story “The Man Who Tried To Stop Pearl Harbor” for the 75th anniversary of the attack.  The Diary Of An Immortal (1945-1959) is his debut novel. Born in New York City (Bronx), David J. Castello currently resides in Nashville.

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