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BOONDOCK SAINTS: ORIGINS — Troy Duffy Promises To “Flip the Superhero Paradigm 180 Degrees” With New Series!

Director Troy Duffy, the creator and driving force behind the franchise, has spent recent days providing fans with exciting new details of his highly-anticipated ‘Boondock Saints: Origins’ television series.

The latest update comes via the official ‘Boondock Saints’ Instagram account. Check it out below: 

“BOONDOCK SAINTS: ORIGINS Our series will flip the superhero paradigm 180 degrees. Rather than safeguarding the public from on high like the heroes of comic book lore, the Brothers will be part of the community they protect. And they will do it without the aid of vast wealth or supernatural powers. With an innate sense of right and wrong, the boys take it all on, from the everyday unfairnesses that infuriate us to the most extreme, gut churning injustices that seem to confirm the presence of evil in our world. In terms of the lower offenses that would certainly not require a bullet, think of the last few things you saw just going about your day that pissed you off; an incident of road rage, the loudmouth drunk in a restaurant cursing with children present, parents abusing their kids in public, the macho shithead who can’t take a hint, the unbending meter maid who gives a ticket to someone who was trying to make change, a cop or employer abusing their authority. These situations and hundreds more like them are familiar to all of us. Connor and Murphy will confront and rectify these everyday transgressions in their own unique way and give many of us a satisfying “do-over” each time. The boys’ solutions will run the gamut, from funny to smart, from brutal to touching, from compassionate to zero tolerance. But only in the extreme will it require a bullet to the head. And it is here, on their dark side when the kill switch is thrown, that a deeper seduction begins… more to come. T.duff #boondocksaints #justice#BoondockOrigins #ironsides

More on this as it develops! In the meantime, check out Duffy’s other recent posts on the series and keep your eyes peeled for new info via the Official Boondock Saints pages on Facebook and Instagram.