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Reunited FLIPP Recruit Guitarist Drew Fortier As Second Guitarist

FLIPP frontman Brynn Arens and new FLIPP guitarist Drew Fortier. (Photo credit: Tharasa DiMeo)

The reunited U.S. rock group FLIPP have recruited musician/filmmaker/actor Drew Fortier (ZEN FROM MARS, BANG TANGO, CHUCK MOSLEY) as their second guitarist.

Says FLIPP in a statement: “We are so very happy to have Drew Fortier as a member of the band. We can’t wait for future shows and we’re going to have fun trying to find the right stage name for him. For the moment, we’re calling him “Drew Badly”; because he’s not a bad guitar player… he’s just drawn that way.”

Fortier added: “I am so excited to become a member of such a legendary and criminally underrated band. I have been a big fan of theirs since I was a kid, and with all the fun and zany theatrics, it’s like performing with my favorite cartoon comic book superheroes! It so much fun!”

Fortier made his live debut with the band at the annual Barn Party in Stillwater, Minnesota this past weekend.

The rest of the lineup includes: singer/guitarist Brynn Arens, bassist Cherry Forever, and drummer Kilo Bale; all of whom are founding members of FLIPP.

Future shows are currently in the works.

FLIPP frontman Brynn Arens

FLIPP is a Minneapolis-based rock band formed in 1994,known for their penchant for elaborate stunts and theatricsincluding, but not limited to: dropping hundreds of pounds of cereal onto rock festival audiences, initiating mass scale feather pillow fights with crowds, and surprise pop up shows on the back of flatbed trucks in the middle of busy downtown metropolitan areas; the band is also remembered for itscartoonish stage costumes, clown make-up, and bizarre onstage behavior; culminating in a style of music which has been described as CHEAP TRICK meets THE SEX PISTOLS.

The band experienced success in the 90’s with the almost accidental popularity of their homemade music video for their sludgy cover of THE WHO’s MY GENERATION; which received regular airplay on MTV’s 120 Minutes and proceeded to secure the band a record deal and subsequent support slots fora wide range of artists such as WHITE ZOMBIE, CHEAP TRICK, BUSH, OASIS, EVANESCENCE, GREEN DAY, and EVERCLEAR, to name a few.
While under management by Bill Aucoin (KISS, BILLY IDOL), the band were close to a radio hit with their single “Freak”, from their Art Alexakis (EVERCLEAR) co-produced album “Volume”; the song landed at #38 on Billboard, as well as #1 in 8 different cities. In an unsuspected turn, their record label at the time, Artemis Records, had been in litigation and went under before a final push for the singlewas to be had, which resulted in the eventual dissolution of the band.
FLIPP have since been reunited and reactivated as of 2016.

The band’s newest member, Drew Fortier, is a musician, songwriter, filmmaker, and actor best known as guitarist for BANG TANGO, the late Chuck Mosley (FAITH NO MORE), and ZEN FROM MARS; which he cofounded, and also includes members Stephen Shareaux (KIK TRACEE), Chip Z’Nuff (ENUFF Z’NUFF), Mike Heller (FEAR FACTORY,MALIGNANCY, RAVEN), Brynn Arens (FLIPP), and Kate Catalina (SPARKLE PARTY). Fortier has also directed and edited the documentaries “Attack of Life: The Bang Tango Movie” as well as the upcoming “Thanks. And Sorry: The Chuck Mosley Movie”. He will also be making his acting debut in the upcoming Comedy Horror film “Her Name Was Christa”.

FLIPP front man Brynn Arens and guitarist Drew Fortier are also both in ZEN FROM MARS, for which their debut album, “The Ultra Head Frequency”, is currently being mixed and mastered by Richard Easterling (AMERICAN HEADCHARGE, MUSE) for a fall 2018 release.

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