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ANNAPOLIS RISING: A Benefit For The Capital Gazette and Free Press Announced, Good Charlotte To Headline

Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley has announced that the City will host a benefit concert on July 28 for the victims’ families and survivors of June 28’s mass shooting at The Capital Gazette building in Annapolis. The concert also will promote freedom of the press and its importance to our country’s democracy. Headlining the concert will be international recording artist, Good Charlotte, a Maryland-based band with connection to the City.

The concert will begin in the afternoon with several musical performances and guest speakers coming from the world of journalism. Proceeds will be directed the fund established for the victims and survivors and journalism scholarships. The event will take place from a stage on College Avenue with the Maryland State House in the background and the audience located on Bladen Street, extending down toward Rowe Boulevard.

“This horrible tragedy cannot be forgotten. Sadly, our country’s attention will soon shift from this event that has forever changed our city. We will not stand by and allow the memory of these slain journalists to be forgotten. We also stand up for our journalists and our freedom of the press and this concert is just one step in that direction,” said Mayor Buckley.

“When news of the Capitol Gazette mass shooting broke, we were filled with shock and heartbreak. It’s hard not to be overcome by a feeling of helplessness for the victims and their families, and to be discouraged that this has become a reoccurring headline in all of our lives,” said Benji and Joel Madden. “This tragedy hit us hard, not only because it happened in the city where our extended families live and work, and the place that gave our band its start, but because of what it seemed to symbolize: An attack on journalists and the ability we have in this country to share information freely. It’s an attack on freedom of speech and expression and the right to feel safe in doing so. Annapolis will always be dear to us, and we couldn’t be more proud of how the city has handled this tragedy. It’s only natural for us to want to do our part for the city and the people who have given us a place in Maryland that we still call home.”

The event will be ticketed. Information regarding tickets will be available soon.