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Tom Six Unveils First Teaser Trailer For New Film, “The Onania Club”

Tom Six, the dictator of ‘The Human Centipede,’ has unveiled the first teaser trailer for his upcoming film, “The Onania Club.” The film is described as a psychological thriller with mostly strong female characters.

“My latest movie “The Onania Club” deals with human vileness on many levels. Its main theme is “Schadenfreude”, an emotion that philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer called: “the most evil sin of human feeling” and “diabolic”. Where “The Human Centipede” trilogy is mostly body horror; “The Onania Club” deals with this pure psychological horror. No plot details yet but a glimpse of the story: Strong, rich, white L.A. women (über bitches) run the show and deeply enjoy the misery of others. The film will be a pleasant breath of polluted air in todays growing political correctness and intolerance.” – Tom Six