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Everlast Releases New Single “It Ain’t Easy,” Penned w. Luke Laird and Barry Dean

“It Ain’t Easy,” the new single out today (August 31) from multi-platinum, GRAMMY Award-winning artist EVERLAST is a soulful track that further cements him as a heartland working class hero.

“…the chiming, heartbroken folk ballad ‘It Ain’t Easy’ was written during a time of turmoil for the ‘What It’s Like’ songwriter,” wrote Christopher Weingarten of Rolling Stone who premiered the track yesterday.  ‘My oldest daughter was born with cystic fibrosis. The song is not specifically about that, per se, but the whole concept, ‘It Ain’t Easy,’ life just wasn’t easy at the moment,'” Everlast told Rolling Stone.

Following “Don’t Complain” and “The Culling,” “It Ain’t Easy”-written with Nashville heavy weights Luke Laird and Barry Dean–marks the third offering from the rapper and singer-songwriter’s upcoming album WHITEY FORD’S HOUSE OF PAIN, out September 7 via Martyr-Inc Records.  Pre-order the album here.

Listen to “It Ain’t Easy” now at:

Recently EVERLAST performed “It Ain’t Easy” acoustically for Paste Sessions.