Bat Farm - Now That You're Gone
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Batfarm Releases Powerful New Single, “Now That You’re Gone”

Batfarm has unveiled a new single, “Now That You’re Gone,” that focuses on the aftermath of a loved one’s suicide, and all those that are affected down the line by that world=shattering decision. The song was produced by Batfarm and Charlie Waymire at Ultimate Studios, Inc.

Of the single, Alexx Calise said: We’ve always been advocates for mental health, and as a sufferer of depression myself, I felt it was an important issue that needed to be addressed. We’ve lost too many wonderful, talented people to suicide.” Fans can check out the song on Spotify and iTunes.

Bat Farm - Now That You're Gone

Photo credit: Anabel DFlux, album cover design: Dennis Morehouse

About Batfarm:

Alexx Calise and Dennis Morehouse were exposed to music from a very young age. They’ve been feeling the effects ever since.

Comprised of Calise, an introspective lyricist and “harmony machine”, and Morehouse, a masterful arranger and sound manipulator, Batfarm is a two-piece alternative rock band whose sound can be best described as “darkedelic”. The multi-instrumentalists keep it small not only for efficiency’s sake, but also to keep creating the music they want without added personalities.

Though the two were from complete opposite ends of the country, they met in LA through a mutual friend. Realizing immediately that there was chemistry between them, the two began seeing each other. They initially tried to keep their romantic relationship separate, but collaborating on music was inevitable.

A few years into dating, Dennis was asked to write some music for an indie movie. He approached Alexx to help with the song, and they immediately found that they had amazing musical chemistry as well. Shortly after, they started working on music for licensing together. What they found was that they weren’t just developing songs; they were developing a sound that could really be something.

However, a myriad of things began to happen over the course of the next few years, which forced the project to be put on an indefinite hold. Alexx’s song “Cry” took off thanks to a placement in a major TV show, forcing her to really concentrate on her solo career, and her brother also passed away suddenly. Dennis started touring heavily and pursuing other musical ventures in the interim as well. The pair inevitably started to grow apart, and decided to end their romantic relationship.

The story does not have a tragic ending however, as the pair decided to reconnect and record some covers just for fun about a year later, after the emotional dust had settled. Realizing that there was something still there musically, they decided to finally take those songs they wrote all those years ago, and perform them live…And so, Batfarm began.

Ultimately, Calise and Morehouse thought they were just chapters in each other’s books, but they actually found that they were still part of each other’s stories. They were merely playing the wrong characters. Music has always been the constant and the bond for this powerful duo, and you can see their love for each other and their undeniable chemistry on stage and in person. The two even share joint custody of their cat, Mittens, who is often the subject of their promotional posters and videos.

Currently, Batfarm is recording their first EP with longtime friend, Charlie Waymire, who actually gets the band’s quirky humor, genre defying sound, perfectionism, and demand for greatness.

Combining Alexx’s grunge and blues influences with rich, choral soundscapes and Dennis’s love of industrial, funk, and psychedelic music, Batfarm creates a sound that is like everything and nothing at once.

While the music itself is serious, they don’t take themselves too seriously, and it is their hope that the darkness of some of their own personal experiences will help others to find their own light.