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CORPORATE ANIMALS: Red Band Trailer Released For Demi Moore and Ed Helms Horror Comedy

A new trailer and poster for Screen Media’s CORPORATE ANIMALS has been released. Directed by Patrick Brice, this side-splittingly funny horror comedy features Demi Moore, Jessica Williams, and Ed Helms. Screen Media will release the film in theaters and On Demand on September 20th.

Check out the synopsis, poster art and trailer below!

Synopsis: Lucy (Demi Moore) is the delusional CEO of a struggling startup aimed at millennials. In her infinite wisdom, Lucy leads her staff, including her long-suffering assistants Jess (Jessica Williams) and Freddie (Karan Soni), on a team building retreat in the caves of New Mexico led by an overeager guide (Ed Helms). When disaster strikes and the food runs out, mandatory office bonding becomes a lot more… appetizing.

Corporate Animals