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Nicole DuBois On Breathing Life Into Her Character In ‘Debunkers, Inc.’

Whether it’s on the stage, on the computer screen, on television or in film, Nicole DuBois is constantly supplying the laughs. With a unique skillset and thirst for adventure, her latest project is no exception to the rule. In Debunkers, Inc., the actress/writer/comedian gets entangled in a mystery! The film centers around three goofballs start a detective agency at their high school. After a few underwhelming cases, they are hired to solve the mysterious death of a girl over the Summer break. Did someone get away with murder? And who is the killer? A student? A teacher?? The Principal??? They’ll need to step up their game in order to solve this one. As the investigation progresses, the mystery deepens and their friendship is strained. In the end, they must work as a team in order to find the culprit, and it isn’t what any of them expected. A fun light-hearted teenage mystery for the whole family, Debunkers, Inc. will be released digitally on September 3rd. Check out our quick Q&A with this star-on-the-rise to get an inside look at her character from the film.

Debunkers, Inc.

It’s quite the time for teenage detectives, what with Veronica Mars back in a big way and Nancy Drew back on our screens soon. What does “Debunkers, Inc.” bring to the genre?

It is! “Debunkers, Inc.” is different. It’s about high school boys who are failing at starting their detective agency. The only mysteries they’ve solved are for one of the boy’s moms and a mystery that was actually just a senior prank. So, everyone at school is mad at them for interfering with their fun trying to be “detectives”. My character becomes an intern at their detective agency because she is an “exchange student” with one of the boy’s families and he has to hang out with her. So yes, it’s a teenage detective story, but it’s really about friendship and not doubting yourself when everyone else does.

And would you say it’s closer in tone to Nancy Drew than Veronica Mars? I imagine it’s a little less racy?

I think maybe a bit more like Nancy Drew, but it’s hard to compare this movie to the new Veronica Mars and Nancy Drew shows because our movie is a family friendly film. Definitely less racy. “Debunkers. Inc.” is more silly and comedic.

The movie is a comedy but it also encompasses real suspense and some wonderful coming-of-age themes. Was that part of the appeal of the movie?

Yes, and I think that’s just a sign of a good script. I think all suspense films should also have strong themes and full characters. You have to get invested into the characters in order to feel for them, and be scared for them. It’s a really fun age to play. The coming-of-age theme is so relatable, because everyone has been through it, or will go through it. The script, though a fantasy/mystery/comedy, felt familiar to me.

Nicole Dubois

How much research did you do before tackling the project? Any Googles on being a detective?

I didn’t need to do much research on what it’s like to be a high school girl because… been there! [laughs] Raisin Corp doesn’t really seem like it plays by the same rules as real world detective agencies, so I didn’t go into too much detail about what it’s actually like to be a detective. I did the most research inside my own imagination. I decided for myself what I thought this fantasy world was like.

Though entertaining, there’s some nice messages in here. What do you think the most important one is?

I think the most important message is to not give up on yourself. You are capable of much more than you might think.

Has the movie opened doors for you?

The movie has been great for me! I got to work with, and continue to work with a group of extremely talented people. It’s really cool to have a film up on Showtime, Hulu and Amazon Prime. I’m very proud of the cast and crew for what we were able to create. It’s an awesome film to be able to share with people.

If you were a character in Scooby Doo, who would you be?

I would be Daphne! She’s so extra!

Catch Matt Thompson’s DEBUNKERS, INC. when its released digitally on September 3, 2019. Get a more in-depth look at Nicole DuBois‘ creative resume by visiting her official website at Follow where continuing adventures on social media via Instagram.