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Brooke White Unveils “Back Pocket” Video Starring Jon Heder of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’

Breakout country music artist Brooke White has released a hilarious video for her single, “Back Pocket” starring Jon Heder of ‘Napoleon Dynamite,’ dancing and playing multiple quirky characters as backing musicians. Check out the video below!

“Back Pocket is my homage to the 90s country I grew up loving. It’s fun, a little cheeky and doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I wanted the video to feel the same,” says Brooke. “We started thinking of ideas for the treatment, and in my wildest dreams, Jon Heder would be the star and somehow that dream came true! He’s a friend of my director and good pal, Braden Barty.  I reached out to Jon thinking it was a long shot, and after a couple weeks went by, just assumed it was a no-go. Then I got a text… ‘miss white, so sorry, I am here, too late?!’  I freakin’ flipped out. A few days later we shot the video and I didn’t stop laughing the entire day! Jon is a such a genuine, funny guy with zero ego and loads of natural talent. I’m so thankful he said yes and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Every time I watch it I laugh out loud.”

Brooke recently released her first country album, Calico. Rolling Stone says about debut single and title track… More than a decade after covering Carole King and Carly Simon on American Idol‘s seventh season, Brooke White offers up her own version of California country with “Calico.” It’s a blend of Nashville’s neon-lit twang and Laurel Canyon’s warm folk-pop, with White reveling in her self-made culture clash. says… White extends a warm invite to country music fans with her latest record, which very smoothly raises the bar within the genre’s evolving direction thanks to a glowing magnetic spark that glistens in every song. 

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Brooke White - Calico