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THE AWFUL KIND: New Trailer Revealed For Justin Taite’s Ambitious Female-Driven One Take Western!

The Awful Kind, an award-winning, One Take Western short film, written and directed by Justin Taite (Devious Nanny, Outlaws Don’t Get Funerals), has a new official trailer. The Awful Kind takes place after a horribly unsuccessful train robbery; the surviving gang of thieves begin to suspect they’ve been set up. The film was funded by Executive Producers Lauren Telegdy, Brick-It Entertainment, Francine Roussy, and Keith Taite. 

The Awful Kind is a spec-pilot for an eight-hour revenge western epic that aims to reimagine the Clint Eastwood, Man with No Name archetype as woman in a male-dominated world. The short film stars Keith Stallworth (Step Up 3D), Chloe Carabasi (30 Days to Say Goodbye), Charlie E. Schmidt (Criminal Minds), Alex Lynn Ward (Spades), Chris Finch (Romeo and Juliet), Nick Finch (The Andy Dick Show), Alejandro Bravo (Cicada Song), Chris Schwartzy (Buried Secrets) and Andrew Pagana (Raze, Anarchy Parlor).

The Awful Kind is set in the American Frontier in the late 19th century and inspired by the #METOO and TIME’S UP movements in 2017. We shine a light on the difficulties that resulted in being born a woman or an ethnic minority during this period in American history. By telling these stories unapologetically, the audience will be able to gain insight into our current socio-economic climate and experience feelings of retribution or vindication through the decisions made by our characters.

“The Awful Kind is shot entirely in One Take, and it’s a Female-Driven Western that had a predominantly female crew.” – Justin Taite

About the Writer/Director:
Justin Taite is a writer and director living in Los Angeles, CA, who is originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He trained at The Stella Adler Conservatory for acting and at the Actors Circle Theatre exclusively with Arthur Mendoza, who has worked with such talents as Benicio Del Toro and Robin Wright. His first feature-length screenplay “The Real McCoy” became a Semi-Finalist at “The Screenplay Festival” and again at the “Circus Road Screenplay Contest” in 2014. Justin’s second written and directed project, a short film entitled “SCHISM” was an official selection at the “Sherman Oaks Film Festival” in 2016. In addition to his previous acting credits, Justin stars in the indie film “Outlaws Don’t Get Funerals,” which is available on Amazon Prime.

The Awful Kind