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Eminem To Celebrate 20th Anniversary Of ‘The Slim Shady LP’ With Release of Expanded Editions

Eminem’s career-launching, major label debut The Slim Shady LP marks its 20th anniversary with a triple-length edition on vinyl and a two-disc edition on CD, set for release on December 13th via Shady/Aftermath/Interscope Records.

Spanning 30 tracks, the expanded CD and vinyl editions feature 10 bonus tracks that include rarities, a cappella versions, freestyles and instrumentals.

The Slim Shady LP

Earlier this year, Eminem celebrated the album’s anniversary with a digital-only release of the expanded edition, that saw many of the original bonus tracks hit streaming for the first time. And more recently, he launched a limited-edition capsule collection called SSLP20, that includes collectible LEGO mini-figures of the Detroit MC, along with a shadowbox that contains film strips from the original Danny Hastings’ album shoot. The capsule also included The Slim Shady LP reissues on coloured vinyl and cassette tape.

Originally released on February 23rd, 1999, The Slim Shady LP debuted at No.2 on the Billboard 200 and later won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. While Em first introduced his sinister alter ego on The Slim Shady EP, it was his full-length effort that put the Slim Shady persona and Eminem on the map.

The Slim Shady LP

Whether he was detailing gritty vengeful fantasies on ‘97 Bonnie & Clyde’ or lampooning pop-culture ‘My Name Is’, Eminem proved to be one of the most dangerous lyricists in the game. The Slim Shady LP is the first entry in one of the strongest three-album runs in the history of hip-hop, quickly followed by The Marshall Mathers LP and later, The Eminem Show.

The album went eventually go four-times-platinum, setting the stage for Eminem’s future world domination.

The Slim Shady LP Expanded Editions will be out on December 13th and can be pre-ordered here.

Track listing for The Slim Shady LP Expanded Editions:

1. Public Service Announcement
2. My Name Is
3. Guilty Conscience
4. Brain Damage
5. Paul
6. If I Had
7. ’97 Bonnie & Clyde
8. B****
9. Role Model
10. Lounge
11. My Fault
12. Ken Kaniff
13. Cum On Everybody
14. Rock Bottom
15. Just Don’t Give A
16. Soap
17. As The World Turns
18. I’m Shady
19. Bad Meets Evil
20. Still Don’t Give A

Bonus Tracks:

1. Hazardous Youth (A Cappella Version)
2. Get You Mad
3. Greg (A Cappella Version)
4. Bad Guys Always Die (From The Wild Wild West Soundtrack)
5. Guilty Conscience (Radio Version)
6. Guilty Conscience (Instrumental)
7. Guilty Conscience (A Cappella, Edited)
8. My Name Is (Instrumental)
9. Just Don’t Give A (A Cappella)
10. Just Don’t Give A (Instrumental)