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Disgraceland’s Jake Brennan Debuts “27 Club” Podcast Chronicling Legendary Musicians Who Died at 27

Jake Brennan, host of “Disgraceland” in partnership with iHeartRadio, released the first episode of the podcast “27 Club,” a musical, true-crime iHeartRadio Original Podcast that tells the stories of musicians who have  joined rock and roll’s most infamous and morbidly exclusive “27 Club.” Over the course of 12 episodes, season one will analyze the life and death of one of the greatest guitarists of all time: Jimi Hendrix. “27 Club” will be distributed through the iHeartPodcast Network beginning today and can be heard now on iHeartRadio and everywhere else podcasts are available. Episode 2 will air this Thursday, January 30, with new episodes to follow every Thursday through the end of the season.

“27 Club” is hosted and created by Jake Brennan of the explosive music and true crime podcast, “Disgraceland,” and tells the story of famous musicians who all have one thing in common – an untimely death at the age of 27. The podcast explores the lives of legendary artists from Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin to Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and many more – exploring their wild path to their early graves and how they have shaped our culture along the way. Season one kicks off with the in-depth story of American rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

27 Club Podcast

“This subject—iconic musicians dying at the age of 27—has always fascinated me,” explains Brennan. “I thought it would make a good prism through which to view the lives and careers of some of our most iconic artists beginning with Jimi Hendrix, who lived a fascinating life filled with highly dramatic events. From his kidnapping to stealing a truck with Neil Young to get to Woodstock on time, to his explosive recordings and performing career all the way to his mysterious death; all of it is fodder for great storytelling.”

Earlier this month, Jake Brennan’s “Disgraceland” won the “Best Music Podcast” award at the 2020 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards. Late last year, he released his debut book, Disgraceland: Musicians Getting Away With Murder And Behaving Very Badly, with Forbes calling it “a real page-turner” and Exclaim! deeming it one of “The Best Music Books of 2019.” Publisher’s Weekly said the book, “…is sure to fascinate music fans and true crime lovers.”

Last year, Brennan and his business partner Brady Sadler launched Double Elvis Productions, a new audio-driven media company, alongside the announcement of a slate of four new podcasts coming to the iHeartPodcast Network in 2020. The first of these podcasts, “Dear Young Rocker,” is a first-person, coming of age story about the struggles of young adulthood and the power of music, hosted by Chelsea Ursin and executive produced by Brennan.

Listen to “27 Club” now and follow the podcast on iHeartRadio to be alerted when new episodes are available.

About Jake Brennan:
Jake Brennan is the host and creator of the explosive music and true crime podcast Disgraceland and co-owner of the audio-driven media company Double Elvis. Launched in 2018, Disgraceland rocketed to the top of the Apple Podcasts charts and was named to Apple Podcasts coveted “Best Of” 2018 and 2019 year end lists and won “Best Music Podcast” at the 2020 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards. Disgraceland has been nominated for two iHeart Podcast awards. In 2019, Jake Brennan published his first book, Disgraceland: Musicians Getting Away with Murder and Behaving Very Badly (Grand Central/Hachette).