Mickey Avalon - Woke AF
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Indie Rap Icon Mickey Avalon Returns To Attack PC Culture With New Music Video For “Woke AF”

Mickey Avalon Debaucherous rock ‘n’ roll rapper Mickey Avalon has returned with a brand new song “Woke AF”. Throughout the song, Mickey goes on the assault as a critque of political correctness and attacks the social justice warriors that have often taken an aggressive stance on his own hedonistic and decadent lyrical content in the past. Mickey Avalon unabashedly comes out swinging on “Woke AF” in the most politically incorrect fashion. Watch the music video for “Woke AF” below.

“I’m an artist and the real issue here is freedom of speech. I understand what is trying to be achieved by being so politically correct, but I feel as if it’s backfiring,” commented Mickey Avalon about his inspiration for the track. “Never before in my lifetime, have I seen people so self righteously angry and opposed to one another. We need to focus on our similarities, not our differences. We’re all just human and with that comes the good, bad, and the ugly, so let’s celebrate the beautiful subtleties that come with living in this absurd world.”

Mickey continues, “I obviously used controversial language that would ruffle the feathers of your average Gen Z’rs, but not to spread hate. Our water supply is being poisoned, agriculture has been taken away from local farmers and monopolized by corporations, the richest one percent own more of the country’s wealth than ever before, yet all you see on social media is how ‘woke’ everybody is. When can we get back to a point where music was supposed to get people talking and had a little bit of danger to it? This song goes out to the millions of Americans who are tired of extremists on both sides and their bullshit.”

The song sends a clear message to the self glorified “Woke” slaves of this cartel nation: Mr. Sandman Mickey is here to put your programmed bandwagon brains back to bed. Everyone and their spoon-fed manufactured opinions from the pale veiny warlock hand of Uncle Sam and his dark priest puppet masters have been targeted. Prepare to get tucked in for the big sleep with the truth-filled venom of Mickey Avalon.

Mickey Avalon - Woke AF

This song is another sordid tale of rock ‘n’ roll debauchery that could only come from Hollywood’s most notorious emcee. Mickey Avalon’s life story plays out like an episode of VH1?s “Behind The Music”, marred by personal tragedy, triumphs, and immense pain. Mickey was raised by a heroin-addicted father, then became a father himself in his early 20s before hitting rock-bottom when he turned to prostitution to support his own addictions. Turning to music as an outlet to clean up his act and tell his own tales, Mickey’s raw and indulgent rhymes immediately resonated with fans. His explicit style spread across the internet like wildfire and took songs like “Jane Fonda,” “Mr. Right” and “My D**k” to mainstream popularity.

“Woke AF” is the follow-up to Mickey Avalon’s 2018 studio album “Some Kind of Exciting” and the first taste of new music from his upcoming new album surfacing in Spring 2020.