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ANOTHER DAY DAWNS: Frontman Dakota Sean On Their Ferocious New EP and Bright Future!

Another Day Dawns is a high-energy hard rock band hailing from Lehighton, Pennsylvania. Led by Lead Singer and frontman Dakota Sean, Guitarist Tyler Ritter, and Drummer Nick McGeehan, been fearlessly forging their own path in the ever-turbulent waters of the music industry. A chance encounter in 2016 at a local music conference introduced the band to Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum engineer/producer David Ivory (Halestorm, Silvertide, The Roots). The band quickly began work on new material, one of which would become the band’s debut single “Love She’s After”, mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound and released on Ivory’s label Flexitone Records in early January 2017. This period of studio success and creative growth left the band members more focused than ever and ultimately led them to the recording and release of their powerful new “STRANGER” EP in 2019. This ferocious new EP, produced by Joe Rickard (Red, Starset, Manafest, Joyous Wolf) at the world famous Dark Horse Studios, beautifully showcases the band’s signature sound and serves as their most ambitious work to date. In short, it’s just a taste of what’s to come for this band on the rise.

Icon Vs. Icon recently caught up with frontman Dakota Sean to discuss his musical roots, the evolution of the band, their creative process, latest video releases and more!

How did music first come into your life and begin to take hold?

I’ve been watching my dad while I was growing up and getting ready for show. It got me inspired as a young child that this is what I wanted to do that I wanted to be like him and make a difference with music.

What went into finding your creative voice early on?

I would always be performing at school talent shows and I would look forward to that every year. I was performing open mics as I was getting older and trying to see if I could make my way into the scene.

Who are some of the people who have had the biggest impact on you as an artist?

The biggest influencers to me would be Nirvana and Pearl Jam. I was really into the 90’s grunge scene. Of course, when it comes to my personal life my father was also an inspiration.

How did Another Day Dawns form?

Nick and Tyler were in a cover band when we were in our teens and they reached out to me to be a singer for the band and we all just clicked. Our parents essentially were managing the band for the last couple of years and it wasn’t until the last three years or so that we decided that we wanted to be an original band and not a cover band anymore. We were playing covers in clubs and bars for couple of years and now we have found ourselves on tours with the bands we were covering.

Dedicating yourself fully to your art is a big step and one only a handful of people are brave enough to take. When did you know you had to take the plunge?

For me, it was when I decided to walk out of a college session. I literally one day walked out of a class and realized that I had make music a number one priority. It’s an enormous amount of financial sacrifice and hardship, but I believe in it.

What went into finding that sound and direction as a band?

It was really a collection of myself, Nick, and Tyler as a background all together. The style is really what we enjoy playing all together. When we write it all just flows and the result is a collaboration of our individual creativity.

Another Day Dawns - "Stranger" EP

The “Stranger” EP is the latest release from Another Day Dawns. What went into finding the right mix of tunes to flesh out the EP?

We have to give some credit to Joe Rickard on this one. It was a different kind of vibe when we went with him down to Nashville. There were some tracks that we scratched that we had prepared going down there and the songs “Never Okay” and “Forget Me Not,” we literally wrote in the studio. It was a whole new style of writing and it got us to think outside of the box.

You’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into the songs for this release. What does it mean to you?

Compared to our last, EP that we put out this means more since we had a variety of collective minds were helping us to achieve great songs to put out to our fans.

The band has just released a video for “Beautiful Suicide.” What inspired the song?

The song is more less about inspiration and the fact of you if you are willing to die for something that is worth it. It has aspects of political influence and also regarding the everyday fear people are told to have or not to have for that matter.

These videos, like the songs, have a great energy to them. What were the biggest challenges of the shoots? What are your favorites memories of bringing them to life?

Definitely being outside because it messes up my hair. [laughs] One second the hair looks great, then the wind blows and it looks like Trump’s hairdo.

Another Day Dawns has toured with the likes of Hinder, Issues, Cold, and Buckcherry. How have your countless live shows impacted the growth and development of the band both on stage and behind-the-scenes?

There are some shows that we had people travel from states away to come out to see us. People that drive to see us from states away wearing our merch and just making the overall trek to keep seeing us is an incredible feeling. Our social stats also went WAY up as well from all the shows we have performed. It’s humbling. We are still growing, and we can’t wait to play more shows.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced and overcome as a band?

There have been plenty of challenges in the past. There were the times we played in a smokey bar with five people inside of it and the times we barely made any money. Some bands have to play just to play to get their name out. We are fortunate enough to have a local fan base that believes in us and it seems to be growing nationally as well on a small scale.

Another Day Dawns

Where do you see yourself headed musically in the future — both short and long term?

Either performing on arena stages or the unfortunate outcome of opening for Trapt…which we most likely decline. [laughs]

You are on the front lines of the music industry. What’s the best way for fans to help support your band in this day and age?

Honestly, keep streaming our music and sharing to future fans. Calling local radio stations and requesting our music or even just sharing our music videos on social media. It’s a new day and age for music ad socials have high impacts.

You have certainly faced your own challenges and learned some things from your time with this project. What’s the best lesson we can take from your journey so far?

There will always be snakes in the grass. Whether they say they are with you till the end or wanting to jump on the ship as it goes. The best ting I can say is to stay grounded the whole way.

Visit the official Another Day Dawns website at www.anotherdaydawns.com. Follow the continuing adventures of the band via social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.