Em Rossi - Got This Feeling
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Singer/Songwriter Em Rossi Releases “Got This Feeling” Single

Every musical era brings forth a new generation of superstars and exceptional talents – and every technical innovation in the entertainment field reveals new possibilities and ways for young musicians and singers to fulfill their dream of a great career. Starting with Elvis Presley, who in 1953 recorded a record for a few dollars in Sam Phillip’s Memphis Recording Service Studio as a present for his mother, to Justin Bieber, whose sensational rise to global fame began with his mother uploading his cover versions of well-known songs to YouTube. Even the invention of karaoke machines and the growing popularity of karaoke events across the globe have served as a stepping stone into stardom for artists like Mary J. Blige and Taylor Swift. Em Rossi is the next young singer who is set on conquering international charts, and she owes her popularity to one of the newest innovations to date: the karaoke app SMULE.

Similarly to shooting stars such as Shawn Mendes (breakthrough thanks to the video portal Vine) and Lil Nas X (who became a chart topper as a result of his immense popularity on Tik Tok), Em Rossi has managed to generate an impressive fanbase on SMULE – and consequently on YouTube – in recent years (almost 700,000 followers on Smule, over seven million views on YouTube). An international level of popularity, that led to the releases of the 21-year-old California native to climb to the top of the trend charts in many countries, including Australia, Canada, France and Italy. Now, Em Rossi has signed a major record deal with Sony Music RCA Germany, where she will celebrate her debut with the single “Got This Feeling” on March 27th.

Em Rossi - Got This Feeling

The Los Angeles-based artist Em Rossi is not only an exceptional singer, but also a born storyteller – who in the past five years has lived through quite some things that she is now overcoming by singing about it. “After the loss of my father, I felt like I was going through a whole lifetime of emotions,” she recalls. “But eventually, I was able to liberate myself from that and to create the world I live in now. And I‘m happy again now.”

The transition began in early 2018 with the release of the song “No Longer The Same”. The captivating chorus line “I’ll see you some day, just know that I’m ok” served as a cathartic turning point, a last door she had to walk through, before being able to make a fresh start. “This new direction is simply me being myself. The things that have happened to me in the past will always be a part of me, but at some point I made the decision that I am allowed to move forward with my life,” she explains.

With the new single “Got This Feeling”, Em Rossi is starting a completely new chapter. The song, which has already earned her comparisons with Troye Sivan, Dua Lipa and Adele, is another alt-pop jewel that shows just how far following your heart can take you. And already, there’s no doubt about the fact that Em Rossi will go her own way.

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