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CLOVER: Check Out An Exclusive Clip of Director Jon Abrahams’ High-Intensity Mob Thriller!

Looking for a little something to spice up your cinematic intake during these crazy times? Look no further the high-intensity mob thriller, CLOVER! Hitting VOD on Friday, April 3rd via Freestyle Digital, the film is directed by Jon Abrahams (All At Once) from a script written by Michael Testone (All At Once, What Doesn’t Kill You, Mercy).

The film boasts an eclectic cast that includes Jon Abrahams (Meet the Parents, Scary Movie), Mark Webber (Green Room, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), Nicole Elizabeth Berger (All At Once, Prescient, The Longest Week), Chazz Palminteri (The Usual Suspects, A Bronx Tale), Ron Perlman (“Sons of Anarchy,” Hellboy), Erika Christensen (“Parenthood,” Flightplan), Julia Jones (“The Mandalorian,” The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, “Westworld”), Jessica Szohr (“Gossip Girl,” Two Night Stand), Michael Godere (Loitering with Intent, Mercy), Jake Webber (Dawn of the Dead, “Medium”).

What’s it all about? The film centers around two bumbling Irish twins, Jackie (Mark Webber) & Mickey (Jon Abrahams), who must resort to extreme measures to pay off their father’s debt to a local mob boss, Tony Davolo (Chazz Palminteri). Their situation becomes increasingly complicated when a tough-as-nails teenage girl, Clover (Nicole Elizabeth Berger), forces the brothers to take to the streets in a desperate attempt to out-run Tony’s pair of hit-WOMEN and keep Clover out of harm’s way. The unexpected trio of Jackie, Mickey and Clover make for a modern twist on an American crime film – mixed with elements of dark comedy. CLOVER is an exciting & suspenseful watch, as the brothers learn there is more to Clover than meets the eye.

Check out an exclusive clip of the cast in action below and mark your calendar for the highly-anticipated April 3rd release!

Clover movie 2020