Dave Navarro - Photograph by Jay Goldman
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Dave Navarro Selling Limited Edition Art Prints To Benefit The Sidewalk Project

Dave Navarro (lifeafterdeath) has partnered with Punk Rock & Paintbrushes art collective for the release of his More Government Care? limited edition signed art print, which makes a poignant dual statement about both the United States’ treatment of immigrant children in recent years and the COVID-19 crisis.

More Government Care? was part of a recent art installation in New York and is now available as a limited edition 16″x20″ archival giclee print on 320 gsm cold press paper with archival inks. Each of the 100 prints is individually numbered and signed by Dave Navarro (lifeafterdeath). The limited edition prints can be purchased here: https://www.punkrockart.com/product/lifeafterdeath-more-government-care

Proceeds from More Government Care? will support The Sidewalk Project (@the_sidewalk_project) to better the lives of the houseless. The Sidewalk Project is currently responding to the COVID-19 epidemic with food, education and kits that focus on strengthening the immune system, hygiene/hand washing, face masks and NARCAN harm reduction.

Dave Navarro (known as lifeafterdeath in the art world) has provided this in-depth statement about the creation of and inspiration for the More Government Care? art installation:

“This piece was created as an installation last year in the deep underbelly of Mana Contemporary (@manacontemporary) in NYC in conjunction with Gary Lichtenstein Studios (@garylichtensteineditions). It was conceived at the height of the border crisis conversation while facts about the treatment of the children had begun to surface – the border toilets with sinks, the cages, the filth and lack of humanity. Children were separated from their parents and the country was outraged to see such atrocities. We had created prisons of trauma…Containers that held the innocent. Nobody spoke of the lifetime of trauma these children were to face upon their eventual relocation or release.

Today, our immigrant population is facing an even more perilous crisis as COVID-19 has ravaged our world. Reports have suggested that our Latino communities are at higher risk and many cases go unreported due to the lack of available health care and the fear of deportation. Our undocumented are now afraid to seek help and testing, resulting in more deaths and the spreading of the virus within their communities. Our government has shown them that they have no empathy – in turn, these communities fear speaking up and being noticed. Now that we are all locked up, which is sadly ironic, our system continues to deepen the suffering of our undocumented. When this piece was done in 2019, I had hoped for it to be a commentary on a very small window in our history. Today, in 2020, it speaks with more volume.”

Get a glimpse into the 2019 creation of the original More Government Care? art installation in New York City below:

lifeafterdeath from Punk Rock & Paintbrushes on Vimeo.

Emily T. Nielsen, a founder of both Punk Rock & Paintbrushes and The Sidewalk Project said, “Working with Dave has been such a positive experience as we support his efforts in changing the world through his art and making an impact on those that are listening and watching. Dave has a mission with his art, and through his personal experiences these are truly seen in this work. We are very grateful to work with such a driven artist who can see the larger picture in why art can truly bring us together.”

All sales from More Government Care? benefit The Sidewalk Project (https://thesidewalkproject.org). Founded by Stacey Dee (Bad Cop / Bad Cop), Soma Snakeoil and Emily T. Nielsen, The Sidewalk Project is an initiative to enrich the lives of the houseless community. Through various media including art, music and film, The Sidewalk Project aims to be socially active in houseless communities around the world. It exists to create community and wellness for those who live outdoors. They are a group of artists and activists who believe embracing the beauty of life is the way to enrich experience despite circumstance.

The Sidewalk Project is committed to providing aid and assistance to the houseless community. They have responded to COVID-19 by offering aid in the form of food, providing COVID-19 education and COVID-19 kits that focus on strengthening the immune system, face masks and NARCAN harm reduction. Since the crisis began they have worked in collaboration with and in support of dedicated organizations. They have distributed over 600 masks to frontline workers and unhoused people around the world. In accordance with best practices, they have been working clean and at a distance. The Sidewalk Project has established mutual aid networks with other organizations and is focusing on tenants’ rights. It is important to raise the voices of those who are marginalized, and in this process build our society back better and stronger than before. They are committed to the idea that happiness grows as it’s shared, and that our strength is in our connection.

Dave Navarro (lifeafterdeath), musician, activist and street artist, has been working in the creative field for most of his life. A trauma survivor and a sufferer of PTSD, Dave’s motivation has been bringing awareness and normalization surrounding the stigma of mental health issues. His #traumakidsmovement aims to share strength through the concept of trauma and how we all have had challenges in our lives that connect us more than we are aware.

lifeafterdeath has recently partnered with street and fine artist Unfukyourself as “Duel Diagnosis” with management under Fillin Global. Duel Diagnosis is a conceptual clothing line that imagines a world where the things we have been through make us special and gifted instead of marked and worthless. Our stories are not baggage – they are treasure, badges of honor… living testaments of heroism. Visit https://dueldiagnosis.com for more information.