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Pop Icon LIMAHL To Release His First Solo Material in Over Eight Years on June 5th!

“I’m blaming American audiences,” laughs 80s icon LIMAHL about his recent resurgence in popularity. “After my music was featured in three popular US TV shows last year, my Spotify monthly streams jumped  from 300,000 to 1.5 million!” Half jokingly, Limahl never really left pop culture prominence. His worldwide smashes “Neverending Story” and “Too Shy” (with band Kajagoogoo) have withstood the test of time and even went through a rejuvenation in 2019 after being featured on hit television series Black Mirror (Episode: “Bandersnatch”), American Horror Story (Season Nine: “1984”) and Stranger Things (Season Three). But instead of resting on these laurels, he’s re-entering a pop culture renaissance with the release of “STILL IN LOVE” on June 5, 2020, his first new solo release in eight years (he re-released his 2012 holiday single “Christmas in London” last winter).

“I thought I might dip my toes in the creative waters again so to speak,” he says about his new song. A certified pop single that highlights his soulful and crisp voice, “Still In Love” is a bittersweet love song that tackles the hardships of being in a relationship and sticking with it.

“The song doesn’t beat about the bush,” he explains about the meaning of the song. “It deals head on with that painful, dark side of love that most of us have experienced.  Working with renowned German producer Miro Markus (Culcha Candela, Graham Candy), Limahl sympathizes with his protagonist though he doesn’t currently relate. “Dark days, unable to get out of bed with curtains staying closed… I have definitely been in the same place emotionally with the protagonist though I don’t currently relate,” he explains. “However, what a great feeling it is to have when you get through to the other side and start learning to love yourself again.”

The accompanying video features Limahl singing in an artfully lit home telling the story, while a couple (professional dancers Cameron Anthony and Eliza Simonelli) act out their passionate and emotional story through modern dance. “In the video, I play a sort of narrator character telling this story of unrequited love,” he says of the video. “I love dancing as an art form… ballet, contemporary, tap, etc. and Cam and Eliza communicate the story physically, energetically, and sexually so beautifully. If song lyrics rhyme, dance too can be poetry in motion.”

Unlike the troubled couple in the song, Limahl is celebrating over two and half euphoric decades with the love of his life. “I have been blissfully happy with my lovely partner Steve for 26 years and in our ‘Civil Partnership’ for 11 years,” he beams. “I think when you’re young, it’s almost inevitable to go through relationship dramas and make the typical mistakes. Let’s face it, we’ve all had great night of passion and thought, ‘Ooh, is this the one?’ But surprise surprise! After the one hour of hanky panky wears off, there are still 23 more hours in the day,” he laughs.

Winning the hearts of millions of fans in the 80s as the lead singer of British band Kajagoogoo, Limahl enjoyed the instant celebrity of hitting the top of the charts with their debut single “Too Shy” which was followed by two more Top 20 hits “Ooh To Be Ah” and “Hang On Now” (all of which he co-wrote). Limahl struck out on his own and soon re-emerged in the charts again with his first solo single “Only For Love.” That was quickly followed with the Giorgio Moroder–produced worldwide smash “Neverending Story,” the theme song from the hit film of the same name.

With a new single and video and with more music planned in the near future, Limahl is looking forward to his re-entry into the mainstream. But first, we need to get beyond quarantining. “I’m trying but failing miserably to stay away from the chocolate,” he laughs, trying to keep positive in the age of social distancing. While the lure of sweets is a relatively harmless threat, the real threat lies in one of the things that made him famous in the first place: his hair. “I’m also trying but failing miserably to cut my own hair. Beware! A dodgy haircut from your partner can lead to the start of divorce proceedings LOL.”

The song and video “Still In Love” will be released on June 5, 2020.