Corin Nemec

Corin Nemec Launches Crowdfunding Campaign In Support of ‘Love America Tour’

Veteran actor, graffiti artist and activist Corin Nemec is just one of the many Americans who have been hard hit by the implications of the Covid-19 shutdowns. In spite of the adversity he has personally faced in recent months, he’s always been the type of guy who’s compelled to turn negatives into positives. That positive attitude has led to the launch of his latest project — LOVE AMERICA TOUR.

A recently launched GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign has been established to fund Nemec and his filmmaking friends as they crisscross the American landscape while providing an unfiltered look at our nation from every angle.

Of the project, Nemec tweeted, “Everyone has a story to tell, something meaningful & deep inside to share. We hope to record as many of these tales as possible. A chance to shatter the current main-stream paradigm constructed to keep us apart.”

Check out Corin Nemec’s personal story below, along with his vision for the Love America Tour below!

JULY 1ST – I want to travel across this Great Country and meet/visit with Friends I have on Twitter as well as Family, Local Leaders, Towns Folk, Religious Leaders, other Actors in the Industry, brothers from the Graffiti Culture (do some paintings!) and bring us all together by finding out our Similarities rather than promoting our Differences. This is a Great Opportunity to Discover America from the Inside Out! I, and two Film Makers/Media Creators will take a Campervan from Houston over to the East Coast than back across to California (if I am allowed entry by the time people watch this lol) where I still have Family/Friends as well and interview Everyone From My Past as well as those of you I know from Twitter. While on the road we will also have Flash Pub Parties for people tracking the Journey in whatever Local Bar will take such an onerous bunch and all meet, share stories, and do Social Media Posts/Interviews for everyone else’s Websites/Social Media Pages. We Are All In This Together!

I have lost my home and livelihood due to Vovid1984 Lockdown and will be giving my home to my ex wife in place of selling it so they will have a place to live that is safe, beautiful, comfortable, and  in his School Zone.

So instead of going and Living with my Beautiful and Wonderful Sister in her spare room I thought this is a great opportunity to Hit the Road and meet many of you out there in person!!! That would be amazing! Also to find out what is going on in America today, let the People’s Voices be heard!! The Main Stream News will Never Tell You what is going on in the Heartland of America, so myself, Chad, and Bruce with do it for them. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!Corin Nemec