Sean Martin of The Quarantined
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Sean Martin of The Quarantined Shines A Light On National PTSD Awareness Day

June 27th is National PTSD Awareness Day, so we’re highlighting PTSD survivor, Sean Martin of The Quarantined.

An outspoken advocate for mental health awareness, the former Airborne Infantryman has channeled his PTSD into the music of The Quarantined, a project that evokes the revolutionary spirit of bands like Rage Against the Machine and challenges the establishment.

“Feeding You Lies” ( is one of the band’s tunes which he calls his most “prescient to date.” The 1st verse sets the stage, addressing the idea that “you’re not supposed to talk about politics.” Martin continues with,”‘scuse me while I let this rage out”, referencing his musical influencers, Rage Against the Machine, and implying that most of our anger right now is directed at politics, not people. He invokes the image of being in a “cage and had to break out”, as a metaphor for all people in a cage of the mind, of spirit, of thought, of ignorance, of anti-social conditioning, and those in actual cages.

To hear more about the politically-charged group, The Quarantined, visit You can also read more about how Sean has been coping with PTSD via a recent article with anti-bullying organization Free2Luv,